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Chapter 1766 - Chapter 1766: Huan ‘er really wants to see Huo Shen

Chapter 1766: Huan ‘er really wants to see Huo Shen

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The young lady in front of him had dyed her hair dark blue, and the ends of her hair were slightly curled, just enough to reach her shoulders. Hearing elder Jing’s call, she raised her head, put on a perfectly polite smile, and stood up.

Her movements were elegant, and her expression was appropriate and beautiful. She gave off a feeling like a spring breeze.

elder jing nodded in satisfaction and continued, “Come, say hello to Mr. And Mrs. Huo.”

Jing Huan smiled and bowed slightly. He said softly, ” “mr. huo, mrs. huo, i’m really grateful to the huo family and young master huo. It was very dangerous on the island back then, and I was still young. It was all thanks to young master Huo’s help that I’m who I am today.”

and mrs. huo were a little dumbfounded when they suddenly heard these stories.

When they saw Jing Huan bow to them, they finally reacted and went forward to help him up.

“You don’t have to be so polite. It’s all in the past, in the past.” Mrs. Huo quickly said.

it’s a pity that shen ‘er isn’t here. otherwise, he would be very happy to see his old friend. ” mr. huo nodded and smiled.

hearing huo shen’s name, jing huan’s face seemed to blush slightly. she glanced at elder jing and suddenly sat down.

Yingying actually had the coquettishness of a little girl.

elder jing looked at the granddaughter he had finally found, and his heart was filled with relief.

all these years, he had never given up on looking for his daughter and granddaughter. although he had not found his daughter, he had at least found his granddaughter.

when he first entered the jing family’s courtyard, he had looked down on this child. he had always felt that she did not look like a daughter at all and did not have the genes of the jing family. he had even thought that no wonder she had a clandestine bloodline.

However, during this period of time, he had called all kinds of teachers to train her, and she had been very serious in learning. Now, she had really become a lady from a big family.

That’s right, the one in front of her was the one who had been brought back by family Jing a few days ago.

ni huan!

Later, when he returned to the Jing clan, he had to change his surname to Jing

Huan. that’s a pity. Huan ‘er would love to see young master Huo. elder jing said with a smile.

huo’s heart skipped a beat.

He had been in the circle of the rich and powerful for many years, so how could he not know what the other party meant? it was obvious that his granddaughter had taken a fancy to young master huo and wanted to marry into the huo family. mr. huo’s face didn’t change as he smiled, “The child is all grown up now. He runs out every day.”

Elder Jing’s expression was profound, but he calmly changed the subject.”i hope you two can visit the jing clan in the next few days. although family jing has been out of the public’s sight these years, we can’t just throw away what we once had.”

Mr. Huo’s eyes deepened and he naturally agreed.

Jing Lao laughed again. but Mr. Huo, you don’t have to worry. The black robe is not the only road for the Jing family.

What he meant was that apart from the name of being a dark family, the Jing family also had many other businesses in private. seeing how arrogant and confident he was towards the huo family, mr. huo thought that the power behind the jing family might not be as ” quiet ” as it seemed.

However, it was a little awkward.

huo’s eyes could not help but fall on jing huan.

now, shen ‘er had already married an xiaowan. no matter how good jing huan was, it was useless..

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