Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 306 - The Old Madam Was Acting Up Again   

Chapter 306: The Old Madam Was Acting Up Again


As soon as the matter with Jing Ning was settled, the Old Madam started acting up again at home.

The Old Madam had been squatting at the door with a small stool, avoiding Chen Li and waiting for Yun Shan to come back.

As soon as Yun Shan entered the door, he saw the Old Madam squatting at the door with a pitiful look on her face.

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked Yun Shan.

“I’m waiting for you to come home. I have something to discuss with you. Come to the side bedroom with me first.”

Both Yun Yang and Yun Qiao had yet to return home, so the Old Madam pulled Yun Shan to the side bedroom.

“What is it, mom?”

Yun Shan saw the mysterious look on the Old Madam’s face, so he had no idea what the Old Madam was up to.

“Son, look at your family’s expenses right now. Your daughter-in-law can’t keep up with the money. Why don’t you let me manage the money at home from now on? Every month’s salary will be handed to me. Why don’t I assign what each sum of money is for?”

Seeing that there were no outsiders in private, the Old Madam directly voiced her thoughts.

“But…”Yun Shan looked troubled.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take a single cent of your family’s money. I’m just helping you manage it. I’m already so old, so I’ll definitely be able to arrange things more clearly than you youngsters. I’m also doing this for the sake of your family’s Yun Yang. He’s a boy, so he has a lot of uses for the money. Now, you can already start thinking about this child.”

Every word of the Old Madam seemed to be thinking about Yun Shan’s family.

“Look, the old man’s illness is about to be cured. I can’t stay here any longer. When your father’s illness is cured, we can go back to our hometown and live there. “The time I can really manage this money is only one or two months. I just want to use this one or two months to teach Chen Li a thing or two. I want her to spend every cent in the right place. One cent can create two cents worth.”

Every word the Old Madam said was very reasonable, so Yun Shan could not refute her.

“Alright then, mom.” Yun Shan nodded and agreed.

“Then when will you be paid for this job every month? I will come and get it from you.”

The Old Madam anxiously asked about the day of the pay. It seemed that she could not wait any longer.

“Today is the day of my payday. This is my salary. Mom, take it well.”

Yun Shan took out an envelope made of brown paper from his bag. Inside the envelope was his salary for this month.

The Old Madam directly opened the envelope to see how much money was inside.

Ever since her youngest son came to work in the county town, she had never known how much salary he could earn.

The salary in the brown paper envelope was neat and tidy. The old lady counted it several times and finally confirmed that it was 832.5 yuan.

It was already very impressive to earn more than 800 Yuan a month. Now, most people’s monthly income was still less than 200 yuan!

“Have you ever earned so much money?”

The Old Madam asked in surprise.

“Yes, Boss Jing is a very good person. He never deducts his employees. The employees in his shop all earn a little more than their peers. Moreover, he never delayed the employee’s salary. Maybe this is the reason why his business is thriving!”

Yun Shan’s face was full of gratitude when he thought of Jing Yu. However, he did not know that the real boss behind the scenes was his daughter.

“Then you should keep this job and work hard! I’ll go back to my bedroom first. I’ll keep this money for you.”

However, the first thing the Old Madam did when she received the money was not to distribute the money for this month’s expenses. Instead, she took out 200 yuan and prepared to go to the gold store to buy a ring for herself later.

After all, she had not forgotten what Liu Fang had told her until now. Even if she did not want to be biased toward her first daughter-in-law, she still wanted to keep the gold and silver jewelry in her hands until she was old. On the day when she could not move, it could also be used as an item for her children to be filial to her.

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