Renegade Immortal

Chapter 46 – Strange Old Man

Chapter 46 – Strange Old Man

Wang Lin put away the stink bomb and looked at Li Shan. He said, ”Brother Li Shan, I won’t bother you anymore, so please continue selling.”

Li Shan nodded. He revealed a friendly expression and said, “Brother, you must be careful with those stink bombs. Remember, they don’t always work because they require a certain throwing technique. If you don’t succeed, don’t say I lied to you.”

With that, he continued to tout to the other people.

“Fellow brothers, I still have another treasure. This is a keepsake from the He Huan Sect. With this, you can go to the He Huan Sect to get a beautiful girl. This is something I got through a lot of painstaking effort, but I’ll sell it based on our friendship. Fellow brothers of the Heng Yue Sect, you mustn’t miss out on this chance.”

Wang Lin chuckled. He turned around and headed back to the herb garden. Not long after, he had arrived at the garden. He scanned the garden and found that Sun Dazhu was not there, so he sat down cross legged in his room and took out the three stink bombs to examine them.

After a long time, Wang Lin revealed an interested expression. These stink bombs appeared transparent under his divine sense, as if there were no secrets they could hide.

To say it plainly, there was a trace of Li Shan’s divine sense in the stink bombs that allowed him to detonate them at will.

Wang Lin never knew that divine sense could be used like this. After carefully mimicking it, he overlapped the divine sense in the stink bombs with his

He didn’t destroy Li Shan’s divine sense, but surrounded it. If he wished to, he could destroy it at any time.

The use of divine sense on this stink bomb inspired Wang Lin. He pondered a little and took out the mysterious bead.

“If divine sense can be used like this, can it be used the same way on the bead?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense quickly gathered on the mysterious bead.

After a long time, Wang Lin frowned. The stone bead looked like it hadn’t changed, and under his divine sense, it looked the same as always as well.

He pondered for a moment, then he took the stone bead and left the herb garden. At the fastest speed, he went to a secluded place in the mountains and entered the dream space.

The moment he entered, he knew that time was of the essence and he quickly spread out his divine sense.

One minute, three minutes, ten minutes, thirty minutes…

There was no change. Wang Lin rubbed his chin and muttered, “Can I really not leave my divine sense inside the mysterious bead?”

At that moment, one of the glowing objects suddenly began to shine brightly, then finally dimmed.

Wang Lin was stunned. Then, like a chain reaction, other glowing objects started to dim. Soon, all of the glowing objects in the dream space dimmed, until there was no light remaining and the dream space became completely dark.

Wang Lin was shocked. He carefully observed for a long time and couldn’t find anything unusual.

An old voice suddenly appeared. “I don’t need to observe anymore. With your Spiritual Movement stage, trying to see through the heaven-defying bead is just wishful thinking!”

Wang Lin was startled and his pupils shrank. He had been in the dream space for dozens of years and this was the first time he had heard someone else speak.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He suppressed the shock in his heart. He clasped his hands and respectfully said, “Junior’s name is Wang Lin, and senior is?”

Wang Lin was a smart man. He didn’t think that the person had suddenly appeared, but had been there all along and had observed him for the 30 years he had been in here.

“As a junior of this small country, you don’t have the need to know this old man’s name. You used nearly 30 years of time with my help and the help of the stone bead, and only reached the Spiritual Movement stage. That is truly disappointing. Especially your perception. You only now thought of using your divine sense to scan the bead! Hmph!”

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He had observed the stone bead with his divine sense before, but just hadn’t observed for as long as now.

“Your way of doing things really annoys me. Cultivating is a heaven-defying act. If anyone goes against you, you should kill them. I have observed you in these few years that you been at this dog shit sect. If I were you, I would have killed all of them already. Hmph. If anyone dared to insult me, I would destroy them completely, especially that Wang Zhuo. He really gets on my nerves. With my temper, I would have taken his soul and thrown it into purgatory and then wiped out his family. I really like that Zhang Hu in your sect. Quite vicious. Also, that junior Liu really suits this old man’s tastes”

Wang Lin’s expression became odd. He wryly smiled, “Senior, I…”

“Don’t interrupt me. I haven’t finished speaking. Hmph, your small sect also has quite a few good looking ladies. You really don’t know how to enjoy yourself. If it were me, I would have caught them and refined them for their soul. Hehe, the taste really makes me reminisce about the past. I haven’t tasted it in over 30 years…”

Wang Lin was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak for a long time.

“Brat, can you work a bit harder? Hurry up and reach the Soul Transformation stage so this old man can come out. Sigh”

Wang Lin hesitated. He was somewhat confused and asked, “Senior, what is Soul Transformation stage? Also what did you mean when you said I was at the Spiritual Movement stage.?”

“Can’t you think for yourself? Always asking about everything. Forget it! For a little cultivator from only a rank 3 cultivation country, even if you think until your head explodes, you won’t figure it out. Hmph. Listen well brat, I’m talking about the cultivation realm of a rank 5 cultivation country. In a rank 3 cultivation country like yours, there are only 4 realms: Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation and Nascent Soul. As for the Spirit Forming stage, it would be a thing of legends in your eyes.”

“Once someone reaches the Spirit Forming stage, then your country’s rank will be increased to a rank 4 cultivation country. With that, the country will be provided the appropriate resources from the Cultivation Alliance and the country will also gain the right to fight for cultivation stars outside the country. The country would also need to undertake missions to protect the alliance.”

“Similarly, if a Soul Transformation appears in a rank 4 country, it would be raised to a rank 5 country and so on. As for the Spiritual Movement stage, it is a stage commonly used in rank 4 country or higher. It is similar to the Qi Condensation stage, but has a broader range.”

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