Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 72

Chapter 72

Qin Yu was in a mist-shrouded paradise—where the old man Pill Cauldron lived—yet was still oblivious of his identity . He was absolutely certain that—in the Ancient Immortal Valley—his status was extremely high . How could it be ordinary when he was capable of facing against a Demonic Faction's Sacred Lord?

This kind of person was actually asking to take him as his Master—as he discovered him—when he should be trialed or punished instead? No matter how he saw it, it was definitely strange . His mind blank, without an ounce of seriousness . Qin Yu tried several times, but his heart couldn’t calm down, still continuing its erratic beating . He drank fine and exquisite wine —yet tasteless— while his eyes swept his surroundings .

Daoist Pill Cauldron’s previous unrestrained and unruly character—when he was up against the Demon Lord — has vanished, as if his backbone was pulled out, stretching on a soft couch . His eye landed on Qin Yu, "Kid, don’t say I didn’t warn you . The Great Elements Sword Formation beneath you is completely activated, and if you leave this place carelessly, 'hiccup', the result should be clear to you . . . "

Qin Yu lowered his head and forced himself to drink, no longer looking at the beautiful misty landscape . What about the basic trust among men? This is just too much, pretending to this extent . Qin Yu was unable to see any iota of it! If he were to take advantage of his drunken state and flee, would it be any different from committing suicide? Truly too much!

Daoist Pill Cauldron smiled pleased, then he patted Qin Yu, "Don't be down on the dumps kid, you're still alive, a marvelous feat in and of itself . Hurry up and pay respects to your Master, and the previous matter will be wiped clean . Or not, and I will hand you over . Oh, the Ancient Immortal Valley is upright to be sure, but it doesn’t lack people with strange and dark hobbies . Let's take the crazy old man from the Scarlet Furnace for example . He likes to throw people in it and crank up the heat . Of course, we can’t have you die, just baking you for eight-nine days, burning away the fat from your flesh, organs, and marrow, to the point of making you jump in ‘joy’ from the pain . That kind of pain you will definitely not like, so you better be quick with your decision!"

Qin Yu's mouth twitched . ‘What a feeble attempt at threatening people, so flimsy . It only lowers the admiration I had for you!’

Daoist Pill Cauldron grinned, "Don't admire this old man . If you admire me too much, I will keep you here and leave an imbecile; completely different from the current you . "

Qin Yu's eyes went wide .

Pill Cauldron laughed loudly, "Scared? Just so you know, I cultivate a mind-reading art . No matter what schemes you cook up, there is nothing you can hide from me!"

Qin Yu recollected himself, "If senior really has a mind-reading art, when the Demon Lord wanted to grab me, there was no need for the sacred tree to come to my rescue . "

Pill Cauldron choked on wine, and after a coughing fit and a red face, he said, "Why are children thinking so much? Don’t you know it’s rude to point out an old man's mistakes?"

Qin Yu puts down the wine cup and saluted, "Qin Yu will first thank senior for the kindness of saving my life . But I will like to ask senior, why would you want junior as a disciple? Junior is ungrateful—with many vicious and hidden dangers in this world—I am superficial and afraid that one day I will meet my end . "

Pill Cauldron shot him a glance, "Just where does it shows you don't know? You think that this old man will just let you meet your doom?"

"If senior wanted, junior would have died long ago countless of times . "

Pill Cauldron cursed while laughing, "You little brat, isn't it because you’re sure of your backing?" He creased his brows, sinking in contemplation, "Actually, this old man is also not sure why he wants to take you as a disciple . Just that—from the moment I laid my eyes on you—this thought occurred to me and can’t shake it . "

"Through the Inferring Art—in the Southern Nation and Northern Dynasty—I haven't found a second person as fitting as the first . We are fated to be master and disciple . "

Qin Yu hesitated, "These words are a bit mysterious, it's as if . . . "

"As if it's a street fortune teller's trick, right?" Daoist Pill Cauldron grins, "You have good eyes to actually tell that this old man came from a family of fortune tellers . Not bad at all . Alright, everything that should be said was said, now make your decision . "

Qin Yu bent his leg and kneeled, disregarding any loss of dignity, 'What's the harm in kneeling for your life?' Despite the one receiving it was someone so respected, he felt no admiration when looking at him . Perhaps this kneeling was another opportunity!

At this moment, Pill Cauldron let out a strange shout, his eyes rolled as if he was struck by lightning .

He brushed his sleeve and pulled Qin Yu closer, eyeing him from top to bottom, "Kid, just who are you? Why are you making my identity jade react?"

Identity jade?

Qin Yu's mind stirred, hardly believing . After some thinking, he took out a storage bag and from it, a jade slip . Pill Cauldron seized it before he could even speak, and searched it . Using a technique, the jade slip let out blue light and took the shape of a pill cauldron .

Pill Cauldron's face was blank .

Qin Yu blinked repeatedly, and a thought occurred to him . This jade slip was something he took from the Pill Disposal Facility’s underground area in Sacred Mountain Sect; from the remains of Cang Mang .

Did it have a connection with the Ancient Immortal Valley?

"Heavens! Mother earth! Unfair, why is it so unfair!" Pill Cauldron suddenly burst out, as if he had epilepsy, "So many years have I searched, and when I kid finally caught my eye, when I was about to bestow my legacy, someone was faster! If someone else were to have done this, then I would have made sure they wouldn have no way to live . Just why did it have to be him, the departed Master I never got to meet!"

