Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 19 - Yun Lian Was Beaten Up

Chapter 19: Yun Lian Was Beaten Up

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There was a saying that was very true. The joys and sorrows of every human were not the same.

The youngest son’s family was enjoying the delicious fruits. However, the eldest son’s room was filled with abusive voices.

“You little slut, what did I tell you? Why did you end up telling them something else?”

Yun Lian knelt on the ground. Liu Fang was angry that she had not been able to make use of Yun Lian today.

“I told you to tell them about the rare fruits, yet you kept talking about the dresses. Why are you so selfish? You don’t care if your brother can eat delicious food for the sake of the dresses, huh?”

The more Liu Fang talked, the angrier she got. In the end, she blamed her incompetence on her adopted daughter.

“Even if I didn’t mention the dresses, didn’t you and Second Aunt fail to take any advantage of them too?”

Yun Lian knelt on the ground and rubbed her sore legs as she spoke to Liu Fang unwillingly.

“Ugh, how dare you talk back, you cheapskate. You’re unhappy with what I’m saying, huh? I’ve been providing you with food and clothes every day. If I had known that you were so stupid, I would have brought Yun Xi back instead. It’s really bad luck to raise such a cheap thing like you!”

Thinking of this, Liu Fang immediately compared Yun Xi with Yun Lian in her mind. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that what she said was right. The one she had adopted was much dumber than the one she did not adopt.

It was not enough for Liu Fang to grumble a few words. Deep down, she was so mad that she directly grabbed the broom at the bed and used the handle of the broom to hit Yun Lian’s back with all her strength.

She hit Yun Lian more and more fiercely as if this was the only way to relieve her current anger.

The broom and Yun Lian’s flesh were in close contact. The clothes Yun Lian was wearing were thin, so her back was red and swollen after she got hit a few times.

Yun Lian’s eyes were filled with tears. She could feel the physical pain in her cerebral cortex. Faced with such a stepmother, Yun Lian could not resist or vent her feelings.

She could only attempt to fight back her tears. She had to protect her last bit of dignity.

Yun Lang, who was on the bed, saw his mother hitting his sister. Not only did he not sympathize with his sister, but he clapped his hands as if he was enjoying the show. He laughed loudly with an excited expression.

When Liu Fang saw that her son was laughing, part of her attention was immediately diverted. She put down the broom in her hand and no longer cared about Yun Lian. Instead, she walked over to ask her son what delicious food he wanted to eat tonight.

At this time, Yun Gang returned home from work with a black briefcase under his arm. His expression was not as relaxed as usual. Instead, his brows were tightly knitted as if he had encountered something difficult. When he came back, he saw Yun Lian kneeling at the door. However, he ignored her and went straight into the house to look for Liu Fang.

“Did you go to my youngest brother’s room today to ask for rare fruits from him?”

It turned out that a superior leader had come to Yun Gang’s department. The leader was the one who had indirectly helped him to get his current position earlier. This time, he came to the countryside to receive gifts from the officials with the pretext of observing the people’s conditions. The gifts were directly related to whether Yun Gang would be able to advance further in his career. Therefore, Yun Gang attached great importance to this matter.

He looked at the current balance in his family. It should be enough for him to pack a red packet. However, giving a red packet was not something he could do to stand out. If there was a person whose red packet contained more money than his, the opportunity would be gone. If he wanted to be promoted, it was not known how many more years he had to wait.

As soon as he returned home, he remembered that his family had received some rare fruits. If he could properly package these fruits and give them to this superior leader as a gift, there might be a slight chance of promotion.

Usually, if there was anything good in the house, his wife would always get a share. Although he despised his wife’s way of doing things, he never stopped her. Instead, he just sat back and enjoyed the benefits.

“Don’t mention it. I could almost get the fruits today, but this little slut ruined the chance.”

Only then did Yun Gang turn his gaze to Yun Lian, who was kneeling on the ground.

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