Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1031 - Bound To Leave A Fame

Chapter 1031: Bound To Leave A Fame

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Sometimes, whether it be sweet, bitter or sour, all it took to bring out the past memories was just an unintentional glance and reunion.

With just a glance, the hardships of 500 years of missing each other were erased.

The reunion with Yi Wanjun pulled the strings in his heart. It had sent his psyche back to the past to re-experience everything he been through with Yi Wanjun, and such was the wonder in Monarch Ji Jie’s [Immortal Divine Psyche]’s eighth level.

Zhong Yue had yet to reach this level for this was a level only those with the purest soul and heart could achieve, just like Monarch Ji Jie.

The young man quickly walked towards the young lady with mixed emotions, each step he took brought out the sweetness between them, the promises they made. He promised Yi Wanjun that he would take her with him to Zi Wei but he left her in Lei Zhe Sacred Ground, disappearing without a word.

In his return to 3,000 Six Paths Worlds, the person he wanted to see most but was also most afraid of seeing at the same time was her.

And now, Yi Wanjun had taken the initiative and waited for him before his residence, standing before the gate elegantly and gracefully, appearing as beautiful as when he left her.

Her beauty was different from the Moon God’s, who was so high up that she emanated an alien feeling.

Suddenly, Xin Huo jumped out and spoilt the mood, “Zhong Yue, your Goddess Xuan told you not to have an affair outside after you have two wives at home. Did you forget about it?”

Zhong Yue, however, ignored the little flame and he approached the lady and wrapped her in his arms for a very long time.

“I’ve made wait for me for 500 years, I can’t let her wait anymore.”

He replied, “I have to take her with me! No matter what!”

“Darling, I’ve been thinking for 500 years and I think I understand now, if I can’t be with the one I love, I will be wasting my life even if I lived for billion years.”

Yin Wanjun said gently and softly, “If I can be with the person I love, it would be more than enough even if I could only live for a short time.”

Hearing this, Zhong Yue lost his words and with all the love he could give, he replied, “I will take you with me this time, even if we will die!”

On the ancient ship, Zhong Yue returned to Mister Yi’s looks and apart from Hundun Yu, there was another lady and Xin Huo grumbled, “Goddess Xuan told you not to pursue another lady but here you are, trying to bring her back. Heh, it will be interesting now that there is another challenger! Three ladies fighting for a man? Hehehe.”

Just as Zhong Yue was about to leave, another pretty goddess descended from the skies, a whip tangled around her waist and she giggled, “Oh, Wanjun is here? Darling, are you trying to run away after killing my father?”

In an instant, Zhong Yue’s face darkened. This goddess was Shi Yinji, the one with whom he had relations with multiple times.

He quickly turned to Yi Wanjun, and as expected, Yi Wanjun had a dark expression. Without a word, she entered the cabin and came out wearing a men’s robe, which caused Zhong Yue’s mood to turn even more gloomy.

Changing into male attire meant that Yi Wanjun was now Jun Wudao, which also points towards Zhong Yue, saying that he had no morals, chasing after multiple ladies and that also meant that there would be no possibility of Zhong Yue touching Yi Wanjun anymore.

Meanwhile, Shi Yinji hurled out the whip and laughed, “Darling, it has been 500 years, do you still remember my whip?”

Zhong Yue’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered the pleasure he had with this goddess and he coughed, “Yinji, why are you here?”

“You think you can walk away just like that after toying with my feelings?” grinned Shi Yinji as she dragged Yi Wanjun to her and said, “And it won’t be that easy if you want to steal my Wanjun from me!”

“Toy with your feelings? Aren’t you the one that was toying with me?” murmured a speechless Zhong Yue.

Shi Yinji and Yi Wanjun were both best friends and their relationship was much better than Zhong Yue. In just a blink of an eye, the two ladies were already talking about something else.

The speechless Zhong Yue then activated the thousand winged ancient ship, only to be stopped by Goddess Shi Ji who said, “Mister Zhong, I will hand Yinji to you now, please give my child a position as your wife, not a mistress in the future.”

“I will, don’t worry,” bowed Zhong Yue to his mother-in-law.

With a nod, Goddess Shi Ji left without turning back.

The ancient ship sailed into the galaxy and towards Heaven Court, where Realm Monarch Changgeng awaited. After docking the ancient ship, the duo sat right out South Heaven Gate. Realm Monarch Changgeng tossed a wine bottle towards Zhong Yue and they both started drinking with each other as they sat onto the ground.

“I wonder if I could return alive.”

Zhong Yue sighed and suddenly, he cheered himself up, “You have a bright future ahead, in the ancient universe, 3,000 Six Paths World and Zi Wei Galaxy, I’ve only met two Innate Galaxy Spirit Bodies, one being you and the other having already died in my hands. Now that you are the only one left, you can already tell just how unique you are.”

The Realm Monarch grumbled right away, “So what? I am still weaker than you, the Innate Sun and Moon Spirit Body. The highest level I can reach will only be Imperial Emperor, I may be able to stand above all else here, but in the ancient universe or Zi Wei, I am just another pawn.”

He shook his head as he was feeling suffocated under the weight of Zhong Yue’s even greater achievements.

“You just don’t know the significance of the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body in this era. But it’s okay, you will find out soon enough. You are bound to leave a mark in this world.”

