Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1032 - 3000 Worlds

Chapter 1032: 3000 Worlds

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With a groan, Zhong Yue felt all his energy become silenced, his Daos muted and his arts were rendered unusable! His psyche sank to the bottom, the soul and spirit in his Yuan Shen separated and he lost his mind for a second!

“Mister Yi, can you still keep this up?” asked Hundun Yu right away.

Zhong Yue grinded his teeth and shouted, “Keep it up, you are not as strong as the Heavenly Wardens so the drumbeat is not that strong too, continue!”

Yi Wanjun and Shi Yinji, on the other side, immediately worked together and slammed onto the other Drum of Dusk!

Zhong Yue sat with his legs crossed, listening closely to the wonders contained in the Drum of Dusk. And each time the Drum of Dusk was beaten, his senses were knocked out of him and he was in great pain. Fortunately, the damage done was not as serious as before since Yi Wanjun, Shi Yinji and Hundun Yu were not that powerful so they could not deal any lethal attacks to him.

Again and again, the drumbeats impacted Zhong Yue heavily, sealing his energy, power, Daos, crushing his soul. But his will remained firm, which was his greatest asset to understand the wonders in the Drum of Dusk!

What remained was a badly injured Zhong Yue, with blood gushing out from his throat and his body paralyzed, His Yuan Shen was scattered but he was also slowly learning the secrets in the Drum of Dusk.

After some time, Yi Wanjun and Shi Yinji were both worn out from the constant attack, forcing them to stop while Hundun Yu persisted.

Few days later, Hundun Yu finally depleted his stamina and energy, and he praised when seeing how Zhong Yue remained rock steady, “Mister Yi is really impressive….”

But before he could finish his statement, he noticed something odd; Zhong Yue was still sitting there, not even moving a single finger while his eyes remained wide open.

Hundun Yu’s heart skipped a beat, the two ladies wore a pale expression and when Yi Wanjun tapped Zhong Yue’s shoulder, she horridly saw Zhong Yue falling down just like that.

Shi Yinji screamed in fear but suddenly, a little flame reached his head out from Zhong Yue’s forehead and yawned in a lackadaisical manner and said, “Keep it down will ya? He just fainted under the impact. He’s not dead.”

The three of them eased their pumping hearts right away and Shi Yinji giggled, “For a second I thought I had become a widow!”

Sometime later, conscious returned to Zhong Yue and Yi Wanjun immediately asked caringly, “Are you okay?”

“What! I can’t hear you!” shouted Zhong Yue however.

Yi Wanjun blinked her eyes and whispered to Shi Yinji, “Might have turned deaf because of the loud drumbeat….”

Meanwhile, the Drum of Dusk continued sounding in Zhong Yue’s ears, again and again, drilling its noise into Zhong Yue’s mind, deep into his soul and covering all other sounds from the outside world.

Due to how many times the drums were beaten, even after they stopped, the drumbeat still seeped into his body and Yuan Shen.

Slowly, Zhong Yue felt that the drumbeat faded, like they came from the outer skies and the rumbling drumbeats became a unique Dao language.

About a month time later, the drumbeats were no longer heard and the sound from the surrounding was able to enter his ears again.

But Zhong Yue remain seated mindlessly as the Dao language sounded again and again.

Sometime later, he reached out his hand, clenched his fist and a drumbeat sounded out of nowhere, struck Hundun Yu, Yi Wanju and Shi Yinji.

With a clench, Zhong Yue seemed to have beaten the Drum of Dusk, crippled and sealed the Daos and Yuan Shen in them!

And when he stood up, the trio felt that Zhong Yue’s body grew as he stand, shrouding the surrounding with his overwhelming shadow, instilling fear and despair into them as if they were all slowly descending into the abyss!

[Daoless Heaven]!

Such was the [Daoless Heaven]!

Zhong Yue dispersed his spell and with that, the recovery of the trio and they found themselves drenched in sweat as they stared at him in fear.

“So this is [Daoless Heaven]….”

Zhong Yue’s expression was a little strange. This type of Dao was a Dao that could not be cultivated under the current totem pattern cultivation system. This meant that not a single type of totem pattern could create such a Dao!

This was a unique Dao that only existed during the Dark Age, there was no way that the current totem pattern cultivation system could replicate it.

Perhaps this was also the reason why the Lei Zhe Celestial Dragon could perform [Daoless Heaven], as an innate god traced all the way back to Dark Age. It was not surprising that he had seen such a spell or fought against it.

But there was something even more complicated and advanced hidden in the [Daoless Heaven], it’s only that Zhong Yue had yet to learn it.

“This Dao is quite useful, I can teach it to you but whether or not you can achieve [Daoless Heaven] will entirely depend on yourselves.”

Zhong Yue’s psyche entered Hundun Yu, Yi Wanjun and Shi Yinji’s mind along with his understanding of [Daoless Heaven]. The trio immediately started dwelling into [Daoless Heaven], the Dao from Dark Age entirely out of the current cultivation system, which boosted the difficulty to learn it. How much knowledge will they acquire Zhong Yue did not know.

He took out the spirit balls, examined them carefully and after channeling eighth divine psyche into the spirit balls for some time, he frowned and put the ball down.