"Ah, why is my life so miserable?" These words ended with a drawn-out high tone, just like at the opera .

Qin Yu's face paled . At Pill Cauldron’s display of extreme fury and bitterness, he was afraid he would go berserk and take his poor little life .

Several figures with fierce auras arrived, looking everywhere for the enemy .

Pill Cauldron was raving mad and rained curses, "Why have you all come? I am hiding, who would dare come kill me? Get lost, beat it, just get the hell out, all of you!"

The experts were frozen stiff . They spotted a silent Qin Yu, then shrank and truly beat it, disappearing inside the roaming mist .

Qin Yu: . . .

Cursing at people appeased his anger a bit, but his face was still ashen, releasing a hint of aura, but it was taken back soon after . He returned the jade slip to Qin Yu, his mouth finding it painfully difficult to squeeze a smile, "Little junior brother, elder brother’s manners were lacking the first time . "

Qin Yu was choking on his words, giving him a supercilious look . He was somewhat prepared, but how come he felt that this was even more preposterous .

Pill Cauldron coughed and took out another jade slip, "Little martial brother, there’s no need for doubt . Many years ago, this identity jade was, *cough*, senior's final teaching before his passing . It holds an inheritance, that helped me reach today's position . Little junior brother and I, are all Master's disciples . It's only natural for us brothers to match each other!"

Qin Yu cupped his hands in haste, "Junior doesn't dare!"

Pill Cauldron waved his hand, "What not daring?! You are my little martial brother, and this will never change, starting now! Alright, rest here while I’ll handle things . Tomorrow, we will hold the ceremony for your new title . After which you will become Ancient Immortal Valley's Little Martial Uncle . "

Pill Cauldron flew out of the garden and—sure enough—his lazy and relaxed manner disappeared in a single step, replaced by an extremely dignified air .

Qin Yu was slack-jawed, only to give a strained laughter in the end, 'Just what is going on exactly?!'

The second day .

The Ancient Immortal Valley's central area was under a state of emergency, with all of Zhao clan's young generation along with official disciples from the center of the valley were under order to gather in the Pill Palace's Grand Square . This area spread more than ten li, made entirely of white jade, emphasizing the greatness of the Ancient Immortal Valley . It was used only in matters of great importance .

Something major must have happened today!

Yesterday, Demonic Faction's Sacred Lord attacked the Ancient Immortal Valley, only to be repelled by Patriarch . Such an arrogant display definitely won't end so easily .

"The Demonic Faction is too arrogant . Do they think that the Ancient Immortal Valley is a common sect they can attack whenever? This isn't over, not by a long shot!"

"Right, this time we shall make the Demonic Faction understand, that the Ancient Immortal Valley isn't to be offended!"

"Today's display must be because of the Patriarch's fury, and he will definitely give us an inspiring speech! "

"Hahahaha! This granny's saber is so thirsty I can hardly control it!"

Many spirited disciples glanced at a certain saber holding, laughing maniacally, thick, short and ugly female . But quickly looked elsewhere, trying to keep as far away as they can .

Very soon, the Grand Square gathering was underway .

The Pill Palace's main gate opened and the eight Grand Elders walked out in a line, each face tense and ashen . The Grand Square went silent, with many disciples and juniors shivering inside . ‘The Grand Elders are indeed furious! Good, good, good, you villains from Demonic Faction will no longer have any more peaceful days!’

Thoughts stirred and auras were released, as everyone was boiling with murderous intent, when the atmosphere in the Grand Square suddenly became stern .

The clouds suddenly moved!

The Ancient Immortal Valley's grand formation sensed the disciples' burning spirits and began to silently activate, gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth accompanied by thunderous booms .

The eight Elders frowned at this, and the one in the lead, the Azure Sky Furnace’s Head, shouted coldly, "Settle down, do you want to send us, old men, to our graves?"

Everyone was stunned by the shock .

T-t-this . . .

Something was not right .

The head of the Disciplinary Furnace, Fan Jianhai coughed, "Senior brother Xu, Patriarch is still here, so how about you let me announce it?"

Xu Aoleng snorted and lowered his head .

Fan Jianhai took a deep breath, and spoke gravely, "Here is the Patriarch’s order!"

The entire Grand Square kneeled .

"Yesterday, we were attacked by Demonic Faction, but we made an unexpected gain from it . Patriarch and his long-separated junior brother are reunited, becoming the Ancient Immortal Valley's Little Martial Uncle, with the same seniority as the Patriarch . The Ancient Immortal Valley won't forgive any who offend him!"

Eyes went wide while jaws fell .

Patriarch's junior brother? Little Martial Uncle?

Just where did this come from?!

Minds began churning and soon recalled why the eight Grand Elders had such gloomy expressions . Just how difficult must have been for a head of a department to reach this point? Just shy from the peak and only below the Patriarch . Who wouldn't be depressed when a Little Martial Uncle inexplicably appeared over their heads?

Not to mention that this Little Martial Uncle was unknown to all of them . ‘If he's a teenager, still wet behind the ears, then the joke will be complete! At this, the one-two hundred years old cultivators from the center of the valley also began to show unpleasant expressions .

Everyone left as quick as they came, immediately disbanding once the announcement was made . The eight Grand Elders returned just as glum to their departments . From start to finish, Qin Yu never showed his face . He won this through strong pleading—along with the added help of the eight Grand Elders' opposition in this matter—thus, forcing Pill Cauldron to agree . Nonetheless, the title Little Martial Uncle—within the hour—spread around the entire Ancient Immortal Valley!

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