Renegade Immortal

Chapter 2086 - Reincarnation is Right There

“I was hesitant about all of this until I saw the mountain with the seven-colored snow for the second time and the figure holding the body when I was in the Ancient Shi ancestral temple. I felt like something was wrong, but at the same time, a crazy idea was born!” Wang Lin didn’t look at the All-Seer, but at the bridge behind the All-Seer.

“I was afraid of the failure that I saw, afraid that I had failed to resurrect Wan Er. I was afraid that everything was just a previous life where I met Wan Er and did my best to resurrect her but failed, so I immersed myself in the dream dao to change reincarnation until my dream came true!

“However, was it really a previous life… I didn’t think so! I was afraid it was all true, so I had to verify it, I had to change it!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“Back then, inside the Heaven Defying Bead, I heard a voice. That voice kept telling me that I was missing one, missing one...

“I still didn’t know what was missing...

“In the cave world, I once saw a scene. Celestial Emperor Bai Fan pointed at the sky and went crazy. Then I learned that he inadvertently realized that this world was just a cave. He couldn’t accept it and went crazy.

“Like Esteemed Scattered Spirit, but he didn’t have Scattered Spirit’s courage or perseverance.

“That scene gave me inspiration and also an even deeper sense of fear.

“And in the cave world, when I attempted to reach the third step, the Void Gate appeared… And the voice that came from behind the gate. Later, I found that the voice was very similar to the voice in the Heaven Defying Bead that was telling me that something was missing.

“This lasted until I had the crazy idea, until I found the skull of the Ji Qiong and found the divine sense left there.” After Wang Lin spoke, he raised his right hand and the skull of the Ji Qiong appeared.

There were characters imprinted on this skull that emitted a cold light and killing intent.

“I have the answer to everything!” Wang Lin looked at the skull in his hand and revealed a complicated expression.

“The missing one inside the Heaven Defying Bead is you! You’re not the so-called guardian, but the treasure spirit of the Boundary Compass!” Wang Lin looked up. His eyes were bright. This gaze caused the All-Seer to tremble.

“Originally, I was very confused about resurrecting Li Muwan. I didn’t even know how to resurrect her until you appeared at the deserted mountain in the Ancient Dao.

“Your words were remembered by me, and with my experience, I thought of a method when I saw the roaring figure inside the Ancient Shi ancestral temple!

“When I thought of this and implemented this method, I was hesitant. Was my existence real or a dream? Did the Immortal Astral Continent truly exist?

“Until I saw this skull…” Wang Lin muttered.

“You… What method did you think of…” The black gas around the All-Seer continued to churn. He looked at how calm Wang Lin was, and listening to Wang Lin’s calm words made his heart fill with fear.

He found that everything he knew was very different from now. He suddenly felt like a calamity was going to befall him when he heard Wang Lin talking about the crazy idea and method.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the All-Seer.

“My method is very simple. I know Flowing Time, you should know this… After my slaughter avatar was complete, I used my Flowing Time spell with all power to reverse time and send him back into the past!

“I sent him countless years into the past to imitate my life. He used his dream dao to divinate and calculate everything that would happen in my life!

“I gave him autonomy, I gave the avatar freedom!

“After doing this, I suddenly realized that everything had become clear. The so-called previous life was the slaughter avatar that I sent into the past. You say that the Immortal Astral Continent is an illusion - I can tell you now that the Immortal Astral Continent is not a dream, not an illusion!

“I, Wang Lin, didn’t reincarnate. I was born on planet Suzaku and reached the present step. I’m me!

“The reason you and some other people think this is all a dream is because my slaughter avatar successfully changed something in the past.

“I don’t know what my slaughter avatar did in the past or where he is now, but when I saw the skull of the Ji Qiong, I saw his divine sense. I saw the method to awaken Li Muwan that I tasked him with finding!

“The divine sense clearly told me that in the past, the slaughter avatar reversed the world and borrowed a compass. This compass was the key to resurrect Wan Er.

“He placed the compass on the immortal Astral Continent and entered it several times. However, every time he entered, it soon dissipated.

“Until he came to the Immemorial God Realm during a reincarnation. Before he dissipated, he completed the task I left him and blasted open the compass. This caused the compass to become incomplete and also released the treasure spirit inside the compass!

“That’s you.” Wang Lin looked at the All-Seer. When the All-Seer heard this, his body trembled violently and his eyes filled with disbelief and indescribable fear.

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

“This is my method - to release you and use you, who is the essence of the Boundary Compass, to resurrect my wife.”

“Reincarnation is right there. Once you understand it thoroughly, you can move it as you will. If you don’t understand it, you call it the previous life. It is a circle and it is always there. You can see it, you can feel it.

“Like Mo Zi’s words, like Red Butterfly’s memories, like when you recognized the slaughter avatar at the deserted mountain in the Ancient Dao.

“The Ancient Ancestor and Celestial Ancestor could not see through reincarnation. They thought everything was false and died seeking dao… This is reincarnation...

“After understanding reincarnation, you see that it is just a circle. You can casually walk to any point and grab it.” Wang Lin shook his head and calmly looked at the All-Seer.

“You have been scheming against me, but you didn’t know that in the end, I was scheming against you… Like searching for something only to suddenly find it when you turn around.“

“Impossible, it can’t be this way!! I personally saw your previous life. I personally saw you borrow my compass. I personally saw you enter the dream dao with the compass!!

“I also personally saw you reincarnate many times and reach this point before dissipating in the compass!!” The All-Seer seemed to have gone mad. He had schemed for a lifetime, but in the end, he still miscalculated.

When he was released from the compass, he thought that it was an accident, but he didn’t expect it to be part of Wang Lin’s plan.

“Impossible, I don’t believe it!!” the All-Seer roared as his body made of black gas covered the sky. He rushed toward Wang Lin as if he wanted to devour him.

“Just because you saw it, that doesn’t mean it’s true… Because you can’t see through reincarnation. It is right there; if you understand it, you understand it, but if you don’t, then you will never understand it.” Wang Lin shook his head.

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