Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 834A – Fight the Sea God

Chapter 834A – Fight the Sea God

Bang –

Bang –

From behind, the battle between the Sea God and White Ape erupted once again. The fluctuations of the battle were limited to a narrow range because of the invisible barrier, causing their impact to become even deadlier.

Qin Yu was like a reef beneath the sea. He quietly kept himself submerged, letting the shockwaves and bombardments wash over him as he steadily retreated backwards. Faint traces of dark gold light flashed in the depths of his eyes as he looked ahead. Several moments later, he lifted his hand and pressed the air.

When this finger touched the barrier, he felt something hard. A counterforce surged up through his finger, causing his entire arm to turn numb.

But Qin Yu revealed an excited expression. He could clearly ‘see’ that beneath the power of this finger, several of the lines that formed the barrier began to collapse and decompose.

It worked!

Senior White Ape, please do your best and help me delay for enough time!

Pa –

Qin Yu’s finger fell a second time!

At this moment, the confident White Ape that was holding back the Sea God was at a complete loss. If possible, he really wanted to curse the world. For so many years you have been standing by and doing nothing, so why are you helping it so blatantly today!?

That’s right, with the Sea God’s strength alone, if White Ape were to release the suppression of his inner injuries, he should easily be able to beat it up.

But now White Ape was facing a super-edition Sea God that was being supported by the strength of the world, and also one that had gone completely crazy and didn’t care about its life anymore.

White Ape was only able to feel refreshed for several moments before he discovered that he was suddenly struggling. He was immediately heartbroken. ‘This old man has lived a life of success and it was always me crushing others into the ground, but now that I am on the verge of death, I am the one who is supposed to be ruthlessly devastated by others?’

This…how could he endure this!?

No, this isn’t good, I can’t fail here. So what if this fellow is cheating? I can still beat it up until its face is covered with blood. As White Ape hardened his resolve, he brandished his fists, his attacks coming out even wilder than before. But in this world, things didn’t happen just because one wanted them to.

Bang –

A fist punched the Sea God’s face. Its face twisted and deformed as a few teeth flew out from its giant mouth and crashed into the sea, causing large waves to surge.

But White Ape wasn’t happy at all. Rather, he had a strange expression, because in the next moment he was sent flying backwards by a hoof kick to the chest.

Fresh blood gushed out as if it was free of charge and countless bones broke. White Ape’s vision blurred and he almost fell unconscious as he gasped for breath.

Before he could recover, black clouds howled over like a thick curtain, wrapping him within. Following that, the sea crazily roared and endless mist rose up, fusing into the black clouds and making them grow larger, thoroughly submerging the Sea God and White Ape.

Rumble rumble –

Black Clouds tumbled violently as heaven-shaking sounds thundered within. It was like a million storms were roaring at once. Bangs often came from within the black clouds, low and deep and penetrating into the heart, making cold shivers run up the spine.

Qin Yu’s heart shook. Before he could think, his body instinctually evaded.

In the next moment, White Ape’s body crashed into the place where he had just been standing. He slammed into the invisible barrier. Qin Yu could see that because of the invisible barrier suffering a tremendous impact, it bulged outwards. Lines rapidly collapsed in its wake.

This greatly accelerated Qin Yu’s efforts. But rather than being happy, his heart sank into a valley of despair.

White Ape had been defeated!

Even if he was closer to breaking through the barrier, the Sea God needed even less time to kill him. There was no more chance for him to escape.

A trace of annoyance and panic flashed in his heart, but it was soon replaced by an ice cold calmness. Since he couldn’t retreat, he could only fight.

Qin Yu was of course well aware of his own capabilities. Thus, he knew that it was impossible to fight the Sea God with his strength alone.

He would still need to rely on White Ape!

His thoughts raced. He quickly landed and he flickered over to White Ape’s side. “Senior, how are you?”

“Cough cough cough! Didn’t I tell you to leave? Why are you still here?” White Ape coughed with discomfort, looking at Qin Yu as if he were a disobedient little kid.

Qin Yu nearly choked on himself. Hey, do you not know why I am still here? It’s not good to keep bad habits like pretending to be confused!

But he had no time to care about this right now. He directly said, “Senior, we have to work together to fight it, otherwise neither of us will survive.”

White Ape looked up at Qin Yu. Although he didn’t say anything, the intent in his eyes was crystal clear.

You brat, you don’t have the strength!

There was no way for Qin Yu to refute this. He hurriedly said, “Senior White Ape, I am not making a joke here. This is our final chance!”

He looked over White Ape’s shoulder, his eyes locked onto the incoming black clouds. In Qin Yu’s eyes, those tumbling black clouds were stripped of their appearance, reduced to nothing but a tide of pure energy.

The energy surged up and down endlessly, releasing immense power. But since it was a tide of energy, there were fluctuations and changes. And when these changes occurred, that was when it was at its weakest point.

“Senior White Ape, attack that point with all your strength!”

White Ape had no idea where Qin Yu’s confidence came from. He looked up and just happened to see a flash of dark golden light in the depths of his eyes.

His heart immediately filled with awe, causing him to instinctively follow Qin Yu’s words. He punched out a fist according to his instructions.

