Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 40 - Marry a Gambler?

Chapter 40: Marry a Gambler?

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The Yun family’s eldest son did not just sit back. He planned to take away his youngest brother’s accounting job.

However, the eldest son now believed that the only person who would mess up the matter was Yun Xi as she had become sharp-tongued. Chen Li and Yun Shan were slaves of their daughter. They listened to everything that Yun Xi said. If the girl was still around, they would not be able to gain any advantage.

Yun Gang discussed with his wife the way to deal with Yun Xi.

What a vicious man he was. The method he came up with was a hundred times more insidious than Liu Fang’s.

Since Yun Xi was in the Yun family, she would always be a thorn in the couple’s side. They had to make the girl leave the Yun family. After all, Yun Gang was related to his youngest brother, so he could not directly kill Yun Xi. He thought of an even more vicious method, and that was to marry Yun Xi off.

Yun Gang and Liu Fang even found Yun Xi a marriage partner, who was a gambling addict in Liu Fang’s village. The gambling addict was 28 years old this year. He had previously married a wife and beaten the wife to death. However, the wife was said to have died of illness.

After that, the matter slipped under the radar. However, everyone knew what kind of person the gambling addict was. He was addicted to gambling, and his family owed a lot of foreign debts. They even borrowed money from loan sharks.

With such a character, no family would be willing to marry their daughter to him. Therefore, ever since his last wife died, he had been a bachelor.

Of course, Yun Shan and his wife would not marry their daughter to him.

Yun Gang wanted to tarnish Yun Xi’s reputation through the matter in which Zhou Mo broke off his engagement with her. Then, he would spread some gossip about Yun Xi and the gambler in the village. The mouths of the village woman were the best weapon as gossip circulated fast with their help. Presumably, Yun Xi would not find a husband-in-law from now on, and the only person she could be with was the gambler.

Once Yun Xi left, Yun Gang would be able to snatch the accounting job back. After she got married, there was even less need for her to study. Her family would once again free up an opportunity to study. At that time, Liu Fang would be able to threaten and entice Yun Xi’s family so that the opportunity to study would go to the eldest son’s family.

This was really a good plan that could kill several birds with one stone!

Yun Lian and Liu Fang cooperated with each other by playing good cop, bad cop. Soon, Yun Xi’s identity as a concubine was spread. Now, almost everything was ready.

Liu Fang returned to the village and told the gambling addict about the matter. The gambling addict revealed a lewd smile with his yellow teeth.

“Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

Liu Fang and the gambling addict carried a bag of fruits to the Yun family. Along the way, the gambling addict was rubbing his hands in anticipation.

“Third Sister-in-law, are you at home?”

Liu Fang called Yun Lian to her third sister-in-law’s room.

“Yo, this kid is here too.”

These people went straight into the room, completely ignoring the host.

“Third Sister-in-law, I’m mad. Yun Xi’s reputation is already notorious outside. How can she get married in the future?!”

Yun Xi and the others had heard about it, but Yun Xi was not bothered about it. In this life, she only wanted to make money properly. Reputation was not something that was necessary, so there was no need to care about it.

“Well, I think Zhao Qiang from my village is not bad. He doesn’t mind being with Yun Xi. It’s fine to let the two of them have a beautiful marriage.”

Zhao Qiang’s bad reputation had not spread to this village yet. Nevertheless, judging from his ugly face, yellow teeth, and lewd smile, he was not a good person.

“Ah, this must be Yun Xi. She’s quite good-looking.”

The moment Zhao Qiang saw Yun Xi, his big eyes turned bright and clear. One could easily tell that Yun Xi could give birth to many children. Zhao Qiang was drooling.

“Sister-in-law, Yun Xi is still young, so we won’t trouble you. We don’t want her to get married for the time being. Yun Yang, send our guest out!”

“Chen Li, don’t be unappreciative. I specially arranged the marriage for your family. Yun Xi’s reputation is already bad. If anyone is willing to take her, you should be thankful.”

Liu Fang saw that Chen Li’s attitude was firm, so she threatened Chen Li.

Yun Xi watched coldly as Liu Fang pulled her mother while Yun Lian was stopping Yun Yang. Meanwhile, her father, Yun Shan, had yet to return from work. Zhao Qiang walked toward her with a lewd smile on his face. It seemed like they had planned to have Zhao Qiang destroy her!

Zhao Qiang, who was at the side, did not care about that and directly pounced on Yun Xi.

“Wifey, just listen to me. Haha…”

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