Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1019 - The Big Devil King Entering The Mortal World

Chapter 1019: The Big Devil King Entering The Mortal World

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King Yi found out my identity?

Zhong Yue had goosebumps right away; there were countless powerful warriors in this universe, but not every one of them was like King Zi Guang!

And now, King Zi Guang had acquired his secrets!

The ‘master’ in Long Zhi’s words was Great Si Ming; back in the Heaven Suppression Palace, Long Zhi, Tai Feng, Yi Tianjun and Nu Fang had all surrender to him and now served under him.

Hence, the news Long Zhi brought today was definitely true!

“Master said that King Zi Guang had sent his men to the 3,000 Six Paths World to meet with that “Zhong Yue” there.”

Long Zhi continued, “He is investigating deep into this matter, suspecting your identity and not only that, but master also said that the eye in Imperial Emperor Xian Tian will be opening soon. It will take about only 300 years until he finally opens the eye and sees through your disguise. That eye belongs to the Deity King who sealed the entire Fuxi Celestial Race.”

Zhong Yue was further shaken by this news; he knew that there was an eye in Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s forehead but that eye had never opened even once.

He thought that this eye was cultivated by Imperial Emperor Xian Tian himself, but it was actually the eye of that evil being!

If that eye were to open, Zhong Yue would be in deep trouble!

300 years was a very long but a very short time at the same time, can he cultivate to a level where he could protect himself?

At this moment, he felt extremely uneasy; while he needed Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s power to strengthen himself, there was no time for him to grow strong enough to fight against an innate god and swarms of enemies!

Seems like I have to leave myself some room and ways to get myself out of this mess now.

Zhong Yue sighed, looked towards Long Zhi and said, “Senior martial sister, can you all hold the fortress?”

“Why? You plan on leaving for a while?” giggled Long Zhi.

Zhong Yue nodded, “Yes, but I will leave behind my clones just in case. I’m worried about the Heaven Suppression Fortress while I’m away.”

Long Zhi smiled, “Of course.”

“What I mean is can you control Imperial Emperor Jiao Teng?”

Long Zhi kept quiet for a while and she asked, “You mean, you are worried that she will eat your men?”

And she received a nod from Zhong Yue.

Long Zhi shook her head and replied, “As long as Imperial Emperor Xian Tian is alive, Jiao Teng will not dare to do anything. Don’t worry, she is dead loyal to him.”

Zhong Yue let out a relieved breath and he smiled, “Then, I will be depending on you.”

After that, he explained his intention to his two wives and they both frowned right away for as the commander, Zhong Yue was the pillar of Heaven Suppression Fortress and his absence would only bring uneasiness to them.

“Imperial Emperor Xian Tian will not let anything happen to the fortress and there are two Imperial Emperors here to aid us. This is just the beginning and the hidden trump cards of Imperial Emperor Xian Tian will be revealed in no time. The other races like Juling Clan will also send in reinforcements so there is no way this fortress will fall.”

Zhong Yue continued, “My incarnations will be here so I will still be commanding even though I’m away. In my view, our fortress will become the largest battlefield in this war of thrones and mostly every force will gather around this place. Monarch weapons, Imperial Emperors and all the hidden experts will appear together around our fortress. When that time comes, our power will be completely dwarfed. So I might as well quickly do something I can’t do usually while everyone is occupied with the war.”

The ladies exchanged a glance and among the two curious ones, Jin Hexi asked, “What are these things that you want to do but can’t?”

Zhong Yue smiled, “That you don’t have to know, the more you know, the more dangerous it will be.”

Jin Hexi became even more curious and Yin Fanxuan on the other side asked, “How long until your return, darling?”

“Twenty years will be the quickest.”

Zhong Yue shook his head, “But if anything dangerous is going to happen to you, I will rush back as soon as I can.”

The two goddesses exchanged a look again and they both gave him their blessings, “Then, we hope for the best for you, darling.”

After leaving his incarnations behind, Zhong Yue summoned Hundun Yu, “Senior martial brother, I’ve accepted your Chaos divine Fruit, and you are assigned to follow around me. Now, I will be going out there for a trip, do you want to come along?”

Hundun Yu nodded, “I’ll go get the tree.”

“No need. Just keep it here for the defense,” rebutted Zhong Yue right away.

Hundun Yu scratched his head and thought, Grand ancestor asked me to come here with the monarch weapon but ever since I arrived, the Fusang Divine Tree is just like Mister Yi’s property. I guess it can only be retrieved by grand ancestor personally now. He only wanted me to follow Mister Yi, not bring the weapon to him anyway.

The two entered the void, boarded the ancient ship hidden away by Zhong Yue in the dimensions, looked out and they saw Jiao Teng’s true form, a massive insect queen that slowly crawled towards the Huangting Clan following the bloodied trails.

She kept laying eggs as she followed the rails, laying them right into the dead soldiers of Heavenly River Navy Fleet and Huangting Clan; wherever she passed, insect gods started spawning in the bodies and the amount just kept on increasing tremendously.

When she reached somewhere near the Huangting Clan’s sacred grounds, she had turned all the bodies into nutrients for her children!

What a war machine these insect races’ insect queens were.

Zhong Yue left quickly and thought, With her around, the insect races will swarm the enemies endlessly. The tougher the war, the more the insect races. With the endless soldiers around, we will not lose the war. But the monarch spirits and Monarch Huang Ting’s corpse is dangerous. I really hope Long Zhi and Jiao Teng really have a way of dealing with them and are not just talks.