Dang –

It was like he had struck a great drum; the sound was completely different from before. The violently surging black clouds stagnated for a brief moment before turning into a mass of water that splashed down onto the sea.

The Sea God hidden within released a roar of pain. One giant eye was instantly left bruised and swollen with only a small gap left to see through. Despite all of this, it spitefully glared at Qin Yu.

“This is…” White Ape was shocked. He looked at the beaten up Sea God, his thoughts falling into confusion.

At this moment, all of his confusion and questions were swept away like fog in the wind. No wonder the Sea God suddenly stormed out today, rushing towards Starfall Archipelago and even disregarding its life.

So its true target had been this brat Qin Yu all along. In other words, he had been ruthlessly hammered and beaten up because of him!

White Ape should have been annoyed, but he suddenly discovered that he couldn’t summon any anger at all. In fact, he even felt a bit pleased with himself.

Yes, he felt pleased with himself.

Although he had no idea how Qin Yu had accomplished it, it seemed that his guess was correct.

This brat, he must have walked into some heaven-defying dog shit luck!

If things were like this, then perhaps he could profit and he wouldn’t need to ruin himself stopping the Sea God.

In fact, he might obtain an even greater good fortune and escape his current half-dead predicament!

“Senior White Ape, over there!”

White Ape instantly returned to his senses. Without hesitation, boundless strength erupted and he punched out, his momentum like moving mountains.

Sea God, you might be cheating by relying on the will of the world, but I also have someone behind me! Let’s see just how you die today!

Hou –

The Sea God howled in anger. Although it possessed immense power, it discovered to its sorrow that it couldn’t avoid White Ape’s punch at all. It seemed that the moment White Ape punched, all of its ability to dodge had been sealed.

And the spot White Ape punched was the point where its strength was the weakest. If it was struck there, the consequences would be hard to predict.

With no other choice, the Sea God retreated backwards. It rolled up its body, using its thick hide to block White Ape’s punch.

Qin Yu was shaken; this really did work. Although his strength was weak compared to these two, his eyesight was incomparably astonishing.

White Ape laughed out loud, “Brother Qin, today I will listen to your instructions. Just tell me how you want me to attack!” Since he had correctly guessed Qin Yu’s current status, how could White Ape dare to pull rank with him? Even calling him Brother Qin was a profit.

Hum hum, after all he was…

If his status was known by outsiders, then almighty beings would gather from throughout the myriad heavens. They would spread out their tail feathers like peacocks, hoping to take him in as a disciple.

Haha, if one survives a disaster they are bound to live to a happy old age! This phrase is perfect for an old ape like me!

Qin Yu had no idea that he had already exposed his hidden card. As for being called brother, he didn’t care as long as White Ape was happy.

“Senior White Ape…”

“Just call me big brother. Or you can call me Old White too!”

“…Brother White, don’t give the Sea God any time to recover. Strike its front left hoof!”

White Ape was overjoyed. “Okay, just watch me!”

Qin Yu had personally called him Brother White. Tsk tsk, with just this he had enough to brag about for the rest of his life.

Later on he could tear down a banner and wrap himself with this accomplishment if anyone dared to talk nonsense to him and tried to catch him and turn him into a mount.

Mount, mount, how about this old ape rides your grandma instead!

As for the Sea God in front of him…in White Ape’s eyes, it no longer mattered. Let alone the world’s will helping it cheat, even if the world’s will personally came here, he still wouldn’t be afraid!

Today, Big Uncle Ape is here and no one can one-up me. Whether you come from the north, south, west, or east, just kneel down and lick my feet!

Bang –

A heaven-shaking explosion was followed by the Sea God’s angered roars. This was clearly its strongest front hoof strike, but when it clashed with White Ape’s fist, it felt sore and numb. The boundless strength in its body fell into chaos as it was sent flying away.

It was Qin Yu!

The Sea God looked over. It had already noticed that White Ape only found its weakness because he was listening to Qin Yu’s directions.

As it wondered why that boy would possess such an ability, the Sea God’s eyes turned even redder!

It couldn’t allow things to continue like this. Even if it had temporarily obtained the support of the world’s will, its own collapse hadn’t slowed. There wasn't much time left.

It would kill him first!

Hou –

The Sea God reared back its head and roared. The sea below started to boil as endless water rose into the skies. It was like the entire sea had risen up by several thousand feet. It wanted to use the impact of sea water to forcefully separate Qin Yu and White Ape.

White Ape roared out loud. The white hairs on his body flooded with light as they wrapped around Qin Yu. Then, the violent sea waters flooded them.

As soon as they entered the water, the underwater currents immediately condensed, turning into arrows that shot at the tumbling White Ape.

Even if sea water flooded his field of vision, Qin Yu could still clearly feel the Sea God’s position. But with White Ape’s current state, it was impossible for him to follow his guidance to attack.

Time slowly passed. The light emanating from White Ape’s hairs began to weaken. He had released the suppression of his injuries in exchange for gaining a greater strength for a brief period of time. But now those hidden dangers within his body were beginning to erupt. He, too, didn’t have much time left.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them once more, a vortex seemed to be spinning in the depths of his eyes.

He raised a hand and thrust out a finger!

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