Renegade Immortal

Chapter 2085 - The Missing One

What was the Immemorial God Realm?

This was the question that almost every cultivator on the Immortal Astral Continent had. Even Grand Empyreans didn’t know what kind of existence the Immemorial God Realm was or where it came from.

Although a lot of people had entered the Immemorial God Realm, they couldn’t tell what kind of place it was.

Wang Lin looked around, The sky was red. There were no stars, sun, or moon, but there was a gentle light. The earth was circular.

Here, his divine sense was limited and could not cover the entire continent. He could only see the mountain ranges nearby and the long trenches.

Walking on the earth, Wang Lin silently pondered. His eyes were filled with confusion and familiarity as he silently walked forward.

Wang Lin stopped at a trench and examined it, It was completely straight, as if created by the strike of a sword.

Faint waves of black gas were rising from the trench. They slowly disappeared after rising into the air. From here, the depths of the trench were dark, as if there was nothing there.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then stepped forward. He cross the giant trench and walked into the distance. Time slowly passed. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw even more trenches and mountain ranges.

The trenches all looked similar. They were straight, as if created by a sword slash.

“Circular earth…” Wang Lin murmured as his eyes lit up and he flew into the sky. As he flew higher and higher, the outline of the earth seemed to shrink. When Wang Lin was at the top, he looked down at the earth below and the sense of familiarity became even stronger.

This circular earth and deep trenches were arranged in a neat order. Combined together, all of this looked like a compass.

A huge compass. The trenches were the scales and the mountain ranges naturally formed ancient runes.

“Compass… A compass without a pointer… Rather, the earth is the compass. But it is not complete - half of it is missing.” Wang Lin looked at the earth and saw that half of it seemed illusory.

While he silently pondered, his gaze swept by the earth and stopped at the center of the compass. There was a mountain that pierced into the clouds. Seven-colored snow was falling on top of it.

Looking at the mountain, Wang Lin revealed a complicated expression. In the Ancient Shi ancestral temple, while he was going through this three soul splits, he had seen this mysterious mountain.

This was where he saw the figure holding a body and questioning the world. However, now that he looked at the seven-colored snowy mountain, he didn’t see that figure, but another familiar figure was sitting there, waiting for him.

This person looked old but not old and was covered in a seven-colored light. His face was filled with excitement. He was the person that was like the All-Seer, like the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, like the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher!

Behind this figure, behind this mountain, there was a bridge. One end was connected to the compass and the other was connected to the sky, forming a large arc.

The bridge looked almost exactly the same as the Heaven Trampling Bridges. At the point where it connected to the sky, Wang Lin could vaguely see an illusion behind the blood-colored sky.

There seemed to be two figures inside the illusion, but they were blurry, so it was impossible to see them clearly.

This scene was the same as the illusion he had seen after the ninth bridge.

“You’re finally here!” The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin and laughed.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the bridge and looked at the All-Seer. He didn’t speak and slowly walked over. A moment later, he was standing on the mountain where the seven-colored snow was falling. He looked at the surrounding seven-colored snow and sighed.

“This old man has waited a long time for this day. All of this a dream of yours, but whenever you come here, a distortion appears in your dream!” The All-Seer laughed as he waved his hands.

As he waved, the circular continent began to rumble. As it rumbled, dense, black gas erupted from the many trenches. The black gas flew into the sky and rushed toward this mountain.

In an instant, the black gas covered the blood-colored sky. Then the black gas gathered behind the All-Seer to form a giant figure.

The figure was extremely tall and seemed to prop the world up. From afar, this figure was wearing a black robe that covered up his face, but Wang Lin could still recognize that this figure was the same as the All-Seer before him.

“Wang Lin, even though you were a Heaven Trampling cultivator in your previous life, this old man is a supreme existence here at the Boundary Compass. On the entire Immortal Astral Continent, this is the only place I can devour and fuse with you!

“Here, your dream will distort, and from now on, I’ll be you!” A roar came from the huge figure, echoing in all directions.

“The previous life…” Wang Lin looked at the All-Seer and the figure behind the All-Seer. His expression was calm.

