Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 28 - Go For Wool and Come Home Shorn

Chapter 28: Go For Wool and Come Home Shorn

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Hearing Yun Lian’s words, Chen Li was guiltier toward her daughter. She got up and went to the small treasury.

Yun Xi obviously would not let Yun Lian’s plan work. She immediately followed Chen Li.

It was the first time Yun Xi knew how much money her family had. The pitiful amount of money really made her heart ache.

Yun Shan worked as an accountant and had a few acres of land to plant crops. Chen Li raised a few hens that could lay eggs. Although they were not living very well, their income was not particularly low.

They usually lived a tight life and spent little money. They should have some savings, but the pile of money was pitifully little.

Needless to say, the money must have been taken away by the eldest son, second son, and the old lady. Now, the eldest son was actually daring enough to ask for money. He was really shameless.

“Mom, leave this to me.”

“Xi Xi, Yun Lian is your biological sister and my biological daughter anyhow. We can’t force her into a corner.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll handle this matter well and make Yun Lian able to explain when she goes back.”


Chen Li had a lot of trust in her eldest daughter. Yun Xi was only 18 years old this year. However, she gave off the feeling that she was already experienced and mature. She could shoulder the entire family.

Yun Xi took out 100 yuan from the savings and stuffed it into Yun Lian’s hands.

When Yun Lian saw that Yun Xi gave her the money, a trace of disbelief flashed across her eyes. Could it be that Yun Xi had become that gullible fool again?

However, her next sentence directly broke Yun Lian’s imagination.

“Sister, you know that the three of us have limited savings, so we definitely can’t compare to your family. The three of us have to live our lives too, so we can only give you 100 yuan.”


“Sigh, you don’t have to thank me first.”

Yun Xi directly interrupted Yun Lian.

“That 100 yuan was originally what Dad has kept for you. Now that something has happened to your family, instead of spending this amount of money on your studies, it would be better to solve Eldest Uncle’s urgent problem first.”

Yun Lian’s eyes widened.

Yun Xi was such a vicious woman. She actually wanted to take away her chance to study again.

She had swindled that 100 yuan from Zhou Mo. God knew when she would see him again. If that 100 yuan was gone, Yun Lian’s chance to study would definitely be ruined.

“No, no…”

Yun Lian shook her head vigorously. She absolutely did not want this to happen.

“No? Why are you saying no? Don’t tell me you’re not interested in this little bit of money from us.”

Yun Xi deliberately quoted the hypocrite out of context, making her unable to behave properly.

Yun Yang looked at Yun Lian, who was sitting on the ground with an insane expression. He did not feel any sympathy at all. Deep down, he actually felt a sense of satisfaction and admiration for his elder sister. This was how her elder sister, Yun Xi, should act!

“Sister, you don’t have to be so polite. We’re just returning the money to its rightful owner. You can take the money back so that you can explain to your uncle and aunt!”

Yun Xi stuffed the money into Yun Lian’s hands.

“Sister, think about the palm print on your face. It makes my heart ache just looking at it. Uncle really doesn’t know how to take care of women. Your beautiful face might be disfigured if he keeps beating you up.”

Yun Xi imitated Chen Li by gently caressing Yun Lian’s face.

“I wonder if Zhou Mo will still like you if your pretty face is ruined.”

The name ‘Zhou Mo’ suddenly brought Yun Lian back to reality.

Indeed, she was no longer at an advantage. Zhou Mo was the last straw in her miserable life now. If he did not want her anymore, she would not have a chance to turn things around in her life.

Between Zhou Mo and the opportunity to study, Yun Lian would obviously choose the former!

Yun Xi looked at Yun Lian’s eyes and knew that the hypocrite had already figured it out.

“Yun Yang, see the guest out!”

Yun Yang, who had been watching the show from the side, opened the door and walked slowly without seeing her out. Yun Lian staggered out of the room while the two siblings inside smiled at each other.

It was great to see Yun Lian suffer again!

Moreover, Yun Lian took the 100 yuan, which indirectly saved 20 yuan of tuition fees that they initially had to pay for her.

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