Dao Venerate Fu Min had given him 3,000 spirit balls and he thought that he would be able to peek into the secrets in these balls with eighth divine psyche, he was disappointed. Nothing happened at all even when he channeled his eighth divine psyche into them.

“Forget it, I’m too stupid to understand [Daoless Heaven]!”

Shi Yinji suddenly jumped up and shouted before she caught a glimpse of the ball Zhong Yue held in his hand, “Darling, this spirit ball in your hand looks like Wei Shen Six Paths World!”

“Wei Shen Six Paths World?”

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded by this and he quickly examined the spirit ball in his hand, which indeed looked exactly like Wei Shen Six Paths World.

Without a second thought, he looked towards the other spirit balls with an uncertain heart, Could they all be the Six Paths Worlds? No, they are still there exactly as they should, these spirit balls can’t definitely be the Six Paths Worlds! Why is Dao Venerate Fu Min viewing them so seriously? There must be something special about them. How are they related to the 3,000 Six Paths Worlds?

As he thought, he arranged the spirit balls accordingly to the 3,000 Six Paths Worlds in an attempt to figure out something but he found nothing still.

Nothing happened to these spirit balls, they were neither weapons nor arts but more like decorations, why did Dao Venerate Fu Min want to pass them to him?

“We are reaching the Ancestral Court!”

Zhong Yue kept the spirit balls away and looked forward, where there lay an ancient galaxy.

This is the Ancestral Court?

He maneuvered the ancient ship between the asteroids and looked for the Ancestral Court; though he had not seen the Ancestral Court, Xin Huo had. Therefore, if they were near Ancestral Court, Xin Huo would say something.

“There is no Ancestral Court here,” shook Xin Huo.

Zhong Yue thought, According to the stars’ alignments, the Ancestral Court must be here, it can’t disappear just like that. Could it be that it is hidden in the dimension by someone?

Slowly and steadily, Zhong Yue sailed in between the endless dimensions, this place was ancient enough, scarred by time but there was no sign of Ancestral Court in this ancient land.

But from the astronomy…. What if someone altered the astronomy and the stars’ alignment?

He frowned right away for if that happened, there would be no way to solve the puzzle anymore, unless he knew how to alter the astronomy.

The star map he received was the map a few ten thousand years ago. From that map, he managed to recover the astronomy from a million years ago. From what he deciphered, the Ancestral Court was around here, but if someone had already altered the astronomy at an even earlier time, then the answer he received was wrong!

“There must be a pattern, Xin Huo, do you remember the ancient universe’s star map in the Earth Order Era?”

“Of course.”

Xin Huo however, did not hold any high hope, “But can you pinpoint the time when the stars were altered? If you can’t, then there is no way you can calculate the Ancestral Court’s location during the Earth Order Era.”

Zhong Yue blinked and said, “I can get a rough estimation. The change of the star happened about 10,000 years ago, if Fu Min Dao Venerate hid the seventh secret realm’s information here, he would definitely pick 10,000 years ago! At that time, he altered the ancient universe’s star system and hid the court away!”

Hearing this, Xin Huo said nothing more and he launched a laser out from his eyes, printing the Earth Order Era’s ancient universe’s star arrangement in the air. After taking a close look, Zhong Yue closed his eyes as he went through the information again and again. Sometime later, countless stars emerged around him. That was a rendition of the ancient star system, formed purely from his psyche.

Then, Zhong Yue visualized the current ancient universe’s stars, slowly aligning it with the previous version and merged them together.

With the differences between the two astronomies, Zhong Yue noticed several abnormalities!

The differences in them were not obvious but there were 7 main parts that had been altered!

These seven parts altered by Dao Venerate Fu Min directly hindered the whole ancient universe’s operation. One string is pulled and the whole operation was affected, he is trying to hide the Ancestral Court’s location by altering the stars! If that’s the case, the Ancestral Court must be in one of these seven places!

Zhong Yue examined the seven places carefully and found out that they were not very distant from each other. Without any delay, he immediately sailed towards these places with utmost cautious. The ancient ship was hidden well within the dimension, after all, he was trying to search for the Fuxi Celestial Race’s Ancestral Court. And given how sensitive the Fuxi Celestial Race was, the enemies might be keeping close attention to these areas so he had to be careful.

Not long later, he arrived at the first part and started looking around, only to find this part entirely destroyed, most likely by a monarch level war. Once he arrived at the second part, he once again finds this part entirely destroyed as well, also by war.

One after another, he arrived at the remaining parts, which were all destroyed.

If it was just one part, it would be fine but with seven of them all destroyed, there must be something going on!

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but have a headache, this was probably not the doing of Dao Venerate Fu Min because he merely wanted to hide the Ancestral Court, not destroy it.

Hence, Zhong Yue deducted that this was someone else’s doing!

Who destroyed these places? Is the Ancestral Court alright?

The ancient ship was activated again and ascended high into the air, giving Zhong Yue a view of the seven galaxies. Although there were all destroyed, there were still some continents that remained partially intact.

Suddenly, something struck him as he discovered that there were still gods living in one of these continentals!

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