Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 21 Legacy Challenge!

Chapter 21

While all of this was happening, Dave had already accepted the sub-quest. Why? It was rather simple. This was his best chance to gain as much contribution points. People still needed to link the dots, and Dave just went on with it.

He had managed to subdue more than six parties! He even found several solo players that were eradicated without wait.

Dave traveled the giant graveyard like a grim reaper, fully destroying any unfortunate soul that was alone. He felt a pinch as he was doing something similar to Pk. But he didn't bother, he was not actively harming other people, as PK players would have the chance to make their enemies drop their equipment once they die. But Dave was, in this case, considered a Monster, so even if he killed others, they will not lose their XP, nor would they drop equipment. This was something that made Dave bear with killing other players. And it also gave him quite the real-life experience in how to handle other enemies.

So far Dave had about 960 Contribution points!

The bonus points for doing the sub-just were amazing.

Everything was doubled. However, he didn't get the supplementary +100contribution once he defeated an entire party. Still getting 20 points for each personal kill was luxurious and as for his minions, he would get 10 for everything they kill.

At first, there were several adventures that were present in the graveyard. But four hours later, it was known that this place was a place of death! Many adventures fell to Dave's strange party. And they decided to stop going deeper in the graveyard.

Dave then understood that it was time for him to leave.

Mainly due to one single reason. People once they find something hard to deal with, they will usually ask for stronger party members to help them. If they were in a guild they might ask others to come with them.

You have decided to retreat from the fight.

You have made a great contribution to the undead legion.

Total enemies defeated under your command

Your followers have killed a total of 40 invader

You have personally killed 28 invaders.

Total points


Dave was surprised as he saw that in one single setting he was able to accumulate enough points that he could directly challenge a captain skeleton!

However, that was obviously a bad move if he were to hastily try it.

The accumulation of contribution points was not that hard, well at least from Dave's point of view. Accumulation 1000 points in four hours is an incredibly fast speed, but that is only because most low-level players are not adept at handling his strange party.

This will probably cease to be the case after few days, some might call help and Dave might end up dead.

So he wanted to take advantage of people's ignorance.

And now he went back to the undead world, directly heading for the shop owner.

"What can I offer a brother in arms?" said the merchant as he smiled with the same disgusting smile.

Dave didn't bother as he began looking at his wares.

There were skill books, nothing of great value but still, the prices were exorbitant.

Dave, however,was interested in the EXP potion first.

"Give me one of those bottles"

Said, Dave, as he took one with the lowest price of 100 contribution points.

Dave looked at the dark liquid that was faintly shimmering inside the bottle and took a gulp.

It had a terrible taste thought Dave and he didn't even want to know what it was made of.

You have gained 100 000 XP

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Your ring has absorbed 20% of the total XP

Ring level 11

The first seal has been unlocked.

Dave was shocked! He didn't believe that he could level up five times in a single sitting! That was amazing

And looking at the shop, there are several tiers of that bottle and he could drink pricier ones.

However, he decided against it, first of all, he is poorly equipped as his level began to outgrow his equipment. He needed to change his gear. The second thing was his lack of contribution points. The next tier costs 1000 points, and if he was to drink it he would have nothing but 65 points.

He already lost two Ghouls and a skeleton archer. He would not have enough to replenish his forces. And he was also interested in some of the equipment in the shop. But first thing is that he needed to see the unlocked seal on his ring.

Dave inspected the ring and saw the small changes on it.

Category: Ring Ring of the Death God.

{S class Inheritance item}

{Player Bound to Death Stroke}

Requirements Level 0

Cannot be removed!

Bonus stats Has the ability Changes appearance from human to undead.

Can switch back to human

[Death siphon]




Scaling/Class Scaling accessory

Class. Divine.

{Consumes some of the player's XP to level up}

Currently Ring Level 10

Dave noticed that now he had the ability to switch back to human form. At first, he was stuck with being an undead. Now he could probably go back to his human form. Though that was not useful at the moment due to his inability to leave the world of the Dead, once in the graveyard. He could switches back to a human form and probably escape other player's notice. If the quest allows him that.

You are now eligible to partake in the first challenge of the inheritance quest.

Would you like to start?


A notification screen appeared before Dave, this was the first challenge of the inheritance quest, it is usually the easiest as it gets harder the more seals that are unlocked.

Inheritance pieces unlock an ability every 10 levels. So once the ring reaches level 50 he would be able to unlock all the abilities on it. however, that doesn't mean that it is easy, some people who are much higher level than Dave have yet to unlock the final ability of their inheritance item.

And for an S class inheritance item, the final challenge would be immensely hard.

That was far in the future, so Dave walked toward the shop owner and bought two items.

Category: Weapon Rusted Cutlass

A blade that belonged to a brave Pirate, however, bravery can sometimes lead to undesirable results. Otherwise, this blade wouldn't belong to the undead

Damage 150-200

50 stamina/strike

Requirements 100 Strength. 100 Agility

Level 25

Bonus stats 5% chance to cause Bleed

Bleed the target for 500 HP (Flat) over 5 seconds.

Can stack 2 times.

Scaling/Class E: Strength - D: Dexterity.

Class. Rare weapon.

Dave was surprised at the high damage value of the weapon, especially the bonus of causing bleeding . Though it is hard to proke the effect as it is only 5% if it gets picked twice that would lead to a huge blood loss. It is an amazing weapon that has a good basic damage output.

Considering the Damage range and Dave's stats he could deal up to 675-775

(Dave's stats are 140 strength 100 Dexterity, you can do the math. Weapon damage is from 150-200 and with the modifiers and stat value it will be 675-775 if I did the math correctly…)

for a weapon, it sure dealt a huge amount compared to his old basic weapon. just a regular attack was in the range of a critical strick from his old one.

Then he picked up another item, it was a small kite shield.

Category: Shield Old order of the Eagle kite shield

A Shield that belonged to a once prosperous order, however, their beliefs were corrupted and their power waned against the power of the undead. Now most of them belong to the very faction they hated…

400 durability

+500 Damage nullification

+250 magic absorption

+3% Immunity

Requirements 150 Strength.

Level 25

Bonus stats Basic shield skill


Nullifies physical attacks

Cooldown 5 seconds.

Scaling/Class Class. Rare Shield.

All shields have a basic skill, and it is {Block} Dave saw how Bone Breaker used it to fight against the Abyssal Knight and he liked it much, now he has the chance to use it. sadly Dave is without a class and can not benefit from the class advantages.

Most classes have basic skills linked to them, and now that Dave is still playing without a class he had to wait for a chance to get one. Now he wanted to become a paladin first, but it seems that it is out of the question right now. He will have to search for a related class here in this world of the dead.

Dave had to pay 400 contribution point for the shield and another 400 for the sword.

He replenished his small party of the undead. And was left with 205 contribution points.

He bought two more potions and didn't drink them. He wanted to keep them in his inventory for later. However, Dave noticed a strange thing. The moment he bought the two other potions, the bottles disappeared from the shop.

"Hey don't you have more of those bottles?" asked Dave.

"No, the amount of Potions that you could buy is fixed. And you can only take three per tier. If you want another one, you will have to buy the higher tiered one." Said the shopkeeper

Dave sighed as he understood that it was a way for people to avoid relying on these potions.

The screen to initiate the challenge was still flickering before Dave, so he had to do what was needed of him

"Accept!" said Dave and a blinding light shone above him. He has teleported to a strange location once again!

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