Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 31 Royal Bloodbat.

Most early level dungeons are rather easy to accomplish. They are straightforward and are basically a long corridor with some rooms on the sides that might or might not be needed for an adventure to clear. It all depends on the dungeon.

In this case, this was of the simplest dungeons in the game. The first part of the dungeon had a crossroad that people need to choose which room to go to. A miner would go to the mining vein, and an adventure will go to the other side to seek fights and EXP.

Dave went deeper into the tunnel and reached a small round hall. It was man-made. Probably some old dwellers had lived here before and after they left or probably died. This place became the spawning point of several monsters.

Mainly rats and Bloodbats. Bloodbats were not that bigger than the usual bats but the only difference that they were really sturdy and could replenish their Hp by sucking the blood of the living. Forcing the adventures to fight prolonged fights against a group of them.


Level 21

Damage 400-600

1200 Hp

100 Damage nullification

100 magic absorption

It was not that much of a threat when these Bloodbats were alone. But they always come in droves.

The least amount of these bats in a party was 3. And so was the number facing Dave at the current moment.

Dave didn't even hesitate as he struck at the first abt and ordered his friends to struck down the other bats. They were helpful in taking down the first bat in almost no time.

Dave Exp bar rose slightly at about 2%. It would not take Dave too much time to level up again especially after he had gained a substantial amount of EXP when he was fighting the golden panthers and the rats at the entrance of the cave.

The bats were killed in moments. Dave moved deeper into the dungeon and kept on killing all Bloodbats he met in the dungeon.

After an hour or so Dave reached the end of the dungeon. There was a huge dormant bat inside, normally low-level players would not dare fight against it as it was too tough for them. Players of level 30 and below would rather gain exp in the dungeon and only undertake the boss once they are sure they could defeat it. mainly due to the boss's level.

Royal BloodBat.

Once a servant of a powerful vampire the royal Bloodbat succumbed to grave injuries and now rests in this region to recuperate. Its only wish is to go back to his lord's command once more.

Level 65

Damage 1500-2000

Damage Nullification 250

Magic absorption 300


{Blood Steal}


{Blood storm}

Dave was surprised to see the status screen of the bat. It was a boss class monster and all boss class monsters would show their status screen once inspected in an exhaustive manner.

Dave was able to tell that the dormant bat was powerful especially with its skills.

{Blood Steal}

The royal Bloodbat Attaches itself to a target and would drain 1% of their HP and regained 1% of their MAX HP back.

Lasts for 100 seconds, (can be interrupted with crowd control effects)

The first skill is rather annoying as it could heal back the Bloodbat's Hp all the way to its maximum value. Even if the bat's target has just 100Hp, the bat would be able to regenerate his 6000Hp once he fully channels his skill.


Deals 300% basic damage value to a target.

Requires 3 seconds channel time.

The gnaw skill was fearsome as it could instantly one shot any of his undead minions. Dave had to be wary of such a skill. It might cause him to lose one of his minions.

Lastly was

{Blood storm}

Deals 100 Hp flat damage/sec in an area of effect of 30 meters. Lasts 10 seconds.

Cannot be interrupted.

The last skill was probably the boss's ultimate skill. It was meant to mow down the numbers as any player with less than 1000 hp were to remain the in area of effect, they will lose their lives once the duration ends

The bat was quite powerful and would need players to have a decent amount of Hp before they would fight against it.

Level 38

Class Death's Apostle

Name Death Stroke Race Human (Undead)

Health 5300+(265) Mana 1100 +(55)

Stamina Unlimited Rage/Focus 100

Intelligence 110 +(5.5) Wisdom 110 +(5.5)

Dexterity 110 +(5.5) Agility 110 +(15)

Vitality 10 +(0.05) Strength 150 +(5.5)

Magic Absorption 500 Damage Nullification 1000

Immunity 10% +(0.05)% - -

HP Regen 0.1/sec +(0) Mana Regen 1.1/sec +(0)

Stamina Regen +∞ Rage/Focus

Regen 1/sec

Title I know it all!

