Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 73

Chapter 73

He casually became a Little Martial Uncle of one of the greatest sects from Southern Nation and Northern Dynasty, the Ancient Immortal Valley . It gave him enough seniority to scare everyone, to look down on martial nephews and other disciples . This was one ridiculous story . But after a night of sleep, and after repeated blinking, he still sighed, since this wasn’t a dream .

"Little Martial Uncle . " A lovely voice sounded from outside the door, "Did your distinguished self woke up?"

Qin Yu opened the door and glanced at six charming female cultivators . They were divided on each side, holding inner garments, outer garments, footwear, ornaments, face towel, and so on . Their heads lowered as they made a curtsy, "Disciples pays respect to Little Martial Uncle . "

"You are…?"

"Disciples are following the order of attending Little Martial Uncle's bath . " The Female cultivator on the left blushed red, "The water is warm and ready . Please follow us . "

Qin Yu was scared out of his wits, 'Just what is this old geezer doing!?' He waved his hand, "No need, no need . I can bathe myself . Withdraw!"

The female cultivator felt awkward, "This . . . "

"I will handle it, there is no need for you to worry . "

The female cultivator's face showed delight, "Many thanks to Little Martial Uncle! Disciple Cai Yue along with Ming Xia and the rest will be attending to all your needs . Please ask if you have any requests . "

Qin Yu frowned, not saying anything . He needed to find Pill Cauldron to handle this matter, then dismissed them once they left the items . He came out later—after finishing his bath and changing into new clothes —meeting the shining eyes of Cai Yue, Ming Xia and the rest .

Qin Yu wasn’t handsome at all, but after being tempered by the Demon Body’s evolution, his muscles were more defined . And with the Little Blue Lamp boosting his confidence, each gesture became more imposing . This effect was —of course—closely related to the Ancient Immortal Valley clothes . The black robe with silver linings, handcrafted and with impressive decorations, was a perfect match to Qin Yu's aura, further emphasizing it . It was true what they say, clothes made the man .

Furthermore, the white jade crest on his head, the dragon waistband—topped with the roc engraved boots—were magnificent and worthy of respect . With this set of clothes, even standing still they could resist two-three attacks from a Golden Core cultivator . While the dragon waistband could even defend against a Nascent Soul’s strike .

"Where is senior brother?"

Cai Yue respectfully replied, "Reporting to Little Martial Uncle . Patriarch is already waiting for a long time, please follow disciple . " They stepped out of the residence, walked through a long and winding corridor, and entered a magnificent and elegant garden, the roaming mist making it more secluded .

Pill Cauldron sat in the leader's seat in the Main Hall, drinking fragrant tea with a tranquil expression . Hearing footsteps, he laughed faintly, "Little junior brother, did you have a good sleep last night?"

Qin Yu cupped his hands, "Greetings senior brother, I rested well . Furthermore, I also want to express my thanks for all the treasures you granted me . "

After a few words, Cai Yue retreated with a bow .

Pill Cauldron immediately shed his appearance, relaxing and leaning backward, "Little junior brother, that girl still has her Yin Essence . Don’t tell me you have a problem? Don't be afraid, go ahead and tell your senior brother and I will make you a batch of pills, to renew your vigor and hold nightly . . . 'cough, cough' . It is no bother!"

Seeing the old fellow winking, Qin Yu's eyes twitched faintly . He took a deep breath, "My body is very healthy, need not trouble senior brother . Cai Yue, Ming Xia, and the others are all core disciples . It would be better to let them leave and cultivate diligently . "

Pill Cauldron was struck with grief, an attitude that said ‘Admit it, junior brother, I won't laugh at you . But what are you trying to say by having that wretched expression?'

Seeing Qin Yu's dark look, he coughed, then, "Fine, fine, since your body is alright, let's proceed . Cai Yue and the rest are attending you out of their own volition . You can also stop worrying about seniority . Our cultivation is all about doing things with a clear conscience, disregarding complicated matters . " And winked, "They say that if you find a flower you can pick and wait, then you will miss the chance to pick it(1) . Junior brother, don't fail to measure up to this period of great happiness!"

Qin Yu resigned himself and cupped his hands, "I will sincerely follow senior brother's teachings . "

Pill Cauldron, with a 'child instructing' face, stood up and walked outside, "Come, I will take you to the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, where you can choose an item . Consider it a gift for our meeting . "

Qin Yu's eyes shone .

Ancient Immortal Valley's Hidden Treasure Pavilion definitely wasn’t ordinary .

Pill Cauldron brushed his sleeve as they left the Main Hall . He only heard the wind’s whistling . When his vision recovered, he was standing before a crude wooden house .

The stairs were repaired and intact, but under the harsh wind and rain, there were changes along the many years . Pill Cauldron stood with hands behind his back, speaking in earnest, "Qin Yu, even if you are my junior brother, there will only be one choice . Who knows when you’ll enter next time? So you have two hours to see as many items as you can before making your choice . Imprint your Divine Sense on your choice and come out . "

Qin Yu's heart felt slightly warm . This indescribably convenient encounter with senior brother was incredibly beneficial to him . But even so, he was still not completely convinced . The world's ways were many and deeply hidden . A married loving couple could separate in one night, so he must express extreme caution above all else .

With a respectful bow, Qin Yu walked towards the wooden house . The stairs creaked, yet what was heard weren't sharp and annoying noises, but ones that soothed the heart . He was not at all worried about Pill Cauldron’s intentions . There was no need to waste so much effort with his cultivation .

The door was unlocked . When Qin Yu reached to open it, he was sucked in . His vision brightened and he was already standing inside the wooden house . The door behind him closed without locking, but for him, it represented an incomprehensible power .

