Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 47 - Shy

Chapter 47 Shy

Zhou Mo did not know why he was angry. He had always thought that he was broad-minded and was not the kind of person who could not take a joke.

Perhaps when Zhou Mo saw Yun Xi smile and say that she was his little aunt, his heart tightened. Nonetheless, he did not understand what kind of feeling this was. It was a feeling that was beyond a saving grace; he had fallen in love with this girl long ago. Other than Zhou Mo, someone else also did not feel good. The jealousy in his heart was overflowing: Zhou Lin looked at Yun Xi and Zhou Mo laughing and teasing each other. He felt that he was old and could not keep up with the pace of young people nowadays. Moreover, this engagement should have belonged to the two of them. If his little nephew suddenly regretted it…

It was true that there was a generation gap between them. Nevertheless, no matter how Zhou Lin looked at his little nephew at the moment, it was difficult for him to vent his anger.

The expression on his face naturally became unsightly.

“Uncle Zhou, are you also concerned about Ah Mo?”

Yun Lian noticed the change in Zhou Lin’s expression. She asked Zhou Lin with a smile, but her eyes kept looking at Yun Xi, who was looking out of the window.

“Sister, how can you joke like this? You made Brother Mo unhappy.”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes. This pretentious girl really knows how to act!’

Despite that, she could not be bothered with Yun Lian. She just continued to look outside as if she did not notice that someone was staring at her on the train.

Zhou Lin was also embarrassed. He did not expect Yun Lian to take the initiative to chat with him. This surprised him.

After all, he had always maintained an aloof image and had always been a man of few words. He did not expect this little girl, who he had only met a few times, to take advantage of Zhou Mo’s relationship with her to tease him.

He frowned and did not know how to reply to her.

“Little Uncle, what’s Wrong?”

Seeing Zhou Lin’s hesitant look, Yun Lian was secretly pleased with herself. The smile on her face also became brighter as if her goal had been achieved.

“It’s nothing.”

Zhou Lin came back to his senses and quickly shook his head to cover it up.

“Little Uncle, I know you must be worried about Ah Mo. After all, Ah Mo is your nephew.”

The pretentious lady deliberately emphasized the fact that Zhou Mo was Zhou Lin’s nephew as if to remind her elder sister, Yun Xi, that she was an outsider.

“Haha, you’ve misunderstood Me. I feel that it’s not convenient for an elder like me to be involved in too many of your matters. However, I still have to take care of my wife’s matters.”

As he spoke, he wrapped his hand around Yun Xi’s shoulder, who was looking at the scenery outside the window.

Yun Xi’s body stiffened, and her face instantly turned red.

Although she had not interacted much with Zhou Lin, she was, after all, someone who had touched his skin before, and she rarely felt shy. Perhaps her mood changed at the moment, thus her face was as red as a cooked prawn. “Little Uncle, you…”

Yun Lian did not expect Zhou Lin to do this either. She was stunned for a moment. After all, she still had some thoughts about Zhou Lin in her heart.

“Let go of me!”

Yun XI growled and struggled to push Zhou Lin away.

‘How can this man do this? What was with him hugging my shoulder like this? Besides, isn’t this a little too flirtatious?’

“Zhou Lin, quickly let go of me!”

Yun Xi was anxious and embarrassed. Her face was flushed red. She could not care about anything else now. She only wanted to push the man beside her away and stay away from


“I won’t let go!”

Zhou Lin didn’t let go at all. He even tightened his grip. The girl’s skin was quite smooth and tender. It was comfortable to hold her like this!

‘Why is he such a hooligan?’

These words suddenly appeared in Yun Xi’s mind.

“Let go of me. My matters have nothing to do with you!”

“How can they have nothing to do with me? You’re now my fiancée. Your parents have arranged the marriage between us. How can you say that they have nothing to do with me?”

Zhou Lin said with a smile. He secretly sighed and thought, ‘This girl pushes others away, but her heart is especially pure and soft. I’ve found a treasure this time. How can I let it go so easily?’

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