Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 833 – Crazy Sea God

Chapter 833 – Crazy Sea God

He lifted a hand and punched out a fist. The space of the mystic realm shattered and a channel was opened up. After fusing with the embryo egg, this space no longer posed any impediments against Qin Yu.

Hu –

Qin Yu stepped forward. Everything in front of him was dark for a moment before light filled his field of vision.

He came out!

But at this time his complexion changed. He looked up at the skies where endless black clouds roiled and rumbled and wove together like ink. Then, a pair of giant red eyes appeared between the black clouds. They seemed to be dyed in blood and as they glared at Qin Yu, there was nothing but infinite hatred and loathing within them.

At this moment, the world in Qin Yu’s eyes was filled with dark malice!

Hou –

A loud roar came from the distance. Qin Yu could clearly ‘see’ invisible lines gathering between the heavens and earth. They wrapped together like cables, creating the outline of a massive shadow, one which possessed a terrifying power that shook the heart.

But now, this shadow formed from lines was constantly dispersing. Although the speed wasn’t too fast now, once the momentum accelerated past a certain point it would completely collapse.

A memory floated up from Qin Yu’s soul. He immediately understood the source of these eyes that stared at him and this voice that roared at him.

“Sea God…” Qin Yu whispered beneath his breath. He had a dignified expression. Perhaps this was the first test he would have to face after fusing with the embryo egg.

And this test involved life and death. If he couldn’t overcome it then he would be dragged down into hell by the violently enraged Sea God.

Bang –

A terrifying fluctuation of strength instantly erupted. Even though he was a significant distance away, Qin Yu could still feel how horrifying this strength was.

Qin Yu’s heart shook and he turned to flee without hesitation. Although he had no idea who was fighting with the Sea God right now, he knew that leaving would be the best choice.

As long as he delayed a bit longer, the Sea God would be erased by the world and he would be safe.

Qin Yu was fast but there was someone even faster than him. With the sound of piercing air, White Ape howled through the sky. His chest had caved in and when he crossed over above Qin Yu, Qin Yu could clearly hear the sounds of breaking bones.

White Ape felt his heart ache. He lamented his tragic fate. Even though he managed to linger on this far, he would still die here.

Shit! I really cannot stand this anymore! Just because a tiger doesn’t growl doesn’t mean you can treat it like a sick cat!

Even if I really must fall here, I will still ruthlessly beat up this Sea God! I want this fellow to know that even if it is an extension of the world’s will, it still isn’t enough in front of this uncle!

White Ape crazily flew backwards and narrowed his eyes. At this time, a person’s figure flashed in his eyes.


This fellow seems a bit familiar!

White Ape widened his eyes. This boy, why was he here?

Qin Yu called out loud, “Senior White Ape!”

Qin Yu immediately regained his senses. White Ape was the one who had blocked the Sea God’s strike just now, but it was clear from the last collision that he wasn’t the Sea God’s match.

In other words, Qin Yu’s plan to run away and delay until the Sea God was erased by the world had utterly failed.

Bang –

Black clouds flooded over like a tide. Qin Yu looked up and saw the Sea God’s eyes in the storm. They were flooded with killing intent.

Qin Yu complained inwardly. After he fused with the embryo egg, the result was more like improving the foundation of his body and talent. There was simply no bonus power he gained.

Facing the Sea God that had gone berserk on the verge of death, even White Ape could only be beaten. If Qin Yu were the one in his place, he estimated he would last less than a second before he lost.

He wanted to escape but couldn’t, and he couldn’t fight either…

As Qin Yu felt his surroundings darken, he suddenly heard White Ape roar out loud, “Junior, do not be afraid! Come to this old man’s side!”

White Ape who had been sent miserably flying over had now stood up straight. Crackling, tearing sounds came from within his body, as if layers of cloth that wrapped around him were being shredded apart. An extremely tyrannical aura started to be released.

New fur regrew from his bare scorched skin. In the blink of an eye he was restored to how he was in the beginning. With his fur flying around him, he was like a great sun reborn, all of the distress from before having vanished into the wind.

Qin Yu was overjoyed. Who imagined that the White Ape who was being brutally beaten up just moments ago would suddenly turn into such a reliable big brother? Sure enough, the heavens never sealed off all exits.

He took a step forward. But before he could flee, boundless strength arrived from nothingness. It was like several hundred large mountains had ruthlessly crashed down upon his head.

