Renegade Immortal

Chapter 45 – Low Life

Chapter 45 – Low Life

With that, his eyes lit up and he began to shout.

“Fellow brothers of the Heng Yue Sect, there is an old saying: “Killing people only takes a nod of the head”. But I have to ask everyone; how could killing people be as satisfying as disgracing them? By disgracing them, they would stink for 10,000 years. Think about it, when you are fighting with your rival and you use this, even if you don’t win, you still come out with more face than them.

“Or when escaping, if you have this move, it also works wonders. If you run into a crowded area, how would he still have the face to chase after you?”

“Also, if you encounter a love rival, this could also be a deciding move. Hehe, if anyone dares to steal your woman, use this on them and then he would never have a chance as she would never want to be around the stink.”

Li Shan’s advertising moved a lot of the inner sect disciples, especially when he talked about how it could be used against love rivals. That really resonated with some of the disciples.

This thing was really a top quality item to get rid of love rivals.

Li Shan’s gaze turned shifted toward Wang Lin in the distance. He knew that Wang Lin was considered trash in the Heng Yue Sect. People like him were big customers for Li Shan. The trash back in the Xuan Dao Sect had already been cleaned out by him, so, when he saw Wang Lin, he excitedly continued:

“This bomb is especially useful for brothers with lower cultivation. With this stink bomb in hand, who would dare to bully you again? If anyone dares to bully you, throw one at them. I, Li Shan, can promise you that you can walk tall in the sect without anyone daring to bother you.” With that, Li Shan secretly laughed in his heart. No one daring to bully you was impossible. It was more like it would invite a beating.

Li Shan saw that he had almost won many people over. He quickly tried to seal the deal. “This stink bomb is a really good self defense weapon for the people with lower cultivation. Today, I’ll have a sale. Buy two, get one. Consider it a gift from me. When we meet again in the cultivation world, don’t forget to take care of me.”

Among the disciples that were moved by everything he said, one asked, “Is this item really as amazing as you say? Take out a few more and let me randomly test one. If it’s really that good, I’ll buy a few to play with.”

Li Shan took out a dozen of the stink bombs from his bag of holding and gently placed them on the ground, as if he was afraid they would explode, and said, “You must keep in mind to be careful with this treasure. Gently pick it up and place it down. When using it, just toss it. When it meets any resistance, it will explode.”

The inner disciple that had spoken up was Sun Hao.

Sun Hao stepped up and randomly carefully picked up one of the stink bombs and examined it in his hand.

Li Shan’s expression remained normal, but he quietly mocked him in his heart. “Little brat, think you can understand it? Besides the sect’s elders, not even the senior brothers are able to see through its secret.”

Sun Hao looked at it for a long time and wasn’t able to find anything special about the stink bomb. He threw the stink bomb into a distant clearing and as the bomb flew in an arc, the moment it was about to hit the ground, Li Shan thought in his mind, “Explode!”

With a bang, the stink bomb exploded, making the ground black and filled with a foul odor.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. No one knew that his divine sense had covered the area. When the stink bomb exploded, he detected a fluctuation of spirit power from Li Shan.

When Li Shan threw the stink bomb the first time, it was the same. Wang Lin chuckled, but he didn’t point it out and kept on watching.

Li Shan said, smiling, “How was it? These stink bomb are really powerful right? But I, Li Shan, am an honest man, so I’ll say the ugly stuff now. This treasure doesn’t explode all the time. To make it explode requires a certain throwing technique. Once you guys have bought it, you can figure it yourself, so don’t come to me about it.”

Sun Hao walked up to Li Shan and whispered something to him. They walked over to the side and he took out quite a few things.

Li Shan thought about it for a while and took out 10 stink bombs to exchange.

Li Shan whispered, “You normally only get 3 free for buying 6, but since you are the first buyer, I’ll throw in one more for free.”

After one person traded for them first and even tested it, a few other inner disciples came up and bought a few.

Every time Li Shan finished his sale, he would always add a few words. Things like “This thing isn’t guaranteed to succeed all the time”, “If it doesn’t work, practice it a few more times.” If there was any question, they could come and ask him and he could teach them the throwing technique.

When saying this, Li Shan laughed in his heart, “You guys will try several times and fail, then try a different one and succeed after one or two tries. I’m only going to be here for a few days, so by the time you guys suspect me, I’ll be long gone.”

But there were still many disciples who were cautious and didn’t buy any.

After a while, there were only a few stink bombs left. Li Shan proudly looked at the Heng Yue Sect disciples and thought, “A bunch of idiots. Hmph, if you guys don’t use it in the exchange in three days, then all you’ll have done is get cheated by me, but if you do use it, then there will be something good to watch. These stink bombs are completely under my control. Other people can’t even explode it using a hammer! I really can’t wait for the exchange in three days.”

His gaze swept the surroundings and he noticed Wang Lin’s faint smile. He was stunned. His eyes turned and he said, “Brother, why don’t you buy a few to play with? With your cultivation, these are truly fitting for you. If anyone bothers you, just throw one at them.”

Wang Lin looked at Li Shan and revealed a mocking expression.

Li Shan was surprised. That look made him feel as if Wang Lin had seen through his secret. He carefully looked at Wang Lin and saw that Wang Lin was only at the 3rd layer. Being called trash couldn’t have been for no reason, so he thought that it must’ve been his own imagination.

Wang Lin lightly smiled. He nodded and said, “Ok, I’ll exchange for 2, but I don’t have any treasures. Only talismans from the sect.”

Li Shan hesitated for the first time. He made sure Wang Lin was only at the 3rd layer before he finally relaxed and took out three stink bombs. He smiled and said, “Brother, I’ll give you face and sell them for talismans. Buy two, get one. These stink bombs will give you an extraordinary feeling, haha.”

Finished speaking, he thought, “I’m wasn’t lying when I said it will be an extraordinary feeling. As long as you hold on to the stink bombs, even if you don’t use it during the exchange, if I ever meet you again, I’ll let you know what the extraordinary feeling is like. Something you will remember for life, haha.”

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