After a quick moment of thought, Zhong Yue said, “I know a little about the seventh secret realm, I wanted to introduce you to someone who had achieved Cosmic Secret Realm. In the future, the seventh secret realm Cosmic Secret Realm will shine brighter than any others but now, I’m a little hesitant.”

Realm Monarch Changgeng was confused.

Zhong Yue said, “We are not the first to discover the seventh secret realm, the ancient ones had been studying it for a very long time and all they lacked was a Star Innate Spirit Body. There are still many of them alive right now, because of my small knowledge in the seventh secret realm, I might destroy you if I teach you what I know recklessly. However, if my senior martial brother were to teach you, you would be cut into pieces for experimental purposes. My guess is that someone is already eyeing on you and a messenger will be sent for you very quickly.”

“Me? Why?” Realm Monarch Changgeng became even more confused.

Zhong Yue nodded, “The Cosmic Secret Realm has perfect compatibility with the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body and because you are one, the ancient ones will be needing you. With one of these ancient ones teaching you, you will benefit more and at the same time, gain a huge ally.”

He downed the wine in his hands, stood up and burst out laughing, “You are not as puny as you think! If I teach you anything, we will draw unnecessary problems. Don’t worry, your future teacher will appear soon!”

He then walked away under Realm Monarch Changgeng’s gaze and the Realm Monarch returned to his palace after failing to figure anything.

Brother, what is with this mystery? What is the seventh secret realm? Could it be that he has a way to forsee the future or what did he know that someone will be looking for me to take me as an apprentice?


About 20 years later, Realm Monarch Changgeng had cemented his rule. With the aid of the Eighteen Emperors of the Heavenly Cloud, the six realms were in peace and Monster Deity Emperor Yuan Qi was reborn into a better origin after his time had come.

One day, after Realm Monarch Changgeng dealt with the official affairs, a divine general came reporting, “Your Majesty, there is an elder out there claiming that he is Your Majesty’s teacher and he wants Your Majesty to welcome him personally.”

Realm Monarch Changgeng was a little surprised and when he got out, he saw a white-haired old man standing in front of the palace. The Realm Monarch took a glance at this old man and his heart skipped a beat right away for the more he looked, the more grand and almighty the old man got.

The Realm Monarch rubbed his eyes and this time, he saw light wheels spinning behind the old man’s head, stirring the stars in the skies and there were a total of 7 light wheels!

And the last wheel presented the scene of endless stars!

Upon seeing this seventh light wheel, Realm Monarch Changgeng’s question was finally answered, So that’s how it is! So this is the Cosmic Secret Realm!

The old man smiled, “Dear apprentice, are you not going to greet your teacher?”

With a shook, the mysterious yet amazing scene Realm Monarch Changgeng saw disappeared and the old man remained standing there still but without anything abnormal and the light wheels.

Brother is indeed amazing!

Without hesitation, Realm Monarch Changgeng knelt down and greeted his new teacher.

“Come, come with me to Zi Wei,” said the old man.

After that, Realm Monarch Changgeng summoned Heavenly King Lu, passed Heavenly King Lu his emperor seal and the emperor’s robe he was wearing. He said to Heavenly King Lu, “If there are any difficulties you can’t solve, you can always go and look for my elder brother.”

With that, he turned around and left with the old man.

Heavenly King Lu was still in intense shock and when he came back to his senses, the two had already left for a long time.

In the ancient universe, the ancient ship sailed quietly and at the bow, Zhong Yue stared at the two Drum of Dusk mindlessly. Previously, the two Drum of Dusk had been cut into pieces by him but oddly, they slowly merged back and returned to normal.

Throughout the way, the four of them had been studying the Drum of Dusk, but no matter what they did, they just couldn’t figure anything out. When they channeled their energy and psyche into the Drum of Dusk, it was just like pouring a bucket of water into the ocean, whether it be how much energy and psyche they poured in, the Drum of Dusk just kept taking it in like a black hole.

“There are no totem carvings on the Drum of Dusk, they don’t look like divine weapons at all,” said Hundun Yu as he shook his head.

“This is something created in the Dark Age by the innate Deity Kings, they are made of pure Dao.”

Zhong Yue said, “But this Dao is very strange, how did it cancel all other Daos and mute every other art and technique, even the Life Dao?”

He then kept Yi Wanjun and the others into his Yuan Shen Secret Realm, beat the Drum of Dusk once and when the drumbeat sounded, Zhong Yue remained unscathed. But the ancient ship got crippled, almost falling right into a black hole.

Zhong Yue then had the others out and said, “Standing on the Drum of Dusk will prevent you from taking damage.”

The four then surrounded the two Drums of Dusk and they were still clueless.

“Perhaps, if I know its Dao language, I might be able to figure out its secrets!”

Suddenly, Zhong Yue’s eyes lit up and he shouted excitedly, “Wanjun, slam the two Drum of Dusk and I will listen to their Dao language and interpret them!”

The other three had a scare and Shi Yinji shouted, “If you can’t take it, then I will be killing my own husband! I don’t want to be a widow at such a young age!”

Zhong Yue stared at her angrily and the lady immediately lowered her eye.

Yi Wanjun then said, “If you can’t handle it anymore, you’d better tell us.”

Hundun Yu stood on a Drum of Dusk, Yi Wanjun and Shi Yinji stood on the other while after getting himself prepared, Zhong Yue nodded at Hundun Yu and Hundun Yu immediately slammed onto the Drum of Dusk!

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