Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 52

Chapter 52


Qin Yu faintly sensed how someone was looking after him . What he drank fell in his stomach, transforming into a fire . Then, his consciousness once shattered from the ordeal, slowly recovered .

After who knows how long, a day or two, or maybe a year or two, the thoroughly exhausted Qin Yu opened his eyes . The sun’s ray passes through the window, shining with a faint yellow light on a messy skirt . Then continued next to it, on the clean and perfect back of the woman, leaning in the wooden cask, asleep .

Right when Qin Yu’s eyes land, she opens her eyes .

Water hits his face, soaking it . He closes and opens his eyes, but she is already completely dressed, standing at the edge of the bed, with droplets of water falling from her hair, saying “Pretty?” A pleasant voice, in an enticing setting, yet Qin Yu’s heart was frozen . Therefore, he shakes his head, only to hear his bones creaking .

The woman squints her eyes as if to figure out if he was lying, and with a light snort, she stands straighter . Her stature is very tall, like an enchantress, so the sight of her coming out of the bath became even more eye-catching .

Qin Yu closed his eyes naively .

The sound of light laughter reaches his ear, then she spoke, “It seems, you aren’t as brave as you showed . ”

“Many thanks for saving me miss, but we don’t seem to know each other . ”

The woman has a pondering look, “Really? Then why do I feel, that you recognized me . ”

Qin Yu bluntly shakes his head .

“It doesn’t matter . Sister has never forgotten you, the little man I wounded that year . ”

Qin Yu felt he couldn’t deny it, and seeing the familiar face, he helplessly nods, “So it’s young miss You Ji . It seems that enemies are fated to meet on a narrow road . ”

You Ji covers her charming laughter, “The road isn’t narrow . Sister saw you at the Righteous and Demonic Faction meeting . But you ran too fast, and I had to make some sacrifices to find you . Right when you failed to break through and almost died exploding . ”

Qin Yu smiled dejected, “There’s no need to reveal my scars . ”

“The wounds aren’t healed, so how can there be scars . ” You Ji’s eyes moved smoothly, “Sister is very curious . How have you trained in Demon Body?”

“Would you believe if I said it was all a coincidence?”

You Ji smiled, “I do . Because the only one I found who could train in Demon Body is one lucky bastard . ”

Qin Yu smiled, “Young miss doesn’t kill me because of Demon Body?”

You Ji threw a coy gaze, “Little brother is so smart . ”


“Wait for the wounds to heal, and sister will tell you . ”

“Young miss You Ji isn’t afraid I will hurt you when I recovered?”

You Ji’s eyes are cold, “Is little brother not worried that these words will cause your death?”

Qin Yu shakes his head, “If young miss wanted to kill, you would’ve done it already . ”

“Hehe . I can’t scare you, how boring . ” You Ji smiled, “Rest well . Since sister saved you, I’m not afraid of your retaliation . Unless you never want to condense your Golden Core . ”

Qin Yu’s expression changed .

You Ji was pleased, then turned her enticing body to leave .


“Is there something else, little man?”

“Despite feeling honored for the bathing water young miss used, after careful consideration, young miss is still being taken advantage of . So please wipe yourself dry . ”

You Ji’s charming body froze, her silver teeth clenching, then came over, “You truly want me dry?” Using a gentle voice with a loveable and slightly flushed face, along with tender eyes .

Qin Yu smiled, “It’s dry now!”


You Ji left .

After a short while, the bamboo dragonfly entered through the window, confirming her departure . Qin Yu was lying paralyzed on the bed, gasping for breath, with fine sweat on his brow .

It seems, You Ji won’t kill him for now .

This is enough .

With a relaxed mind, Qin Yu sank into a deep slumber .

Outside the wooden house, space began to twist and You Ji stepped out . She grabbed the bamboo dragonfly, smiling, “What a cautious guy . But before sister, you’re still naïve . ” She looked around the verdant medicine garden, “Living in seclusion?” Her eyes flashed, then returned to normal .

Qin Yu woke up once again and opens his eyes to see the loveable face of You Ji as she drips violet blood from her fingertip in his mouth . Once in his stomach, it starts to burn like fire, yet his limbs felt rather warm and cozy .

You Ji’s eyes were lazy, “How do you feel?”

Qin Yu finally realizes what he drank when unconscious . Eyes flashed with a complicated expression, and smiled, “Much better . ”

His tongue touched her finger and they both froze as if struck by lightning .