Dave still had about 20 attribute points. Due to him gaining an average of 10 attribute points every 5 levels he didn't add any of them to his stats as he didn't need to. His equipment were sufficient enough to sustain his growth, at least for now. He already used 40 attribute points once he reached level 20 to be able to equip his sword.

Dave felt a bit sad as his Rage bar remained unused. From the moment he unlocked it, he never had any skills related to rage, most of his skills were based on stamina. And due to his unlimited stamina as an undead, he didn't worry about the cost of using his skills. However, stamina related skills have a really long cooldown! Unlike rage reliant skills which some of them could be spammed.

Dave consulted his status screen out of habit. Many people love to check out their status screen it gives a sort of pride to the owner as a status screen would demonstrate their efforts and hard work that they put in their character.

"Alright, time to do some pest control," said, Dave, as he brandished his sword.

He positioned all of his undead just at the rim of the boss's aggro range, which was usually 30 meters.

He then approached the 29meter mark and the Boss woke up.

{Stampede} cast Dave as he ran forward like an unchained train.

However, the bat immediately took flight, and Dave found himself unable to stop.

You have been stunned for 2 seconds

Dave felt embarrassed as he headed face first into a wall and ended up crashing on it.

If anyone were to see this they would have laughed their ass off at Dave's idiotic behavior.

Thankfully Dave was surrounded by undead and a monstrous Bat. Nothing to be ashamed over at least.

Dave didn't will the minions to attack in fear that they might get killed.

The bat turned around and dived toward Dave landing a {Gnaw} on his back.


A single skill took more than half of Dave's Hp!

Dave was shocked. Normally Gnaw would take 3 seconds to be cast, and once Dave was stunned it was the perfect chance for the bat to kick him while he was down. He didn't even have the chance to use {Block}.

Dave turned around and smacked the bat with his sword landing descent damage.


He then willed his undead to enter the fight. After having established a good agro base he didn't fear his undead to OT him. They can't deal more damage than him, but their total amount of damage could easily surpass dave's.

The bat struck again with one of his hands that were cased in disgusting looking fur.


The attack was nullified.

Dave didn't really have the pleasure to take more damage.

Once block was activated, Dave struck with another attack

[-780] a good damage value appeared above the bat's head.

Once Dave gained the Death Apostle's class he benefited from +10% attack damage when he was using swords.

The bat was incensed as more and more damage landed on it. the bat charged at Dave and used

{Blood Steal}

Dave wanted to save destructive smash to knock down the bat. However, something strange happened before he could react

Due to your nature as an undead, the Royal Blood Bat is unable to suck any (blood) from your body.

Soon afterward, instead of the bat gaining Hp. Something that made Dave's unable to either laugh or cry happened.

The bat began losing hp?

After having consumed corrupted blood the bat entered a {Poisoned} state.




Dave then inspected the Bat that was clinging to him to see what was happening.

Dave then smiled as he understood. The bat used his skill, and due to his nature as an undead, it only sucked in poisoned blood and made it damage itself instead of healing. Dave was not taking any amount of damage, while the bat was literally killing itself.

Dave then decided to help the bat and accelerated his suffering as he struck at him with all of his attacks.

The poor bat could not disengage from using his skill. He needed to be interrupted, and Dave didn't want to give him that chance. So he didn't use his {Destructive Smash} or even the {Death Grip} skill that could paralyze players. He just slowly withered the bat down with normal attacks.

It didn't take more than 1 minute before the bat died miserably, not even having the chance to use his {Blood Storm}

You have defeated the boss of the bloodbath dungeon

+60 000Xp

Level Up

Level Up

"That was nice!" dave then looked at the corpse of the fallen bat and checked out the drops

Bloodied Fang of the royal blood bat (Consumable}

Grants +10 vitality upon consumption.

"Oh, a consumable item that adds to stats! Wicked!" Said, Dave, as he was impressed with the drop.

Royal blood bat's hide


Crafting material

Dungeon core. (Special item)

Can be used to modify the nature of the dungeon that has been claimed from

Dave's mouth went wide open! This was an item at the undead world and it costs 1000 contribution point! How the hell did it end up in Dave's hand!

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