Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 41 - I’m Here to Marry You

Chapter 41 I’m Here to Marry You

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“Who dares to touch my person?!”

At the critical moment, Zhou Lin descended like a peerless hero.

Yun Xi was pushed to the ground. She looked at the man who had suddenly descended with a top-down view. A warm feeling rose in her heart. This was the feeling of having someone backing her.

Zhou Lin’s arrival gave her a sense of security that no one else could replace.

Zhao Qiang, who had a lecherous smile on his face, did not stay idle either. He turned his head to look at the tall man standing at the door. Having been interrupted by someone else, Zhao Qiang showed his big yellow

teeth and angrily shouted at the door, “Who’s this blind fella who came to ruin my plan!”

At this moment, Zhao Qiang looked at the person at the door. Although the man was tall and big, he was still refined compared to those local ruffians and hooligans. Thinking that he was likely not a tough guy, Zhao

Qiang treated Zhou Lin with his usual attitude of fooling the village.

Seeing that the person at the door did not speak, Zhao Qiang thought that he had intimidated Zhou Lin, so he began to insult him without restraint.

“I advise you to go home early. Don’t be unsensible here and bring bad luck to me. Are you planning to watch me and my wife’s living erotic act here?!”

As Zhao Qiang spoke, he turned toward Yun Xi with a lewd smile on his face as if he wanted to eat Yun Xi alive.

Yun Xi looked at Zhao Qiang’s big yellow teeth and felt so disgusted that she wanted to vomit. Nonetheless, she was not as afraid as before because someone was standing next to her at this moment, giving her an

endless sense of security.

“Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! It hurts!”

Within seconds, Zhao Qiang’s pig-like screams could be heard from the house.

Just as Zhao Qiang was about to press himself on Yun Xi, Zhou Lin came to his side and grabbed his wrist with only one hand.

Zhou Lin was probably disgusted by his shameless appearance as well. He used 80% of his strength to pull the man’s wrist back. In a split second, one could even hear the sound of bones cracking.

“Who did you say your wife is?”

It turned out that Zhou Lin had been feeling vexed because of Zhao Qiang’s words just now. He felt that his darling was being coveted by someone else. If looks could kill, Zhao Qiang would have been smashed to pieces


“No, no, no one.”

Although Zhao Qiang was poor and a scoundrel, he was also very smart. In a short moment, he understood that this pressuring man was standing up for Yun Xi.

With the huge disparity in strength, Zhao Qiang naturally did not dare to be presumptuous. He quickly put away his smug face and surrendered.

Yun Xi was no longer suppressed by the people around her. She quickly stood up from the ground.

She walked to her mother’s side and pushed her aunt away from pressing on her mother. Yun Xi’s attack was especially strong. When she pushed her aunt, who usually did not do much farm work, she fell backward.

“You little…” Liu Fang thought, ‘Do you still know seniority rules?!”

Before Liu Fang had a chance to finish what she wanted to say, she was suppressed by Zhou Lin’s gaze. As such, she swallowed her words.

Liu Fang knew that this man in front of her had an extraordinary identity and background. Let alone the fact that Yun Gang had been removed from his little official position, even if their family was still as glorious as

before in the village, they were insignificant in the face of this man’s family background.

At the end of the day, Liu Fang was also a shrewd person. When she saw that Zhou Lin’s anger had been vented on Zhao Qiang, the scoundrel, she hurriedly fled from Yun Xi’s house.

Meanwhile, Yun Lian, who was suppressing Yun Yang, saw that her mother had left the house. Naturally, she let go of her younger brother and followed in Liu Fang’s footsteps.

Yun Xi watched the mother and daughter’s every move. The most important thing at the moment was to teach Zhao Qiang a lesson and find out why Zhou Lin had suddenly appeared. As for the accounts between her,

Yun Lian, and Liu Fang, there was still a long way to go.

There was no need for Yun Xi to do anything to Zhou Qiang. When Zhou Lin saw that this bastard wanted to escape like Liu Fang and her daughter, he dislocated the b*stard’s arm. At this moment, Zhao Qiang was in so

much pain that his face was covered in sweat. He held his own arm and rolled on the ground.

“Contact the village chief and let him be punished by the law.”

Zhou Lin pointed at Zhao Qiang, who was gritting his teeth on the ground.

However, this was not what Yun Xi was most concerned about at this moment. She wanted to know why this man would suddenly appear in her home and save her like a god.

“Why are you in our village?”

“Because I’m here to marry you.”

This made Yun Xi feel like it was a bolt from the blue.

‘Marry who?! Me?!’.

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