Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 32 - Stunning Invitation

Chapter 32 - Stunning Invitation

There was a sea of players in front of the Deathly Forest. Currently, they were all gathered around the Dungeon’s entrance.

Such a situation was due to the actions of the large Guilds of Red Leaf Town. The Elite teams of these large Guilds had all arrived at the Deathly Forest. They were all prepared to challenge the Dungeon. These teams were much stronger than the loosely made Elite parties. Common Equipment covered their entire bodies. There were even pieces of Bronze Equipment in the mix.

“That’s Heaven’s Crown’s core MT, Immovable Mountain. Never have I imagined that even he would come to this place. Someone will surely clear the Deathly Forest this time.”

“Hmph, Heaven’s Crown is just a third-rate Guild. Look over there; even the Sub-Leader of Assassin’s Alliance, Stabbing Heart, is here. Also, the Guardian Knight named War Soul by his side is the top five Knight of the Assassin’s Alliance. He is even stronger than the Immovable Mountain.”

The players in the surrounding area started a discussion amongst themselves. They held optimistic views towards these large Guilds at clearing the Deathly Forest. It was to be expected, as there were over ten Guilds currently present, both large and small. Amongst these Guilds, the most well-known Guild would be the second-rate Guild, Assassin’s Alliance. Following them would be the third-rate Guild, Heaven’s Crown. The others were just some unknown Guilds, but they still would not be looked down on. This was because a Workshop stood behind every Guild. These Workshops hired experts. Average players could not compare to them.

Each large Guild wanted to build its reputation in Red Leaf Town. Conquering the first Dungeon in Red Leaf Town was the perfect way to do so. Hence, all of the large Guilds made ample preparations for the Dungeon. They spent large sums of their assets to buy equipment and medicine. They also bought a lot of information on the Deathly Forest. So, they were extremely confident about conquering the Dungeon.

“Boss Waving, these Guild teams have gorgeous equipment! They will definitely clear the Deathly Forest this time,” Wordless Summer Night commented with a pained expression.

Waving Slowly But Surely crossed his arms in front of his chest. He nodded slightly, saying in a helpless tone, “The Deathly Forest is too difficult. We party-wiped before we even met the Boss. In the end, parties like ours only became scouts for the Guilds.”

“What’s there to brag about being a Guild’s expert? Boss, it’s not our skills that are lacking. The Dungeon is just too horrifying. It has too high of an equipment quality requirement,” the Shield Warrior, Battle To The End said in disdain. He held contempt for the Guild experts deep in his heart, and he was sure only their equipment prevented them from clearing the Dungeon.

“That’s right, Boss. If our party had such equipment, we would have long since cleared the Deathly Forest” Wordless Summer Night confidently said.

Speaking of Dungeons, Wordless Summer thought of Shi Feng’s party. He giggled as he said, “It’s not like we didn’t have any gain. We’ve killed two Night Rabbits and even got a skill book for Berserkers. Compared to that party led by Captain Noob, we’re much stronger. They still haven’t shown themselves. I guess they’ve already fled from embarrassment. It sure is a pity for Lonely Snow. If he followed the Boss, then he would have been given this skill book. If he found out about it, he would regret not following us into the Dungeon.”

“That’s right. Lonely Snow doesn’t know how to appreciate the kindness given to him. Now, he will definitely regret not following the Boss,” Battle To The End laughingly said.

“Lonely Snow’s skills are still quite good. I don’t know how that noob managed to gain the favor of that expert called Blackie. However, no matter how great that expert’s techniques are, with dead weight pulling him back they would still party-wipe. He is probably too ashamed to show himself right now. If he had gone with us, we might have cleared the Deathly Forest by now,” Waving Slowly was silently pleased with Blackie’s end.

“Boss, the Guilds are going to enter now,” Wordless Summer said.

However, just as the Guilds were about to enter the Deathly Forest, the Dungeon’s teleportation gate suddenly changed color. It instantly turned from a silvery-gray to a pitch-black color. There was also an indistinct skull that was roaring.

The many members of the Guilds couldn’t help but retreat a few steps back.

“What is this situation?”

Such a question appeared within everyone’s hearts. However, they quickly received their answer.