At this moment, Xin Huo’s said, “Zhong Yue, are you really going to leave now and give up this chance? This is a chance that will not come by again. Being able to fight with these formidable foes will grant you vast knowledge to this universe and it will be beneficial for you in raising your power and knowledge.”

“But what is more important is the seventh secret realm’s information left behind by Dao Venerate Fu Min.”

Zhong Yue kept a cool tone, “There is nothing much I can do if I stay. With my incarnations around, I will also be able to see things that I’ve never seen so the only drawback is that I could not fight against these foes myself. Now that Zi Guang is suspecting me and Imperial Emperor Xian Tian has an eye that could see through my disguise, danger is closing in quickly. I have to find the information left behind by Dao Venerate Fu Min and find an alternative way out.”

The little flame flew out from his psyche ocean, stood at his shoulder and asked, “Where then?”

“Imperial Road of Heavenly Monarch!”

Light flashed in Zhong Yue’s eyes, “Senior Martial Brother Feng once said that there is something I need in the Imperial Road of Heavenly Monarch so I have to go there no matter what! If I am quick enough, I will be able to get back before the war ends!”

The ancient ship sailed across the skies and right into the galaxy.

As they traveled, Xin Huo looked around and said, “This is not the path to Imperial Road of Heavenly Monarch.”

With a calm expression, Zhong Yue hurled out a piece of explosive news, “I am going to have Senior Martial Brother Feng out and persuade him to the fortress.”

“Are you out of your mind! That mad man? If he comes out, do you know how many gods will suffer?” shouted a shocked Xin Huo.

Zhong Yue smiled, “Xin Huo, when he is not mad, he is actually quite a nice man.”

“Bah! Those gods dissected by him had never felt that he is nice or gentle!”

Xin Huo angrily shouted, “Every time you visit him, my heart beats quickly and I had to hide myself!”

Zhong Yue burst out laughing, “Hahaha, he is gentle when he dissects the gods, fearing that his actions will damage their bodies and souls!”

His words immediately received Xin Huo’s angry stare again.

Meanwhile, after seeing this little flame standing on Zhong Yue’s shoulder, Hundun Yu immediately recorded this down, I’ve never seen this little flame before. Mister Yi indeed has a lot of secrets.

Two months later, the ancient ship arrived at Quasi Star Region and Zhong Yue slightly frowned after stopping here for he saw gods setting camps around as they planned to set up a base here.

It’s the Getian Clan’s army.

Zhong Yue was surprised; the Getian Clan must have been involved in the war but this monarch race was much more cautious as this move was obviously an attempt to seek a safe place for part of their people. If they lost in the war, their people would be preserved, and with that, they would be able to continue the Getian Clan’s existence.

Suddenly, an Imperial Emperor looked towards Zhong Yue’s direction with an immensely sharp gaze, creating sparks in the void and a bolt of lightning struck towards Zhong Yue!

His senses were incredibly sharp; even after hiding inside the endless layers of dimensions, he could still catch onto Zhong Yue’s and trace him all the way into the dimensions!

In an instant, Zhong Yue moved the ship away, evading the lightning strike. He hid deeper into the dimensions as he had no intention to seek trouble, Hmmm, even the monarch races are feeling uncomfortable with the war. Seems like they are preparing beforehand in case of anything.

The Getian Clan’s Imperial Emperor was a little confused after losing track of Zhong Yue, causing him to murmur, “Who is this? He is heading right towards Quasi Star Region? Is he residing in there or what? This isn’t good at all, are we still going to enter Quasi Star Region? Will we anger him if we did?”

Meanwhile, the ancient ship sailed into Quasi Star Region and after telling Hundun Yu to stay in the ship, Zhong Yue got out and headed right into the Yu Ling Palace.

The innate demonic dragon bowed and said, “Second master.”

Zhong Yue smiled, “So you’re out today?”

The dragon honestly replied, “Master said that I get to have a rest today.”

“I am here today to bring your master out and you will be free from now on. Apart from that, you will also be able to witness the excitement of the outside world. My Heaven Suppression Fortress is at war now and you will shine brightly with your skills.”

The innate demon dragon lost his words for a second and he curled around right away and sighed, “Which means that after being experimented by master, I will have to go into a war for the second master? Why am I so unfortunate?”

Zhong Yue was speechless at this reaction and he decided to leave this whining dragon alone and entered the palace, where he was welcomed by both Xing Tian and Shi Tuo. Xing Tian then smiled, “Shi Tuo and I heard that Uncle Zhong is talking about going out for war? Uncle, I am so damn bored staying here!”

“Who taught you how to speak in such a foul manner?”

Zhong Yue gave the teenager an angry look, who quickly glanced at Shi Tuo and Shi Tuo shouted, “I did not!”

Zhong Yue frowned again and he said, “If you want to go out, don’t come to my Heaven Suppression Fortress. Go look for the Human Sovereign, Jiang Yiji and let him arrange both of you.”

The disappointed duo lost their spirit in a blink of an eye and that was when Feng Xiaozhong came out asking confusedly, “Junior martial brother, you want me to go out?”

Zhong Yue nodded and just as he was about to voice out his thoughts and ideas to persuade Feng Xiaozhong, the man had already nodded, “Okay.”

Zhong Yue was caught off guard and he smiled right away, “Senior martial brother, what made you agree to my invitation?”

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