Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 30 The TNT!

The first thing that Dave had seen once he entered the dungeon; was a group of rats that were reaching out to him, trying to take him and his party down. However, unfortunately for the rats, they were decimated without a second glance.

The number of minions under Dave's command was too many for a dungeon that only needed 3 people to enter as a party. Due to Dave's current nature as an undead, he was exempted from the party limit. Mainly because hew as not in a party, but was commanding units through the hierarchy of the undead army.

The rats were but level 10-15 they only sustained a single hit from any of Dave's minions or himself.

One of your Undead had managed to level up

+15 Contribution points.

It seems that Dave's current group was leveling up rather nicely. So Dave made sure to continue down the dungeon's path.

It was a cave with a long corridor, the entrance of the cave was lit with torches and there was some glistening moss glowing on the walls making the interior of the cave visible. Dave's undead nature even added to the clarity of his vision and he was able to see clearly as if he was outside the cave.

Once they walked for a few more meters, another small party of rats encountered them. They were a bit bigger than the first, but they were not as strong.

Taking a few more minutes the Rats were exterminated without waste of time.

"This is rather dull, but it seems that people enjoy grinding in this risk-free dungeon." Said, Dave, as he contemplated the nature of the dungeon.

Dave didn't bother fighting at all. He was trying to accustom himself with the command of his units. Once he grows up in rank, he will be forced to control more units and it is better if he gets adapted to it right now.


Level Up.

Dave's current progress was rather swift. Indeed, in the early levels, it is much easier to level up. But for others they might find it dull and boring, Dave, on the other hand, was using his undead platoon to give him free XP. And at the same time, they would level up giving him more contribution points.

After some long walking, Dave was met with a crossroad.

On the left side was the sign of a mining cart. The other side had a red skull sign.

This was an old mine that was now fully depleted. The game's resources are almost like real life. There is a huge amount of it, but the spawn rate of the mining camps is really long. For example, once an iron vein is fully excavated, it would take 30 days game time for it to respawn and be excavated again.

Dave had entered the cave while it was in its resting period, so there were no miners. At the other intersection however, there were sounds of sword clashing.

Dave halted the advance of the party and approached the entrance to the right slowly.

You have learned the skill

Sneak(Level Max)

Muffles the sound of your footsteps by 50%

Cost 10 stamina/sec

The more equipment the player is wielding, the lesser the effect of Sneak.

"Oh, a free skill… that is rather nice!" said Dave as he remembered that there were some skills that could be learned by doing several things. Dave made sure to check the forums for all kinds of free skill that could be gained in the game once he finishes this small task.

Dave positioned his last remaining ghoul on the gate and placed three casters behind him. This way if any of the players inside wishes to leave they will be forced to fight.

He then pulled three archers and the last remaining normal skeleton with him.

Once he entered he willed the normal skeleton to move first.

There was a party inside. And amazingly it was the first party that Dave had ever met.

Now that Dave found it interesting he inspected their levels.

Human Fortress

Tank level

Level 20

Perfect Shot.


level 19

Pussy Flanker


Level 16

Once Dave read the last guy's name he chuckled. Some people have weird naming sense, not that he was any better with his "Death stroke" name.

"Hey, don't you dare let the bats OT!" cried out the priest named Pussy Flanker.

"Hey, it only happened once! Stop crying!" said Human fortress as he was kiting two giant blood bats toward him while Perfect Shot was shooting arrows like a minigun.

"Rest assured, that was a strange skeleton that ruined our game. He is even being united by several high-level guilds… there is no need to worry bout it. it's not like he will appear here" said perfect shot as he kept on shooting the bats down

Dave then knitted his brows, was he being hunted down? The damned developers sure didn't make it easy on him as they placed a giant target on his back.

Though no one knows his name, many will soon start paying attention to the Undead's strange behavior. If this continues, dave will sooner or later succumb to someone. Dave needed to hasten his progress in his inheritance quest.

At least, Dave would need to finish his inheritance quest first. As for the Undead Legion, if he fails at claiming the throne it would be a huge waste but he wouldn't be that saddened about it.

