Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 18 - No Way

Chapter 18: No Way

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“Aw. Aunt, but unfortunately…”

With a regretful expression, Yun Xi slapped her thighs.

“We had never seen those fruits before, so we know that they’re very rare. But the second young master of the Zhou family clearly told us in the letter that the fruits were to be eaten on the same day. Otherwise, they would go bad!”

As Yun Xi said this, she made exaggerated gestures.

“To appreciate their kindness, we ate the fruits as soon as we got them. I’m sorry, Eldest Aunt and Second Aunt.”

“Yes, Eldest Aunt and Second Aunt. We’ve already eaten them. If you really want to see the fruits, you’ll have to go to the toilet. I’ve already excreted everything through the feces this morning.”

At this moment, Yun Yang suddenly added insult to injury.

He made his aunts feel disgusted at how shameless they were. Sure enough, he was Yun Xi’s younger brother.

These people who came to sponge Yun Xi’s family off fell silent.

“However, there are also some fruits that weren’t eaten immediately that day.”

Yun Xi suddenly changed the topic, causing her two aunts’ eyes to light up with greed.

“Show us the fruits, then.”

“Yup, yup.”

The two of them began to play along with Yun Xi.

“However, I’ve given the better ones to Grandpa and Granny. Eldest Aunt and Second Aunt, if you really want to broaden your horizons, you should go to Grandpa and Granny’s house to have a look.”

Liu Fang and Ma Yan were like deflated rubber balls. Yun Xi might as well not have said it! Even if Liu Fang and Ma Yan were bold, they would not dare to go into Old Master Yun’s house to sponge him off.

If Old Master Yun knew that the two women had gone to the the youngest son’s place to take advantage of his family, he would probably scold them again. Each of them was cleverer than the other. They would definitely not do such a stupid thing.

Liu Fang and Ma Yan would be asking for trouble if they continued to stay here. Therefore, they found a lame excuse and returned to their respective rooms.

The sky soon darkened. Yun Shan returned to his room after a busy day. Just as he was about to wash his hands and eat, Yun Yang secretly closed the door of the room.

“Yang Yang, what are you doing? The sky isn’t completely dark yet!”

“Shh! Dad, I’m going to do something with my sister.”

The confused man looked up at the kitchen and saw his wife and daughter bringing out two plates of fruits. He then saw why Yun Yang did that.

Suddenly, he felt a little sour in his heart. He had to be sneaky to let his family eat something good. As the head of the family, he was really aggrieved.

Yun Shan was honest but not stupid. He was aware that they would most likely need to give away the good things to the other two families this time. To be honest, he was actually reluctant to do that. After all, no father would not want to leave the best things to their children.

In truth, Yun Shan had been brooding over the matter of Chen Li not being able to have a pleasant confinement. Chen Li was introduced to him through a matchmaker, and the two of them did not have any emotional conenction before they got married. Seeing Chen Li give birth to his children, he felt that his feeling for Chen Li seemed to have turned into affection.

He did not want his wife to be at a disadvantage. Back then, he had blamed himself for this matter and regretted it. After all, what had happened could not be amended. Yun Shan thought that he could only make up for it in the future.

For many years, the three families had a few acres of thin land. Yun Shan had never let Chen Li go down and plant. All the work in the land was done by Yun Shan alone. Chen Li only took care of a few rows of vegetable gardens at home, cooking, washing clothes, mending shoes, and other easy tasks.

Because of this, the second daughter-in-law often quarreled with Yun Xi’s second uncle. She always said that she envied her third sister-in-law. She claimed that the man in her family always gave her the cold shoulder, so it was really unlucky of her to have married him.

“Dad, quickly come. Let’s start eating!”

Hearing his daughter calling him sweetly, Yun Shan could not be bothered about other things anymore. He quickly cleaned his hands before heading toward his wife and children.

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