Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 29 - Is Zhou Lin in a Relationship?

Chapter 29: Is Zhou Lin in a Relationship?

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No matter how hard Liu Fang tried, she could not get a penny out of her money-grubbing second sister-in-law. Just as she wanted to vent all the grievances she had suffered at Ma Yan’s place on Yun Lian, she saw Yun Lian come back with 100 yuan.

Liu Fang had no reason to mistreat her. She just grumbled a few words and blamed Yun Lian for not asking for more.

Yun Gang could not bring himself to borrow money from his family, so he took some of his valuable clothes to the town to be pawned. With the money from pawning these clothes, the 100 yuan that Yun Lian ‘borrowed’ from her mother, and their original savings, Yun Gang had finally amassed 1,000 yuan.

He was prepared to exchange the loose change for notes at the supply and marketing agency. Then, he would package the notes into red packets and put them in the tea leaves. Tomorrow, he would go to see the higher-ups who were still in the hospital with IV bottles.

Yun Gang’s crisis was temporarily resolved. Nevertheless, Zhou Lin, who was thousands of miles away, met his first ‘crisis’ ever in his life, which resulted from Old Master Zhou.

The 26-year-old Zhou Lin was no longer an ordinary soldier.

Without the help of Old Master Zhou, Zhou Lin had become the head of a military region at the age of 26 with his own efforts. He became one of the youngest heads of a military region in history. Zhou Lin’s title in the military region had changed from Old Master Zhou’s son to Leader Zhou.

Zhou Lin’s work ability was obvious, but compared to his work history, he had zero love life in the past.

Old Master Zhou had asked different people to introduce different types of girls to Zhou Lin over the years. There were sexy, beautiful girls who were straight-A students studying overseas. There were also gentle, pretty girls who come from humble backgrounds.

However, Zhou Lin was not interested in any of those girls. Going out to eat with them was like a routine. The girls took the initiative to find a topic to talk to Zhou Lin, but he would always reply in a brusque manner.

The girls introduced to him were highly sought-after. None of them was willing to treat him enthusiastically anymore. Therefore, those blind dates would end in an unhappy ending.

Zhou Lin’s actions angered Old Master Zhou. Old Master Zhou was not distressed by Zhou Lin’s any other actions, except that Zhou Lin was not keen on getting a girlfriend and starting a family. Some of Old Master Zhou’s comrades already had grandchildren who could run around when their children were around 25 and 26 years old. However, Zhou Lin was still a bachelor after 25 years. How could Old Master Zhou not be anxious?

His eldest grandson had been spoilt by the couple, causing the grandson to develop the bad habit. Since young, the grandson had always been a domineering young master. He was often angry when Old Master Zhou hit him with a cane. Old Master Zhou had hit Zhou Mo with a cane many times, but Zhou Mo was used to it. Zhou Mo made it clear when he disobeyed Old Master Zhou.

Take the matter of breaking off the engagement as an example. As long as Zhou Mo was determined to break off the engagement, Old Master Zhou had no way of dealing with this devilish child. In the end, Old Master Zhou could only compromise with him and owe Old Master Yun a huge favor.

Therefore, when his eldest son’s grandson was crippled, Old Master Zhou planned to start from the beginning and let this youngest son, whom he had been proud of since young, give birth to a grandson. Old Master Zhou wanted his youngest son to play with his grandson at home every day. He wanted to start training this little grandson from the beginning.

His youngest son just could not make any progress in starting a family. Old Master Zhou was already thinking of choosing a random woman for his youngest son to marry. However, after Zhou Lin learned of Old Master Zhou’s thoughts, he directly went to the military district and lived there. He did not want to return even if he had a home, which was only a few hundred meters away from the military district.

In the end, Old Master Zhou was the one who had to compromise. He no longer interfered with Zhou Lin’s marriage. Only then was his son willing to pack his luggage and come home.

Old Master Zhou thought to himself, ‘Children are like a book of troublesome accounts that can never be settled.’

From then on, Old Master Zhou maintained a natural attitude toward his second son’s marriage.

However, the old and blind Old Master Zhou discovered that his second son had acted strangely of late. His second son returned home earlier than before. He often locked himself in the study. He did nothing but stare blankly at the hair bracelet on his hand.

As far as Old Master Zhou could remember, his youngest son had never worn a hair bracelet.

Some young lady might have given Zhou Lin the bracelet. Old Master Zhou’s wish to carry his grandson might be about to come true.

Thinking of this, Old Master Zhou revealed a cunning smile. He must investigate this matter thoroughly.

As Old Master Zhou was planning this, Yun Xi, who was thousands of miles away, sneezed very loudly.

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