The moment he gains the inheritance of the god of death, several super guilds would vie for him and would surely try to recruit him in their guilds. That would ensure Dave's future. But if he were to claim the undead Throne, he would forge his own future against the whole world. That is if he ever manages to defeat the undead king.

Dave had thought about it a lot. To kill the undead king, one would need an entire army. Mainly due to him being a boss, or that is what Dave thinks. If it was really a boss, and the abyssal knights below him were at least level 600. Then the undead King's level would be between level 700-800. And that is something that Dave could not handle alone. The only thing that comes to his mind that he would need to at least reach level 900 for him to be able to solo the boss! That is of course if he ever reaches that level without dying a single time!

Which is probably impossible. So Didn't really feel the need to rush things, at least for the time being, there is still a lot of effort that needs to be put into this matter before he would attempt at taking down the boss. However, he would still need to hurry up and get the inheritance quest completed.

Once Dave showed his face. The party had just managed to defeat the two blood bats.

Human fortress's face turned white as a paper.

"You fucking had to jinx it! IT IS HERE!" Cried out Human fortress. The party turned around to see a smirking bearded undead. His pale skin and his unholy appearance were like an ancient Drauger from old Noros mythology.

Dave rushed forward and struck down with his sword at Human Fortress.


"Fucking hell! He still hits like a god damned truck! I even changed my equipment and am still getting hammered." Cried out Human fortress

"Use your god damned damage reduction skill!" said Perfect shot as he tried to kite the monster away from the Tank, Human Fortress had just managed to survive the fight against two Blood bats and he had yet to fully heal himself. If the Tank dies, they will follow.

"It is on cooldown!" cried out Human fortress as he tried to strike back at Dave


"Fucking hell!" Shouted Human fortress! It was exactly the same like before! He couldn't even put a dent in the damned Drauger!

.the moment the priest tried to Heal Human fortress, he was interrupted by the archers that followed Dave. And the last sole skeleton rushed forward to hamper

Perfect shot as he didn't give him a clear vision. The way the skeleton position itself was always to force Perfect shot to move to the side and aim to take the shot.

A hunter would always need to lock on a target. Once something or someone blocks the way, the archer would lose the lock-on effect and would need to aim once again. Now the only job for the skeleton was to ruin the archer's aim as he would move with him every time the archer tried to attack.

"Damn!" cried out perfect shot as he saw the Hp of Human fortress slowly depleting.

You have killed a player

+10 contribution points

The tank fell down first.

The priest was unable to help as he was hammered without stop.

The hunter decided to run away, there was no need for him to die here, he would only lose equipment durability, it is better that he runs for his life and escape.

Dave didn't bother following the escaping hunter as he used {stampede}to close the gape with the priest.

The priest started spamming spells on Dave. Undeads have a huge weakness toward the Holy element. And priests would have a natural advantage over the undead.


It seems that the damage the priest could deal to Dave was the highest in the party.

He was the only one that could force Dave to become slightly careful about. Indeed a single priest is nothing, but once the numbers become too many, an undead is bound to die.

Once Dave struck the immobile priest who was unable to move while casting spells.

The priest was stunned


You have killed a player

+10 contribution points

Dave totally forgot that stampede can deal twice the weapon damage. As for the priest, he was already harmed a lot by the archers and now Dave only finished him off.

Your underling have killed a player

+5 contribution point

Dave then smirked as he understood that Perfect shot must have died to the group of undead that was standing guard at the door.

The poor perfect shot must have had his mind go blank as he was met with a voly of the caster's spells and the ghoul that was holding the door.

Dave then commanded his party to regroup and regenerate any loss of Hp.

So far Dave had only one ghoul, one skeleton and three archers and casters. A total of 8 underlings as he already lost two before against the golden panther.

The remaining ghoul was Dave's first underling to level up. Followed by that, was one of the casters.

Now Dave began to venture forward in the dungeon and tried to get to its end.

There could probably be more players inside the dungeon, and that would mean more contribution points for Dave.

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