Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 307 - Deducted the Grocery Money    

Chapter 307: Deducted the Grocery Money

“Hubby, has this month’s salary been distributed?”

Chen Li came to see Yun Shan. Chen Li was calculating this month’s expenses and spending a lot of money to buy medicine for the Old Master, so she urged Yun Shan when the salary would be distributed.

“It has indeed been distributed, but…” Yun Shan paused.

“But what about it? Could it be that Boss Jing is in arrears with the salary this month?”

When Chen Li said this, she even doubted it herself, because, in her impression, Boss Jing was definitely not such a person.

“It’s not Boss Jing’s problem. It’s my mom who said that our family’s expenses are too big, so she plans to manage the money for our family. When I came back just now, I had already given her this month’s salary. If the family has any expenses this month, you can go to mom’s place to withdraw money,” Yun Shan said.

“Mom said that she wants to manage our family’s money, so you gave all of our family’s money this month to her?!” Chen Li was surprised.

“That’s right. I think there’s nothing bad about this. It’s not that we don’t have money to spend. When you go out to buy vegetables later in the evening, you can go directly to mom’s place to get the money. Just let her teach you how to save money.”

Yun Shan felt that what he had done was not wrong at all.

Chen Li had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to the Old Madam’s room to ask for the money for tonight’s groceries.

The moment Chen Li entered the room, she saw the Old madam flipping through some ledgers. She quickly walked over and said, “Mom, what are you doing? Why are you so serious?”

“I found this in your bedroom. Let me take a look at what you’ve been spending for the past few months.”

The Old Madam stopped what she was doing and looked at Chen Li with a smile. At this moment, Chen Li saw that the bill for tonight’s dishes was recorded on the ledgers. She felt a little strange.

“This is the money for tonight’s dishes. Yun Shan said that you would come and get it from me today.”As the Old Madam spoke, she handed a bill to Chen Li.

Looking at the 50 cents in her hand, Chen Li could not believe it.

“Mom, this 50 cents is definitely not enough for our family to eat.”

“This is your problem. This is a habit of our family. I don’t know if you have heard of the saying that if you have money, don’t spend it recklessly. The children of the poor will mature earlier. When I raised my children in the past, these 50 cents were enough for the family to eat two meals. We are not a wealthy family. You can buy a handful of spinach and two pieces of tofu. At night, you can also buy one dish and one soup. As long as the children are full, there is no need to eat big fish and big meat. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to use money.”

“But this is too little.”

Chen Li held the piece of paper and felt a little disappointed. It was not just because she did not have money, but because she felt that the old lady had given them too little.

“Is it too little? I think it’s a lot. Go to the market when there’s a bargain sale. The money I gave you to buy spinach and tofu is enough.”

The Old Madam spoke in a relaxed manner.

That night, the entire family frowned as they watched the plain soup dinner.

Yun Yang, in particular, was on the verge of tears when he saw the bowl of plain soup.

“Mom, what kind of fasting day is today? It doesn’t even have a hint of flavor!”

“What a child. Why do you always have to eat meat? Isn’t this good? It’s easy to digest, and it’s also good for removing heat. It’s already good enough that I had this when I was young.”

The Old Madam reprimanded Yunyang.

Yun Xi looked at Yun Shan and Chen Li’s expressions then looked at the Old Madam’s bossy manner and understood what had happened.

Her father was a good father in every way. He was just a foolish and filial son. He always felt that rejecting the Old Madam’s request was an unfilial act. That was why he had allowed the Old Madam to bully the family. The Old Madam had grasped this weakness in Yun Shan’s character.

Yun Xi looked at the Old Madam with a mocking gaze. How could such an old lady deserve to be a mother?

“Yun Yang, let’s eat something light today. We’ll eat something delicious tomorrow,” Yun Shan persuaded Yun Yang.

“Okay, then,” Yun Yang agreed.

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