Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

Chapter 805 - Suspicion  

Chapter 805: Suspicion

Robert’s face darkened.

“Herbert, tell Daddy what you saw.”

Herbert gritted his teeth. “I didn’t see anything.”

“Ha…” Robert’s smile disappeared. His eagle-like fierce and sharp eyes were on Herbert. Finally, he said darkly,” Herbert, a lying child has to be punished. ”

That evening, Herbert did not get to eat dinner. He was punished to kneel on an uneven stone. It was not until two in the morning that Robert allowed him to return to his room to rest.

When he returned to his room, Herbert did not even have the energy to complain. He was so tired that he fell asleep.

For the next few days after that, Herbert was honest and did everything according to the rules. Robert could not guess what he was doing. Even so, Robert would still stare at him with the strange gaze of someone looking at prey. In this atmosphere, Herbert could not concentrate in class and was listless when he went to and from school.

When he heard again that a ten-year-old child had disappeared from the city, Herbert was almost numb.

“That missing child is said to be especially smart. His family is all physics teachers. It’s said that his results are also very good. He’s only fifteen years old, but he’s already been accepted by Michigan State University. They once said that he would become a very powerful physicist in the future. What a pity…”

A bad student like Ian was in awe of such a genius.

Herbert had an idea.

In the past, he had heard that before that homeless person became a homeless person, he was actually a mathematics teacher at a famous university. His IQ was very high. Later on, his wife and children were in a car accident. He could not take the blow for a moment, so he chose to wander alone.

The last missing girl had participated in the Mathematical Olympiad and had even gotten second place in the country.

The boy who had gone missing this time was a smart physicist. In time, he would definitely become a famous physicist.

These three people seemed to be unrelated, but they all had similar similarities. They were all very smart and had smart brains! If these three missing cases were all done by the same person, then the murderer’s target was those with smart brains.

What kind of person would be interested in a smart person?

Herbert suddenly thought of his father, Robert.

Robert was an outstanding neurologist. He was most interested in studying the structure of the human brain. Herbert suddenly thought of the scene he had seen in the gym that day. What was Daddy doing hiding in the basement under the gym?


A bold hypothesis suddenly appeared in Herbert’s mind.

Could it be that his daddy was the criminal! And those missing people were actually hidden under their house! Herbert knew that this guess was scary, but a blurry voice in his heart told him over and over again that the truth was like this!

When Herbert got home, he was distracted during dinner. Several times, his knife and fork landed on his plate. He did not cut the meat but used the knife to cut the iron fork.

Xiao Meng and Robert looked at him at the same time, but he did not know it.

“Herbert, what’s wrong?” Xiao Meng could not help but worry.

Herbert suddenly woke up and looked at Robert.

Herbert’s reaction was clearly shocked. He looked at Robert as if he was looking at a lunatic. There was unconcealed fear in his eyes. Robert was so amused that he narrowed his eyes.

Herbert came back to his senses and quickly put down his knife and fork. He said, “I’m full. Enjoy.” Then he ran upstairs.

“Ignore him,” Robert said casually. Xiao Meng, who had wanted to follow him upstairs to show some concern for Herbert, could only sit back down.

In the middle of the night.

Herbert heard his mother groan from the room.

After a long time, perhaps half an hour or an hour, the house fell completely silent. Herbert quietly climbed out of bed. He found the small flashlight in the cabinet and ran downstairs like a thief. He opened the door to the gym.

By the light of the flashlight, Herbert saw Robert knocking on the floor that had emerged. Finally, he noticed something unusual. He found a crack. He used a lot of strength to lift the floor.

Below was indeed a basement.

Herbert saw a ladder below.

Footsteps suddenly sounded upstairs. Herbert quickly covered the floor. He opened the window and escaped through it. Hiding outside, he saw Robert come to the gym in his pajamas. He pulled up the floor and went into the basement like Herbert had done before.

Herbert quietly returned to the house and to his room. He covered himself tightly with the blanket.

The next morning, he opened his eyes and found Robert standing in front of him.


Herbert screamed as if he had seen a ghost.

“What’s your name?” Robert felt a headache coming on.

Herbert was frightened like a frightened bird. He quickly shook his head and said, “I just had a nightmare.”

“Did you dream of Daddy?”

Herbert didn’t dare answer.

This question was a deep pit. No matter how he answered it, it was wrong.

“It’s time to get up.” Robert went downstairs.

He looked like he was really just going to wake Herbert up.

Herbert quickly dressed and went downstairs to see that his mother had made breakfast. Xiao Meng was still beautiful today, but Herbert noticed the dense bite marks on her body and her haggard face. Herbert clenched his fists and hatred flashed in his eyes.

He sat down for breakfast and saw that Robert quickly got up and picked up his briefcase. When he left, he said to Xiao Meng, “Remember to change your clothes when you go to town.” Robert did not want anyone to see the marks on Xiao Meng’s body.

He was a pervert, but he lived like a gentleman in the eyes of the world.

After Robert left, Herbert asked Xiao Meng, “Does it hurt?”

Xiao Meng was cleaning the dishes when she heard this.

Herbert refused to give up. He gritted his teeth and asked her again, “If it hurts, why don’t you resist! You’ve always been like this. That’s why he hurt you even more! If you don’t want it, you can say no to him. Why don’t you say it!”

At this moment, Herbert hated Xiao Meng’s weakness.

Xiao Meng suddenly put down her bowl and chopsticks and roared at Robert, “Enough! Stop it. Who do you think I’m doing this for!”

Herbert glared at his mother and shouted at her in exasperation, “I don’t like you like this. Do you think I’m happy? I can’t wait for you to get a divorce!

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