If an unauthorized person touched the door, he would never again come out .

The interior of the wooden house wasn’t beautiful, holding a restricting formation . Several wooden supports were strewn everywhere . The spiritual energy was wrapped around each item—bubbling—while the items themselves were restrained on the wooden supports, with each of them having a jade slip next to it .

Qin Yu looked at the first item in front of him, an ax-shaped treasure . He took the jade slip next to it and inspected it, confirming that it contained brief information regarding it .

"Heaven Breaking Axe (Imitation) . Although far inferior to the original, its attacks are still incredible . It is suitable for open and combatant disciples . Warning: This treasure requires a powerful body . "

Yet the most impressive thing was the image engraved at the end of this information . The dark-faced man hacked with the Heaven Breaking Axe and the river was torn asunder!

Astonishing power .

This imitation of the Heaven Breaking Axe was considered top quality among the Golden Core ranked treasures—based on its might— . Qin Yu sighed inside when he gazed around the long wooden supports, and on the bubbling spiritual energy . The Ancient Immortal Valley was so rich it leaked gold!

He put the jade slip back and looked further, seeing organized items on the wooden supports . He saw only weapons—several containing impressive power—yet Qin Yu only glanced at them . His was strong enough already, and if he didn't provoke a Nascent Soul, he could move unhindered throughout Southern Nation and Northern Dynasty; making these weapons mere decorations .

He arrives—with quickened steps—at the second support, one that held many defensive treasures . They were—of course—of very good quality, but Pill Cauldron had already given him some means of protection . Regardless of whether there were or weren’t any outstanding ones, Qin Yu only glanced at some of them then moved onwards .

The following treasures were all strange and wondrous items, filling his eyes with an impressive sight and melodious sounds . Just because they weren't heard, didn't mean they didn't exist . This was proof of the Ancient Immortal Valley's wealth .

Eight Treasure Horn Lamp . By inserting a trace of your soul and igniting the life fire—then consecrating it—the user had a faint chance of survival . For a cultivator, he wouldn’t be truly dead until his soul perished . He could seek a puppet body to reside in, while the worst cases could turn into soul cultivators and continue living . Who wouldn't want to have many life-saving treasures? But this treasure was a very precious one .

Scarlet Refining Nine Layered Pagoda . Each layer had the soul of a beast sealed inside . If a cultivator could refine the first layer—by filling it with his energy—he could then summon the first beast soul . If he refined the second layer, he could summon the second layer's beast soul . And once the ninth layer was refined, he could summon all nine beasts to fight alongside him . It was the same for Foundation Establishment cultivators and so was for Golden Core cultivators! Once refined, the beast souls were fairly good when done by a Foundation Establishment . But if it was done by Golden Core cultivator, the beasts would turn formidable . If he could summon all nine beast souls at his side, the outcome would be uncertain when he would encounter an early Nascent Soul .

Buddhist Light Pagoda was an item refined in secret by a Buddhist sect . It allows one to reach tranquility when cultivating and not receive outside interferences, greatly increasing cultivation speed . But the most important fact was that it could be used constantly, and once the connection was formed, it then enters one's body and protected the user from demons!

Scarlet Fire Pearl, a treasure made in the heart of a thousand li volcano .

Thousand Unbreakable Seed, after binding with it an agreement is formed, living and dying together .

Withered Nine Serene Lotus, able to greatly increase one’s soul power . . .

Wooden house's treasures were items the Ancient Immortal Valley gathered along countless years . Each item was of top quality and incredibly precious . The fact that Pill Cauldron let him choose one, was already extremely generous!

But what to pick?

Qin Yu looked left then right, feeling awkward .

Outside, Pill Cauldron was fuming with rage, yet the sixteen-seventeen old young girl before him was uncaring, as her cold tone never wavered .

"Pill Cauldron, even if you are the Sect Leader of the Ancient Immortal Valley, it doesn’t give you the right to bestow items from the treasury on a whim . You have the highest power, you also know it is wrong, but you still do it . How can the disciples accept this? "

Pill Cauldron gnashed his teeth, “You found me while I was actually here . Just who’s not accepting here?"

The young girl shot him a look, "With your status and cultivation, it is extremely muddleheaded to suppress the valley’s different opinions . "

Pill Cauldron disdained, "I am so muddleheaded I don't even care! "

The young girl said, " I will make this matter known at the next Great Gathering . "

" Who would believe you without any proof?"

"I already took a recording . "

Pill Cauldron's face froze and abruptly changed his approach, "Xiao Ling, can’t you see how I only have one junior brother? As a grand Sect Leader of this valley, if I don’t give a decent gift, I will lose all respect . Just this time, I guarantee you it’s just this once . Can you be more lenient? "

The young girl looked at him from a different angle, extended her arm and opened her palm . Pill Cauldron's face was dejected, kneading his nose, "Fine, I’ll give you spirit stones . "

Then she left, leaving —with each step—countless specks of light in her wake .

There was a complicated look in the depths of Pill Cauldron's eyes . He shook his head and it vanished . Then he looked on at the wooden house's door, curious of Qin Yu’s choice .

Qin Yu stopped right then and there . He lowered his head—bewildered—and looked at the fluttering mushroom-shaped item on the wooden support .

T-this . . .

Qin Yu's eyes went wide and sniffed the mushroom’s scent, and as he carefully touched the patterns on the wooden support, his eyes brightened . A light flashed and the jade slip with The Art of Medicine appeared . He skimmed through it and soon found what he needed .

(1) These are verses from o poem from Tang Dynasty .

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