Rise Of Evil Sword God

635 Magical spell

In the evening.

Feng Yun and others gathered in the hall.

“Tang Yue, how is alchemy? Can you refine seventh rank pills.” Feng Yun asked to Tang Yue who was sitting beside him.

Tang Yue shook her head and said, “No. I can’t yet. Because of the disease, I dropped studying alchemy. Right now, I can only refine up to rank six medicine pills. But I am gonna promote soon because of the inheritance of the secret world.”

“How long?”

“About two weeks!”

“Good!” Feng Yun nodded.

“Yan Qiu, I want these materials to lay the upgrade the formation of the sect. The current formation is not strong.” Feng Yun handed a long list of materials to Yan Qiu and said.

“Okay. I will gather soon as possible.” Yan Qiu nodded seriously.

Next day, Feng Yun arrived in the secret realm and came to the preaching building.

“Where should I start?” On the first floor, Feng Yun looked at the raw of portraits and muttered slowly. Feng Yun selected a portrait of a huge sword hanging in the sky.

The scenery changed; a vast ocean appeared in his view. Standing in the sky, he saw two figures fighting. One was huge while the other was tiny. The tiny one was human, currently, he was fighting a huge fish type monster. The fish was so big, the single flap of its wing could cause a tsunami.


While the man was reciting the incantations, the fish opened it huge to devour the man.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth started to gather above man’s head. The world’s spiritual energy resonated with the man’s spirit energy and started to form a shape in the sky. Creating a huge giant sword in the sky that was made of spirit energy of heaven and earth but look so real.

“Heaven’s Judgement Sword! Descendant!” The man roared loudly. The huge sword in the sky vibrated and started dropping on the ground like a meteor. The sword size of a thousand meters dropped on the fish monster size of over ten thousand meters.

Feng Yun felt as if his entire body was being crushed under the pressure of the sword; sweat drops appeared on his forehead as he raised his head to look at the sword with difficulty.


With a loud sound, the sword hit the monster. It was like as if a huge mountain fell on the ocean, sending massive waves of water all around. The fish monster was crushed in the ocean by the power of the giant sword, most like dead.

“What kind of technique is this?” Feng Yun was shocked. He had never heard of a technique that could directly utilize the power of heaven and earth.

‘Is it the incantation?’ Feng Yun thought inwardly. The man was chanting unknown words before, Feng Yun concluded that the incantation must be some kind of supernatural spell.

Feng Yun tried to remember the incantation spoke by the man, but found he couldn’t able to remember it. Naturally, this spell caught his interest.

Feng Yun spent the next few days in the building, and continued to observe the portraits. A week later, Feng Yun finally walked out of the building.

Arriving at the secluded place, Feng Yun closed his eyes and started chanting. A tremor appeared in the surrounding energy as it was resonating with his words, next second the surrounding spirit energy started to gather above his head. The spirit energy started to condense, slowly forming into a long structure. However, before it could condense properly, the spirit energy started to scatter.

Feng Yun’s eyebrows creased. The words in this incantation contained an unknown type of magical power that he had never heard of before. After reciting the incantation, He could feel connection to a vast existence in the world. However, his comprehension of this language was not deep enough to utilize the power of heaven and earth. Feng Yun guessed that this incantation must be related tor magical ancient language of other species. He has read many ancient records of human history, but he never heard of this type of spell technique. He concluded that this incantation must be related to other species like demons, dragons etc.

Feng Yun wasn’t disappointed, rather felt thrilled to explore this new type of magic. Feng Yun tried again, but failed again. He tried to a few more times, but the result was the same. He was unable to communicate with the spirit energy of heaven and earth.

Coming out of the secret realm, Feng Yun came to the Profound Blossom Sect.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Feng Yun, here are the materials. All of them are here.” Yan Qiu come to Feng Yun and said as she handed him a storage ring.

Feng Yun scanned the storage ring and nodded, “Good! Call the others, I am going to build a new defense formation.”

“Okay!” Yan Qiu nodded.

“By the way, did you hear any news from the True Fire Palace?” Feng Yun asked.

Yan Qiu’s eyebrows knitted slightly and said, “The True Fire Palace has yet to respond. It seems like they are holding back, or they wanted to make a surprise attack. Normally they send someone to ask for compensation. I have no idea what they are thinking.”

“Whatever, it will be better if they don’t come. Even if they come, I am not afraid.” Feng Yun shrugged his shoulder and spoke.

Feng Yun had already built this formation before in the Mu Clan, he repeated some procedure. The size of Profound Blossom Sect’s was ten times bigger than Mu Clan’s, so it took him two whole days to build the formation completely.

After establishing the formation, Feng Yun sent next with his women and then went to the preaching building again to observe the portraits.

The next day, Feng Yun once again walked out of the preaching building. Turned out, a guest arrived at the Profound Blossom Sect, asking for him. When Feng Yun reached to the hall, he finally saw the guest.

At this time, Yan Qiu was entertaining two people, one middle-aged man and a young woman. The young girl looked around twenty years old, beautiful appearance, petite figure, wearing a beautiful long blue dress.

“Elder Mu, Su Rou!”

They were none other than weapon hall master Mu and Su Rou from Mystic Peak. As soon as Feng Yun entered in the hall, he immediately recognized two people.

“Feng Yun!” The girl exclaimed excitedly after seeing him. Neglecting others, she jumped toward him and plunged into his arms. Feng Yun naturally didn’t hold back and embraced the petite figure in his arms tightly.

“It’s been a long time. How are you?” After releasing Su Rou, Feng Yun gently asked as he stared at the innocent face of her.

“I’m good. How about you?” Su Rou looked at the handsome face with longing and said slowly.

“I am fantastic.” Feng Yun laughed. After that, he greeted the middle-aged man. “Greeting Elder Mu!”

“Haha, boy. You are really a walking disaster.” Elder Mu looked at Feng Yun and laughed. “You just arrived here and almost killed an elder of True Fire Palace.”

“Huh, you know!” Feng Yun was a little surprised.

“Hehe, entire world knows. How can I not know?” Mu Dong rolled his eyes at Feng Yun and said.

“Oh, news travels fast!” Feng Yun exclaimed softly.

“Elder Mu, how can you call me a walking disaster? I never provoke others, but others always try to bully me. I just retaliate strongly.” Feng Yun retorted in his defense. That was true anyway.

“Well, you make people jealous easily.” Elder Mu smiled. This young man’s talent was really heaven defying, making others feel ashamed.

Feng Yun couldn’t retort this time, he had to admit that he was a real evildoer.

“Elder Mu, you said almost killed. I didn’t pay attention to the old man. How is the old man? Was he able to return alive?” Feng Yun asked curiously.

Hearing his words, Elder Mu couldn’t help but roll his eyes at him. You beat a man to death’s door and didn’t care to check something significant.

“Your hand was too heavy. You almost killed the guy; he is still in coma. If it wasn’t for the True Fire Palace willing to spend a fortune to cure the guy, he would have become dead meat.

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