Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 20 Mr. Skeletal

Outside Dave notice the low-level community was becoming more and more restless.

Mainly due to the strange happenings in the graveyards around the world of conquest.

Graveyards were mainly the spawning points of dead players, and also was the dwelling of several low-level skeletons. Most low-level players would indulge in killing these skeletons as they gave a lot of EXP and were rather easy to kill. They were numerous and dealt low damage and were like farming points. At first, these plots of lands would be filled to the brim with new players. But these days the undead community began to increase in activity.

This was mainly due to Dave's initiation of the quest The Call of the Undead King.

Normally a graveyard would only have about a hundred skeleton at most. But now, whenever a batch of them was killed, a new one would soon spawn and might even overlap with other skeletons that were still present.

This was a bonus for low-level players as many of these monsters were considered to be extra EXP. However, this still caused quite the commotion on the side of the low-level players. Mainly, they couldn't even find the time to recuperate as more and more skeletons would spawn.

Some players would usually take a small break after having fought a group of monsters, but with the constant spawn of the skeletons, it was becoming harder and harder to survive.

Thankfully the game did not penalize players for dying against monsters, they would still keep their exp bar filled, however, death to a player would drop them to the 0% EXP if they were to fall.

But still, fighting these creatures created a good chance for the low-level community to grow stronger in a faster manner.

Some people began posting updates on the official Conquest forums indicating the new changes, they were minute changes, but still, a change meant one thing; an Event might be initiated.

Some players had asked the officials about the strange phenomenon but they were ignored or met with words like

"Everything in the game is happening due to a reason, you must figure out the result of it yourselves" it was a simple statement that left many players disgruntled, they didn't know what to do. But for the moment the event was probably in its initial stages so it was not worth remembering.

On the other side of the forum, someone was looking through Undead related articles. And happen to stumble by chance on a post by a man named Mr. Skeletal. The member looked to be new as they had only one single thread under their names so their post was almost overlooked. However, today with the changes happening in the game Conquest, his post was a bit interesting

It had one caption

"The Undead shall soon inherit the world" and that was it, under it was a video that had just ten seconds.

The forum viewer didn't really think it would be that much of a waste to see a 10 seconds video so he played it.

At first, it was dark, the video was from a first-person point of view. It had no sound effects, and it was clear that it was taken from within the game. However, the one that took it didn't show their status bar, map or any of the like, it was like watching a movie from a first-person point of view.

The dark space soon began to gain light as the video continued rolling. There was a space distortion in the sky and a dark moon hung on the broken celestial world.

The weather and the sky were eerie. While at the far end of the horizon was a ginormous ancient looking palace made of bones.

This gave the viewer the creeps, why would this be here? Was this a trailer from the officials? He thought.

But a moment later the point of view looked a bit down and the viewer saw a scene from the apocalypse.

Undead! Undead littering the place, so many of them that if you throw a blind arrow you were bound to hit something!

These Undead covered the entire giant platform around the palace, and by the looks of it, this was but a small portion of the undead that was visible to the onlooker.

What was scary that they all had red tags on their heads, so this meant that it was probably caught by a player. But where was this place? In the whole history of the game that was 3 years right now, never had anyone seen something like this!

Once these Undead took notice of the one taking the video, they all turned their heads. As if they were filled with hatred to whatever lived, they shouted at the top of their lungs and rushed forward like the floodgates were burst open!

The video ended right there and the onlooker was shivering. He was not even there and he already felt the creeps!

What if these Undead were unleashed in the world of conquest? How will the damage be? Will the game allow something like this?

The onlooker was shocked and instantly began spreading the video.

In a matter of hours, it went viral! The undead shall soon inherit the world! Simple words but they were filled with dread!

If this was true, and this was the prelude to the change of undead activities in the game, then the consequences of these things being unleashed in the world would be devastating. It might even become a world event with every faction or super guild included and pulled by the current.

Everyone turned speechless as they saw the feed and the demand on the officials increased. It increased so much that they were forced to give a proper answer to the demanding players. The officials didn't need to lose on clients so they had to divulge some of the information.

"That was supposed to be a scene from the undead world. Normally this event should have been initiated later in the game once the community had reached an average level of 500. But due to the average level of players being barely 350, we didn't wish for this to be leaked. There is a single entity in the undead world right now, he is a player and due to his discovery of the place, he has been given Pioneer rights. He could travel and start the quests in the undead world before everyone else. However, the moment this player either dies in the undead world or dies outside the undead world while maintaining a certain condition, he will be forced out of the event and the event will follow its natural course to be initiated earlier than anticipated. As for the player's identity, we will not divulge it, it is their right to remain anonymous." Said the officials.

So this would mean that it really was an event that started!

And due to it being an event that was supposed to be launched once the average player level reached 500 this meant that it was supposed to take a lot of time for it to start! And now by some sort of dumb luck, someone managed to get into this world and were able to do quests and probably gain unique equipment!

This news that was at first nothing but trivia soon reached the ears of the higher echelons of the leading guilds in the game.

An event that was supposed to be launched at the average level of 500 presented great opportunities to those that could claim the top spots or manage to accomplish some quests. However, there was no way to trigger anything related to the event! Some went to churches to ask about the place but the NPC didn't give any valuable information.

Until someone posted another interesting piece of news! Someone had gone to a strange library in a dark tomb and found out about the dark world.

There was a small book explaining the domain of the dead.

"The Undead Legion rests within the land of the dead. Finding the legion would mean instant death, the legion is ruthless and unyielding, and they are ruled by a powerful king. The undead king was a sing of supremacy and yet he withdrew from the world several thousand years ago. Secluding himself and his army until he will be unleashed on the land of the living. The undead king rules over a mighty army of death, and those that could slay this king will gain his heritage and become a true ruler of the dead"

This was just a flavor text that several people had seen before but none found it interesting.

Yet now with the launch of the event, this book became a great source of information and was a motive to force several strong and powerful guilds on the move!

Gaining the power of the undead kings would probably give them the power to control his army! How powerful would a guild become if it was to subordinate an army of that magnitude? Wouldn't they rule the world? What if one of the three super guilds manages to lay their hands on the kingdom of the dead? Wouldn't they be able to conquer all other kingdoms? Wouldn't they hold the power to invade and demolish? Wouldn't they be able to control all the regions in the game? Forcing everyone to use their teleportation circles and increasing their wealth?

This was a huge pot of gold ripe for the taking! The three super guilds were in a Mexican standoff for a long period of time. None of them dared to make a move on the other, in fear of the third faction coming and taking the bonuses of the exhausted faction!

But now with this new factor! What if one of the three super guilds were to obtain the undead and make them their personal army? Wouldn't that crumble the balance?

This event might have started as a strange change in the undead's behavior, but it leads to a great opportunity for the first to claim it. the only thing that is outside their control is the player that is still in this undead world! With their death, the race for supremacy can start! Now what is left for these super guilds is to find out who this player is. But due to having more than 2 billion players in the game, how are they going to find him?

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