Rise Of Evil Sword God

636 Clone Technique

Next morning!

Feng Yun just woke up, and as soon as he opened his eyes, a beautiful face came into his view.

“Good morning!” Su Rou said with a lovely smile, her two eyes were staring at his face filled with starlight and love.

“Good morning!” Feng Yun replied with a smile.

Su Rou moved her head and kissed him, giving him a passionate morning kiss. Feng Yun’s hand travels on her bare back, reaching to her petite buttocks. Su Rou’s figure was small and petite. Although her figure was not sexy and mature, her innocent and elegant has its own unique charm.

“Hmm~~~” Feng Yun’s big palm gripped her ass, groping them.

“Do you want to do some morning exercise?” Feng Yun asked as he felt his dick becoming rock hard under the simulation of Su Rou’s naked body grinding against his.

“Why not?” Su Rou laughed as she sat up straight on his waist. Getting up, Feng Yun held her in his arms as he put his cock inside her small vagina that scratched to the limit due to his big cock.

“Hmmm~~~ Mmmm~~~” Su Rou held his shoulder to support and jumped up and down on his cock under his support.

Soon her moans started to echo in the room.

After a hours later, Feng Yun and Su Rou finally got up from the bed.

“By the way, I have a gift for you!” Su Rou suddenly recalled that she brought a gift for him. She took out a green jade slip from her storage ring and handed it to Feng Yun. Su Rou looked a little excited when she handed the gift to Feng Yun as she looked at him with some anticipation.

“A gift!” Feng Yun was a little surprised. Feng Yun reached out and grabbed the jade slip. This green jade was giving a cool feeling upon touching, looked very old but still well preserved.

“This~” First he didn’t think much. But when out of curiosity, he casually scanned it with his divine sense, he became stunned. Something preventing his divine sense from the green jade slip. It aroused his curiosity further, Feng Yun strengthened his divine sense and attacked at the jade slip to break the ban. Turned out, it was not a simple ban, even after using his full strength, he wasn’t able to break the ban in one go. I am afraid this ban must be placed by a strong man of Divine Profound Realm. After all, Feng Yun’s soul realm was at the Peak Stage of Sovereign Profound Realm. This jade slip looked so old, naturally this ban must have been placed long ago but still effective. It couldn’t be done by a sovereign realm.

If he wanted to spiritual ban around the jade and read the contents inside it, he had to put some effort. Some excitement and expectation couldn’t help but bloom in his heart, things related to a divine profound realm could be anything but not ordinary.

Su Rou guessed from his reaction and explained, “I found this jade slip by accident. According to grandpa, this jade slip should be a skill container/recorder. You can only access the contents inside it after breaking the spiritual ban. Hehe, grandpa wanted me to give this jade slip to the sect, but I insist to keeping it for myself.”

“This jade slip must be good treasure, I wanted to keep it for my beloved brother.” Su Rou clicked her tongue and said with a blooming smile. Turned out, knowing this jade slip was treasure, she wanted to save it for Feng Yun. Feng Yun gave her many treasures in the past, but she didn’t have anything to give in return, now she finally found something worthwhile. She was happy as long as he liked it.

“How is it? Do you like it?” Su Rou’s eyes stared at him without blinking and asked.

Feng Yun smiled and replied, “It’s good!”

“Now, you give me a gift, how can I be stingy? Come with me.” Feng Yun laughed as he pinched her nose softly.

Next, Feng Yun held her hand and brought her to the preaching building inside the secret realm.

“What kind of place is this?” Su Rou was pleasantly surprised after entering in the secret realm. As everyone aware of fact that secret realm represents opportunity. She didn’t expect the Profound Blossom Sect to be hiding a secret realm, even five sects didn’t have a secret realm of their own.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

She looked at the four story building with a puzzled look and questioned Feng Yun.

“This is a preaching building, a type of martial arts

library. There are hundreds of ancient martial skills stored inside this building.” Feng Yun explained and then told her about the portraits.

“Is this true?” Su Rou was shocked when she heard this. She immediately ran to the closest portrait and confirm his words.

After a few minutes later, Su Rou opened her eyes, still dazed and trying to comprehend the skill she just witnessed.

“How is it?” Feng Yun arrived behind her and asked slowly.

“Wonderful!” Su Rou murmured in shock.

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After explaining everything, Feng Yun let her learn her own and focused on another thing. After coming to the secluded place, Feng Yun took out a green jade slip from his storage ring and studied it.

This green jade slip and started breaking the spiritual ban. His soul power roared as it attacked at the spiritual ban of the jade slip. Time passed, Feng Yun didn’t concede and continued. After a few minutes, the spiritual ban finally showed little sign of weakening under the continues attacks of Feng Yun’s spiritual attacks.

An hour later, Feng Yun finally removed the spiritual ban. As the spiritual ban lifted, a mutation occurred. A white light shot out of the jade entered Feng Yun’s forehead, alarming Feng Yun. Feng Yun hastily raised the shield in his sea of conciseness to defend against the white light.

A few moments passed; Feng Yun finally took let out a breath of relief. The white light wasn’t spiritual attack but spiritual imprint containing the contents inside the green jade. Spiritual Imprint was method of passing one’s knowledge into other’s mind directly. Naturally, ordinary cultivators couldn’t do it.

“Click!” Feng Yun took down, and the jade slip shattered into pieces. Obviously, it fulfilled its purpose. Whoever made this jade slip didn’t want the information inside spread around.

Feng Yun was curious to know. He immediately closed his eyes and looked at the newfound information.

“A secret skill-Clone technique! Blood Avatar Technique! ” After a minute later, Feng Yun opened his eyes and muttered softly with as astound expression. Turned out, this greed jade contained a secret type of skill.

The secret skills were the skills that surpassed the boundary of normal techniques. If these skills freely appeared in the world, they would bring chaos, that was why most of them remained secrets from the public. Although these skills contained boundless powers, they were evenly hard to cultivate as well. Only one in ten thousand could practice them. Forget about ordinary people, even ordinary geniuses might not able to cultivate them successfully.

Feng Yun surpassed joy in his heart and focused on the Blood Avatar Technique. According to this technique, one could create a clone or avatar of himself though his blood essence and tiny portion of his soul.

Having a clone means he could have two lives. He could be at two places at the same time as well.  Without hesitation, Feng Yun decided to learn the technique and form a clone as soon as possible.

There were two preconditions to create a clone, strong blood and soul. The strength of the clone depends on the blood. The stronger the blood, the stronger the clone. Feng Yun didn’t need to worry about that, he has true dragon bloodline. As for soul strength, his soul was even more abnormal.

Times passed; Feng Yun wholeheartedly tried to comprehend the clone technique’s essence over and over. Creating a clone was not simple, he had to separate a fraction of his soul which would hurt his soul, he wanted to make sure that everything went right.

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