“It looks like you still haven’t remembered everything. Forget it. Before you die, this old man will let you understand everything!” The All-Seer stood up and took a step back into the huge figure. The black hood that was covering his face moved, revealing his demonic face.

“The Immortal Astral Continent doesn’t exist, it is something created by your dream. In fact, this is just a void that is part of the Defying Earth Realm.”

“The void, eh…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

“You don’t believe me? The you that hasn’t recovered your memories is extremely pitiful before this old man! Wang Lin, let this old man tell you, the universe consists of four major realms. This realm is the Defying Earth Realm! Each realm has a treasure, and the treasure of the Defying Earth Realm is the Boundary Compass, the only Void Extinction treasure!

“This Immemorial God Realm is the Boundary Compass!” The eyes of the huge figure of the All-Seer were filled with excitement.

“As for you, in your previous life, you were the strongest person in the world and you could have done anything you wanted. However, for a woman, you borrowed the Boundary Compass from the guardian and used it to revive your wife!

“You used your self-created dream dao to spread your your true self to create reincarnation. You wanted to make your dream to resurrect your wife a reality and reverse the change of the heavens and earth!

“Even this old man was very shocked by your crazed action and ideas!” The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin as his words echoed.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and then opened them a moment later. He looked at the huge figure and slowly said, “So it’s like this. So, who exactly are you?”

The All-Seer gloomily said, “This old man is the guardian of the Boundary Compass. Back then, you took it from my hands! I have a disciple, you should know him. His name is Mo Zi!”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

The All-Seer’s eyes lit up as he waved his right hand and a portion of the black gas on his body separated into the sky to form a black vortex. As the black vortex rotated, different scenes appeared inside it.

“If you still don’t believe me, you can see for yourself! You can determine for yourself whether this is real or fake.”

Inside the black vortex, Wang Lin saw another version of himself holding a body and roaring at the sky.

He saw a version of himself from the past that failed to resurrect Li Muwan. The sorrowful expression, the angry roar, and the crazed eyes.

“Even if heaven wants you to die, I’ll take you back! I’ll break the heavens, shatter the earth. I’ll sink into reincarnation and find all of you to bring you back forever...

“If I can’t succeed, then I, Wang Lin, will never awaken. I’ll be immersed in reincarnation with you for eternity…”

As Wang Lin looked at the images in the vortex, the memories of the past appeared in his mind. It was as if they had always existed but he had just forgotten.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before he looked at the All-Seer and slowly said, “In order to make me come here, you told me I can resurrect Li Muwan here. Is that true or was it a lie?”

“It can be true, it can be a lie! The Boundary Compass is the only Void Extinction treasure in the Defying Earth Realm. It can change everything, but you won’t have the opportunity.” The All-Seer saw how calm Wang Lin was and that there was no sign of the slightest distortion. This caused the All-Seer to hesitate. When he heard Wang Lin’s words, he didn’t act recklessly. He vaguely felt like there was something wrong.

“What bridge is that?” Wang Lin raised his hand and pointed at the bridge that connected the heavens and earth behind the All-Seer’s huge figure.

“The Boundary Compass’s Heaven Trampling Bridge. It is also the true body of the Heaven Trampling Bridge that all life in the Defying Earth Realm feels once their cultivation level reaches a certain point.” The feeling that something bad was going to happen became even more clear for the All-Seer, but he couldn’t think of a reason why.

Wang Lin smiled as looked at the All-Seer and calmly said, “You’re hesitating and wondering why there is no distortion happening like when a sleeping person is about to wake up.” 

The All-Seer’s expression suddenly changed and his huge body retreated a few steps. He stared at Wang Lin, and after taking a closer look, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“You… Something is wrong. Even if you remember your past life, once you enter the Boundary Compass, you will awaken from the dream dao!!

“The last several times, you always awakened at this step. This time, it will not be any different!”

Wang Lin looked at the All-Seer and slowly said, “You’re not the guardian, but the missing one…”

The moment he said this, the All-Seer suddenly felt his heart drop.

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