Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 48 - Non-existent

Chapter 48 Non-existent

The train was slow but fortunately, the distance between the two families was not very long. Zhou Lin, Yun Xi, Zhou Mo, and Yun Lian arrived at their destination.

Old Master Zhou knew in advance that another person was coming, so he specially arranged two cars to pick them up.

This way, his son, Zhou Lin, and his daughter-in-law, Yun Xi, could take one car, whereas his disappointing grandson, Zhou Mo, and the wild woman, Yun Lian, could take the other.

When the cars arrived, Yun Xi did not think too much about it. She opened the door of the first car and sat in it. Nonetheless, the three other people stared at her.

Yun Lian had never left her village since she was young, and she did not have the opportunity to sit in such a small car. Therefore, she did not know how to open the car door.

Moreover, in Yun Lian’s memory, her sister should not have seen a small car as well. Even so, Yun Xi entered the car naturally. Yun Lian felt that Yun Xi looked familiar but was no longer the person in her memory.

Zhou Mo also felt that it was very strange. When he went to their village previously, he thought that Yun Xi could not answer many things. She was simply a country bumpkin who could not be more rustic. Now, he was confused after seeing how familiar Yun Xi was with opening the car door than he was.

Zhou Lin looked very calm as if he had guessed that Yun Xi was definitely more than what she seemed.

He was getting more and more interested in her.

To ease his goddess’ embarrassment, Zhou Mo opened the door of the second car, protected her head, and let her enter the car.

Zhou Lin also turned around and entered the first car. The cars sped all the way and soon arrived at the Zhou family’s old residence.

Once the car stopped, Yun Xi impatiently jumped out of the car and ran inside.

Zhou Lin also hurriedly followed.

“Yun Xi, you’re here!”

Seeing Yun Xi and Zhou Lin walk in together, Old Master Zhou smiled happily.

“Why are you waiting for us here?”

Yun Xi was very surprised because the Zhou family’s residence was very hidden. Usually, very few people would come here. How did Grandpa Zhou know she was coming?

“Haha, Lil’ Lin told me. He estimated the time that you might arrive, so I waited for you at the door.”

Hearing Grandpa Zhou’s reply, Yun Xi was speechless. That fella actually had the time to inform Grandpa Zhou. He’s indeed a good seedling to be a special forces soldier!’

“Alright, since the two of you have come, we can start eating now!” Old Master Zhou said with a smile as he instructed his men to quickly bring the dishes to the table. Then, he beckoned for Yun Xi to sit down.

“Young lady, quickly come and taste the dishes cooked by the chef I specially invited. They taste quite well.”

Looking at Old Master Zhou’s expectant gaze, Yun Xi could not bear to refuse.


Nodding her head gently, Yun Xi sat down and tasted the dishes. They tasted well indeed.

“What do you think? Are they delicious?”

Old Master Zhou asked with a smile.

“Mm, they’re quite good. This is the first time I’ve eaten something so delicious.”

Hearing Yun Xi’s answer, Old Master Zhou smiled brighter.

“Haha, then you have to eat more. I spent a lot of money to invite the chef here.”

Hearing Old Master Zhou’s words, Yun Xi could not help but laugh. It seemed that old master Zhou really doted on her and wanted to make up for the harm she had suffered because of his grandson. During the meal. Zhou Lin and Yun Xi were chatting casually, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Seeing that Yun Xi and Zhou Lin were chatting very happily, Old Master Zhou was finally relieved. His guilt toward Old Master Yun was finally alleviated quite a bit.

Zhou Mo was still afraid of Old Master Zhou. In addition, this chef’s cooking was too good, so he did not make any noise. He ate heartily the whole time.

As the grandson of the Zhou family, he could naturally eat at the Zhou family’s dining table without any restraints. On the other hand, as a guest, Yun Lian was particularly restrained. Besides, throughout the process, it was as though she was non-existent.

This caused Yun Lian, who had always felt that she was being worshiped by Zhou Mo, to feel even more jealous.

That said, this also made her even more determined. It was not a very proud thing to win the heart of the Zhou family’s eldest grandson. Being able to stand by the side of the Zhou family’s outstanding youngest son was a goal worth fighting for.

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