Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 31 - Hell’s Book

Chapter 31 - Hell’s Book

Shi Feng walked over without hesitation. He quickly picked up the one-handed sword filled with killing intent.

The Crimson Blade was one of the rarest drops within the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. It was also the best sword for a Swordsman below Level 6.

[Crimson Blade] (Secret-Silver Rank, One-Handed Sword)

Level 3

Equipment Requirement: Strength 12

Attack Power +21

Strength +5, Agility +6, Endurance +3

Durability 30/30

Its Attack Power alone could rival a Level 5 Two-Handed Bronze Axe. With the six extra points in Agility, it could increase the Attack Speed of a Swordsman by quite a lot. The Crimson Blade was definitely a precious weapon for Swordsmen.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng could not equip it yet. His experience was currently at 69% of Level 2. There was still quite an amount before he could reach Level 3. Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to equip it even if he had reached Level 3. This was because Swordsmen would only activate the Dual-Wielding Talent after they reached Level 5. At that time, Shi Feng would be able to wield two one-handed swords.

By the time Shi Feng was Level 5, he would be able to wield the Abyssal Blade on his main-arm, and the Crimson Blade on his sub-arm. His Attack Power would be invincible amongst Level 5 players. Shi Feng felt great just thinking about such a future.

“Brother Feng, hurry up and pick up the equipment! I’m dying of anxiety here!” Blackie urged.

“That’s right, party leader! You can’t just enjoy it by yourself! At least let us have a look at what equipment dropped!”

The loot on the ground had nearly blinded everyone’s eyes. The anxiety burning in their hearts had even caused them to forget their joy of reaching Level 2. They all wished to take a look at the drops of the two Hell Mode Bosses. As for rushing over to snatch the loot, there was nobody present who would do such a thing. Even if the items on the ground were valuable, they still wouldn’t do it.

If they had done such a thing, although they could feel great for the moment, they would instead regret their actions for the rest of their lives. This was because Shi Feng was the true treasure here. Even if Shi Feng wanted all of the equipment, there would not be a single person who would refuse him. After all, the only reason they could make it to this point was all because of Shi Feng. That was why everyone was just standing by the side, obediently watching instead of rushing up to fight for the loot.

“Alright, alright. No need to rush.” Shi Feng smiled. He quickly began to collect the items on the ground. Shi Feng was very satisfied with everyone’s performance.

They were unlike the players Shi Feng would occasionally party up with in his previous life. When the Boss died, those players would rush up in unison to snatch the equipment. They immediately disappeared once they took all the equipment, leaving Shi Feng enraged and speechless.

The reason Shi Feng did not set the party so that only the leader could pick drops was to test everyone’s intentions. It was better to discover those treacherous people early on. Now that nobody had rushed up to snatch the items, Shi Feng could be more at ease with them.

In a short moment, Shi Feng had collected all the loot on the ground. There were a total of 19 pieces of equipment and 5 Silver Coins. Such a harvest could rival the assets of a large Guild in its entirety.

Arranging his bag, Shi Feng’s lips curled up into a smile. He found a Forging Design.

[Garrison Armor Forging Design]

Able to create a piece of Level 3 Bronze-ranked Chest Armor after learning the design.

Materials Required: 20 Copper Ores, 5 Bronze Ores, 5 Magic Essences

This piece of equipment was a good item. As long as a party’s MT equipped it, diving into the Normal Mode of the Deathly Forest would become much easier. Not only did it have high Defense and Strength, it also increased maximum HP by 200 points. It was an extremely important piece of equipment for any MT.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, when this equipment was released, every Guild madly fought over it. They also ignored all costs to enter the Deathly Forest in order to obtain this Forging Design.

When Blackie saw Shi Feng’s excited smile, his heart became even more anxious.

It was needless to say for the other people, if a person’s sight could kill, Shi Feng probably would have died over hundreds or thousands of times by now.

“The items are not bad. Here, you guys have a look.” Shi Feng did not waste any more time. He immediately displayed the Attributes of all the equipment.

There were a total of 15 pieces of equipment. Amongst them, there was only a single Secret-Silver Equipment, which was the Crimson Blade. There were also 5 pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment and 9 pieces of Bronze Equipment. The Bronze Equipment dropped by the Bosses of Hell Mode were all of the highest quality. The Bronze Equipment dropped by Elites were far from comparable.

Amongst all the equipment, after the Crimson Blade, the most valuable items were the pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Out of the three Modes of the Deathly Forest, only Hell Mode dropped Mysterious-Iron Equipment, whereas Normal and Difficult only dropped Bronze Equipment.

