Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

Chapter 806 - Devil  

Chapter 806: Devil

“You don’t understand.”

Xiao Meng was deeply influenced by her parents. She always felt that she should not divorce after getting married. Even if it was for the sake of her child, she had to continue living. However, Herbert hated Xiao Meng’s thoughts. Herbert carried his bag to school. After only half a day, he took leave and went home.

Xiao Meng had probably gone to town and there was no one at home.

Herbert returned home, threw down his bag, and went straight to the gym.

He pulled open the floor and carefully landed on the iron ladder before climbing down. Herbert’s feet were on the ground. He turned on his flashlight and realized that the basement was not small. There were actually two houses. He pushed open the door on the left and saw many glass test tubes. A few of them contained red blood and a larger glass container that actually contained a ball of something soft.

When Herbert realized what it was, he couldn’t help but sit on the ground. He had seen pictures of such things in books. They were human brains!

He scrambled out of the room. Herbert wanted to leave, but he was too curious. In the end, curiosity won out over fear. Herbert pushed open the door on the right. He saw something that made him suffocate and his scalp tingle.

On the ground lay a dead person. That person should have been dead for a few days. He was a homeless man in dirty clothes. His head was empty!

Herbert leaned against the door, his face pale with fear.

He saw another person. That person was handcuffed and imprisoned against the wall. It was a girl. She had fainted and an iron ball was stuffed into her mouth. This made her unable to make a sound. On the only bed in the house, a young boy was handcuffed. This boy’s head had been pried open. Herbert could see what was inside the boy’s head from where he stood on the door.

His father, who should have gone to work, was actually standing in the middle of the room. He was holding a scalpel in his hand. When he heard the sound, he turned around.

That look was treacherous and cold.

Herbert was so frightened that he froze in place.

Robert suddenly smiled at him and asked softly, “Herbert, you’re really naughty. How could you come here?”

Herbert was scared shitless.

He turned and ran. This time he fled along an endless passage. It was dark. Herbert ran for a long time until he reached the end of the passage. He pushed open the door and saw sunlight. He heard the waves.

Closing the door, Herbert leaned against it and slowly slid down.

He did not know how he escaped from that hell on earth.

He covered his face with his hand and couldn’t help but cry.

The child’s sobbing was swallowed by the waves. No one could hear him.

Herbert stayed outside until it was almost dark before returning home. Seeing that his mother was at home, he dared to enter the house. During dinner, Robert was not at home. Herbert asked Xiao Meng, “Where’s Daddy?”

Xiao Meng said, “He has a patient who needs surgery tonight. He went to work.”


Herbert was even more relieved.

After dinner, when Xiao Meng went upstairs, Herbert sat on the sofa and thought for a long time. Finally, he picked up the house phone and mustered his courage to call the police. Before Herbert could finish pressing the three buttons, the door opened from the outside.

Robert stood there, darkness behind him. He was smiling, but his gaze was cold in the light.

Herbert threw away the phone in his hand in shock. “Dad, Dad, don’t you have to work overtime?”

Robert walked over elegantly. He picked up the phone from the floor and wiped it. He handed it to Herbert and asked him, “Why didn’t you call? Did I disturb you?”

Herbert felt cold and speechless.

Robert walked over and pressed the phone into Herbert’s hand. He said, “If I don’t go to work, how will you have a chance to call?” He bent down, picked up Herbert’s right index finger, and placed his finger on the dial button. He said, “Come, Daddy will teach you to call the police, okay?”

Herbert trembled in Robert’s arms. He was so frightened by Robert that he almost peed himself.

Robert did smell urine.

He frowned and put down the phone.

“You can’t be so timid.” Robert frowned at Herbert. He said, “You already have the guts to enter Daddy’s toy room. Why are you still so timid?”

Only then did Herbert know that his father had installed surveillance cameras in the basement.

Then, his every word and action could not be hidden from Robert!

Herbert was completely desperate.

He felt that his daddy might kill him.

But Robert had let him go.

Herbert was not stupid enough to think that Robert was being kind. He must have ulterior motives. The next morning, Xiao Meng realized that Herbert could not even hold the spoon properly. She asked him what was wrong. Herbert subconsciously looked at Robert.

Robert smiled at him, waiting for him to explain.

Herbert could only lie. “It’s okay,” he said.

After dinner, when Xiao Meng went to clean up the kitchen, Robert leaned close to Herbert’s ear and said to him, “Herbert, you’re lying again.”

Herbert shivered again.

Herbert went to school that day and was paranoid the entire day. After school in the afternoon, he dawdled until it was almost dark before he went home. He ate dinner without tasting it. At night, Herbert went to his room to sleep, but how could he sleep?

He was scared to death at the thought that there were three people locked up under his house, two of them dead, and the man in the next room was a murderer.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

Before Herbert could speak, Robert opened the door with his key and walked in.

Under the moonlight, Robert was dressed in white and as handsome as an elegant prince.

But Herbert knew perfectly well that this was a demon.

“Don’t tell me you think I can’t do anything to you just because you locked the door?”

Herbert said nothing.

Robert was not angry.

He said, “Get up. I’ll take you out to play.”

This “play” made Herbert shiver.

He had to follow Robert to the basement. In front of him, Robert put on his gloves and operated on the head of the person on the bed. Herbert was forced to stand aside. He was scared to death, but he did not dare to escape. His legs had to dance like a disco, but he could only watch his daddy’s movements with wide eyes.

He did not even dare to turn his head to look elsewhere.

As long as he dared to turn his head and pretend to escape, he would be punished more than Robert. At three o’clock in the night, Robert finished his work. He said to the frightened Herbert, “Baby, do me a favor, okay?”

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