Six figures suddenly appeared in front of the Dungeon’s entrance. Each and every one of them was clothed in glorious garments. Just by standing there, the six of them caused others to feel a faint pressure, especially the Cursemancer with the black-colored staff. The dark-gray colored equipment on the Cursemancer was clearly a set. A single glance was enough to tell they were not common goods. The materials it was made of were much better than Bronze Equipment.

“Eh? Why are there so many people?” Shi Feng took a look at his surroundings, discovering these people were the Elite teams of large Guilds. He was slightly confused as to why all these people were blocking the Dungeon’s entrance.

Shi Feng’s party members also started to panic. The pressure from being watched by so many people was no weaker than facing off against a Boss monster.

“Boss Waving, look. Isn’t that the noob?” Wordless Summer pointed towards Shi Feng.

Waving Slowly knitted his brows. Shi Feng was not the only person he spotted; there was also Lonely Snow. He curiously asked, “How could they be here? Didn’t they run away long ago?”

“In my view, I think they did not even enter the forest of the Dungeon. They knew they could not clear the Dungeon, but they were also afraid of embarrassing themselves. So, they stayed in there until now.” Battle To The End laughed, “But now they just happen to get caught after leaving the Dungeon. Just look at how ugly Lonely Snow’s expression is.”

“Hahaha! As expected of a noob, he doesn’t even have the courage to enter the Dungeon.”

Waving Slowly But Surely felt Wordless Summer Night’s words made sense. If not, how could Shi Feng’s party have returned safely? Waving Slowly and the other party members experienced the horrendous-ness of the Deathly Forest. After entering the forest of the Dungeon, there were only two possible results: either they cleared the Dungeon, or they party-wiped. There was no possibility of a third option. Now that Shi Feng’s party had returned safely, there was only one possibility; they never entered the forest. It was impossible that they cleared the Deathly Forest.

During the time Waving Slowly and company started laughing at Shi Feng’s party, the players surrounding Shi Feng had already laughed themselves into madness. Such a scene confused Waving Slowly and party. Why were these people laughing at Shi Feng’s party? Were they actually famous?

What Waving Slowly’s party did not know was that Shi Feng’s party had already become famous throughout the entire Deathly Forest. Shi Feng’s party mainly consisted of Level 1 noobs, yet they entered the Hell Mode of the Dungeon. There was no action more foolish than this. It would be hard for others not to notice such an action.

As they say, “Bad news has wings.”

“Hahaha, that exotic player is back! I actually admired him for entering the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest, but he was just a coward.”

“I can’t take it anymore; my stomach hurts too much from laughing.”

The players surrounding Shi Feng’s party understood their actions. They had foolishly entered the Hell Mode of the Dungeon, so they could not enter deep into the Dungeon. Instead, they stayed around the Dungeon’s entrance and looked for a time to leave the Dungeon in secret. Unfortunately, even God would not help them. They coincidentally left just to be seen by the many Guilds.

“Brother Feng, what’s wrong with these people?”Blackie looked at the laughing players laying on the ground. Scratching his head, he asked with an odd tone, “Did their brains go bad? Why are they holding their stomachs and laughing on the ground?”

“Who knows? Maybe their brains had a cramp. It seems we shouldn’t play God’s Domain too long, especially for the first time.” Shi Feng did not think their appearance had any relation to the actions of these people. “We better leave. This is just giving me the creeps.”

The other members of the party nodded in agreement. The players in the Deathly Forest were truly strange.

“Big brother, please hold on for a moment.”

Just as Shi Feng’s party was about to leave the Dungeon’s entrance, a ringing voice entered everyone’s ears. Taking a look at the voice’s origin, a beautiful and pure maiden dressed in a pure-white mage’s robe was seen walking towards Shi Feng’s party.

Shi Feng recognized this person. She was Star-Moon Kingdom’s top-hundred Cleric, Xiao Yue’er.

Xiao Yue’er walked to Shi Feng with an embarrassed look, a blush appearing on her tender-white cheeks. She whispered, “Nice to meet you. I am Xiao Yue’er of Ouroboros. We met before entering the Dungeon. Our party’s leader wishes to have a chat with you about the Deathly Forest’s Dungeon. I wonder…… if you would be interested in sharing?”

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