Even with the intensity of Qin Yu’s mortal body, he still paled as a stuffy feeling filled his chest. And, this was also when he saw that the situation wasn’t good and shifted to avoid the strongest impact on his body, otherwise he feared that all of his bones would have been broken by now.

The black clouds had been incomparably far away just a breath of time ago, but now they had made their way close. The Sea God’s great mouth had opened wide to bite down at Qin Yu.

“Humph!” White Ape coldly sneered. He appeared by Qin Yu’s side and punched out a fist.

The punch clashed with the Sea God’s horn. The ear-shattering sound was like a metal striking metal and the roar of thunder. With a heaven-shaking explosion, the black cloud was instantly crushed to reveal the Sea God’s colossal figure. It wheeled backwards and the horn on its head that had met the punch cracked and broke off.

White Ape protected Qin Yu and drew backwards. Each step he took released a fierce sound that shook the earth. He looked at the Sea God’s broken horn and let loose a carefree laugh. This stupid bastard, after chasing this grandpa White Ape for so long, now I’ll teach you why flowers are red!

He stretched out a claw and pierced through space. It was unknown where his claw went, but he pulled out the chicken overlord.

This fool was still asleep and hadn’t woken up. But, it looked much more pitiful than before. Half of its feathers had fallen off and its dispirited ‘rod’ now drooped to the side, as if it had gone through 18 layers of torture.

Qin Yu was stunned. Even at this time, he still couldn’t help but imagine some random thoughts…could this White Ape really have such strange hobbies?

Luckily, White Ape had his eyes fixed onto the Sea God and the only thought on his mind was that he needed to blow this Sea God fellow up before he died. Otherwise, if he discovered the strange look in Qin Yu’s eyes he would have vomited a mouthful of blood and sent Qin Yu flying away with a kick!

“Take it and leave…although this unbelievable thing has disgraced me, for better or worse it is a descendant of my lineage. Take good care of it. Take it as repaying me the favor of saving your life today!”

A chicken and a white ape, what kind of lineage descendant is he talking about…even if he was talking about some crossbreed, this quality was just too low!

Tsk tsk, this taste was seriously too much!

Qin Yu did his best to suppress these thoughts. He picked up the chicken overlord and flew away, even faster than before.

White Ape: …

Hey you little bastard, although I didn’t ask you to stay behind and fight by my side, you should have at least pretended that you would for a moment or two. How could you run away so quickly!?

But after thinking about it he immediately changed his mind. If Qin Yu ran away so fast, that must mean he knew what he was doing. That little fellow shouldn’t die so easily following by his side.

The rumbling Sea God saw Qin Yu leaving and its eyeballs nearly popped out. The reason it ended up in this condition was all thanks to that boy. How could it look on helplessly as he ran away?

If I can’t live on, then you will die with me!

Bang –

Wild strength erupted from its body.

White Ape fiendishly grinned. “Come at me! Sea God, those that have dared challenge me have all fallen to their knees and sung their defeat! The next one will be you!”

Little fellow, did you forget how powerful my last punch was? And you still laugh and want to play hard with me? I have had a splendid record of success in my life and I’m not going to let you ruin it!


Take my punch!

When Qin Yu turned around and left, White Ape was still able to use the reasons of ‘he knows what he is doing’ and ‘he won’t die easily’ to comfort himself. But, the Sea God absolutely could not endure this. It was about to be erased by the world, so its last remaining thought was to pull Qin Yu down with it.

Qin Yu suddenly heard a loud roar from behind. A chill surged up his heart. He suddenly found that an additional barrier appeared in front of him, like an invisible bowl had been turned upside down, trapping him, the Sea God, and White Ape inside it.

Of course this was simply a description. In truth, this big bowl had a bottom to it. Qin Yu tried to dig his way below but he found his path blocked.

He took a deep breath and a flash of dark gold appeared in the depths of his eyes. The invisible barrier in front of him suddenly revealed its most essential nature. Lines of silk-like thread wove together. They were extremely tiny, yet each line contained a boundless force behind it.

This was strength that came from the world’s will!

Qin Yu didn’t have time to figure out why the soon-to-die Sea God was still able to utilize the immense power of the world’s will. His eyes darkened and his complexion turned ugly.

The range of this bowl was shrinking, which meant that if he couldn’t break his way out, the space he could evade in would grow increasingly small. Eventually he would be drawn into the battle between the Sea God and White Ape. If that were to happen, then even if Qin Yu had a strong body he would still be ground to pieces and pulverized to bits!

He couldn’t just sit and wait for death!

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