Blackie’s luck had always been good. Amongst the five pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, there were two pieces of the Dark Color Set meant for Cursemancers. The Dark Color Set was definitely the Set Equipment for Cursemancers below Level 5. There were a total of five pieces in the Dark Color Set; head, chest, legs, shoes, armguards. This time around, the parts that dropped were the chest and shoes. These two items had placed a wide smile on Blackie’s face.

“Brother Feng, I really love coming down to Hell! Let’s come here once every day. That way, I can complete the Dark Color Set, and if anyone dares look down upon us at that time, I’ll blast him to pieces!” Blackie showed off the Dark Color Set in his hands.

After wearing the Dark Color Set, Blackie felt himself becoming closer to an expert. His Magic Attack was increased to 66; a single Level 3 Dark Arrow could take away more than half the HP of a Level 1 Shield Warrior. If he could complete the Dark Color Set, then a single Dark Arrow could one-shot a Shield Warrior.

He put on the suit of ash-gray fur robes, coupled with glistening pitch-black boots; everyone could tell they were pieces of a set with just a glance.

The others drooled when they saw the black luster of the Dark Color Set. Their hearts were filled with hatred and envy for Blackie.

They had never imagined entering Hell would be such a great experience. They truly hoped they could enter Hell a few more times in the future.

The remaining three pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment were the set pieces for Guardian Knight, Shield Warrior, and Elementalist. Amongst those present, only Cola was a Guardian Knight. Thus, Shi Feng gave the piece of equipment to Cola and stored the others.

As for the remaining Bronze Equipment, Cola received a shield and Lonely Snow received a greatsword. Both pieces of Level 2 equipment had the best Attributes possible on them. Drowsy Sloth and Gluttonous Mouse also received a piece of Bronze Equipment each.

Quite a few pieces of Shi Feng’s equipment were also replaced. Amongst the Bronze Equipment, there were three pieces that belonged to Swordsman. The two pieces of equipment that remained were stored away by Shi Feng.

When everyone had changed their equipment, it was as if the entire party had a makeover. Every piece of their equipment was incomparably brilliant. Just a glance was enough to tell that they didn’t just have Common Equipment. The entire party had also risen to Level 2. Blackie’s experience was even at 98% of Level 2, just a tad bit short of Level 3.

The other four items were a Forging Design, a Potion Recipe, a rare skill for Cursemancers, and a notebook.

The rare skill for Cursemancers overjoyed Blackie. It was an AOE skill called [Hell Flame].

[Hell Flame]

Deals 150% Flame Damage to an 8 x 8 yard area. Duration of 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 36 seconds.

It was a godly skill for grinding monsters during the early periods of the game.

“What is this thing for?” Shi Feng looked at the old notebook in his hand. He could not recall the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest dropping such an item.

Taking a look inside, Shi Feng discovered words which he could not understand. However, Shi Feng knew these words belonged to the Ancient Language of the Elves.

Within God’s Domain, any items which had a relationship with the Elven language were definitely not common items. Just like the Ring Of Gravity, there was a string of Elvish words carved onto it. They had allowed the ring to possess unimaginable powers.

“It seems I have to make a trip to the library.”

Shi Feng felt this notebook was not as simple as it seemed. In his previous life, he entered the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest tens of times. However, he had never seen such an item drop before. There was no such news from the other teams in the Guild as well. The likelihood of the notebook dropping only on the First Kill was high. If Shi Feng wanted to make heads with the situation, he had to translate its contents at the library.

“Brother Feng, what are we going to do afterward? Grinding mobs?” Blackie was eager to try out the new skill he learned.

“That’s fine as well. We’ll grind and do Quests in Dark Moon Valley. The monsters there drop quite a lot of ore” Shi Feng said after some thought.

With the Forging Design in hand, all that was left was to obtain the materials. However, Shi Feng needed a lot of materials. Now that Blackie had Hell Flame, it should be a lot quicker to kill Kobolds and Gnomes. Furthermore, Shi Feng knew of a few good locations where it would be suitable to use Hell Flame.

Shi Feng turned to look at the others, saying, “Will you guys follow us or do Quests on your own?”

“Big Brother Feng, how could you leave me out of grinding mobs? I’ve already planned to follow Big Brother Feng in the future.” Cola smiled like a fool as he gently caressed his new shield.

“Big Brother Feng, can we join as well?”

Drowsy Sloth and Gluttonous Mouse were both high-schoolers. Currently, they had their heads lowered in embarrassment. However, they did not wish to give up such a chance. Shi Feng was a great expert. They would reap endless benefits if they could learn a thing or two by staying by his side.

Shi Feng said, smiling, “Of course you are all welcome to join.”

Suddenly, the two of them revealed excited expressions, both their hands clenched up in excitement.

“Since nobody is opposed to it, then we will go grind in Dark Moon Valley.”

After finishing his piece, Shi Feng called out the System Panel. He selected the Dungeon’s Party Teleportation, parting with the Deathly Forest.

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