You Ji took back her finger, healing with a demonic light, then said unaffected, “To save you, sister suffered a huge loss . You must keep that in mind . ”

“The kindness of saving my life is bigger than a mountain . If young miss says it, I will give my all . ”

“Even killing?”


“I’m not joking . If it’s that easy, sister would have settled it already . Why would I complicate things?”

Qin Yu coughed, “Young miss You Ji, what do you want from me?”

You Ji looked over lazily, “Why the interest? Never mind, telling you won’t matter . Sister wants to go to a place, where the Demon Body acts as the key . If you help me retrieve an item I want, sister will tell you how to break through . ”

Qin Yu was solemn, “Young miss is serious?”

“Of course, sister won’t deceive you . ” She turns, “You’re tired, continue your rest . Oh, here is the bamboo dragonfly . Sister likes to sleep without clothes, so don’t peep . ”


The mysterious You Ji’s violet blood is the best cure for Qin Yu . The crushed Demon Body gradually showed its vitality, and he soon made a speedy recovery . Like this, his grave wounds that could leave an ordinary man crippled and in bed all his life, for Qin Yu, it required only a month to start walking . And half a year later, he was practically cured .

Qin Yu walks outside, bathing in the sun’s rays, as he stretched his body, making creaking sounds and taking long breaths . His heart beats strongly in his chest, pumping blood throughout his body and feeling every inch containing explosive vitality .

Destruction and reconstruction!

This new Demon Body has almost twice the power of the one before .

You Ji sighed, “You benefited, while sister suffered . ”

This was actually true . Taking out so much blood, made her face paler and aura slightly weaker .

Qin Yu smiled dejectedly, “I don’t think this result will happen a second time . ”

“Hehe, then be good ad help sister accomplish her wish . Then you can break through the Golden Core realm, and in the future, this trouble will be removed . ”

Qin Yu nods, “When do we start?”

“No rush, there are still more than three months left . ”

“That’s fine . Young miss You Ji, can you return my storage bag now?”

You Ji shouted in a low voice, “So embarrassing . Sister forgot . ”

But her smiling face lacked any sincerity .

As she threw the several storage bags, You Ji’s voice was faintly heard, “Little brother is so rich, but why are there only demonic items from my Demonic Faction inside?”

Qin Yu shakes his head, “They wanted to kill me, so what was I supposed to do . ”

You Ji laughed coldly, “You’re still shameless? Fiendish Star!” Emphasizing the last two words .

Qin Yu shrugs, with an ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ attitude and soared away, “I am raising a pet and don’t know what happened to him, so I will go and check first, then return shortly . ”

You Ji clenched her silver teeth secretly and stamped her foot . She always seems to come at the losing end when talking to Qin Yu .

This scoundrel . If it weren’t… I will get you one day!

Flying out of the valley, Qin Yu finds that no item is missing from the storage bags and increased instead . In the manner of a small item .

An unremarkable small stone, not reacting when he searched the storage bag . If not for Qin Yu’s cautious nature, he would have overlooked it . While pondering, he entered the forest and flew further away .

Half an hour later, You Ji stood silently on an old tree, expression grave, carefully pushing away a branch .

Then, she was struck dumb .

A black and white plump wild boar was comfortably lying in a shaded area, sleeping peacefully, with a storage bag tied to its neck .

You Ji’s charming face flushed, giving a wrathful shriek, “Qin Yu, you bastard!”

The startled wild boar straightened its short legs and ran away in panic . The storage bag at its neck shaking in the wind, extremely taunting .

At this moment, the bastard Qin Yu was a hundred li away, in a hidden valley . The plants here are green and lush, with a stream forming a small lake . He was about to reveal himself when a “bawk” was heard, as Pheasant King came out of hiding with a moved expression .

Half a year ago, Qin Yu left him here, to do nothing but watch after the small lake, an extremely boring job . He was always thinking about his huge harem not being there with him for half a year . Saddened at the thought that they were making him wear who knows how many hats .

Qin Yu’s heart relaxed and smiled, “Alright, I know you suffered, I will make it up to you later . Did anything happen this half a year?”

Pheasant King shakes his head, chest out, head raised, ‘With this king here, who would dare act arrogantly . ’

Qin Yu jumped in the lake, then soon came out . He then used his energy to make the water turn to steam, cleaning him .

In his hand, was now a golden string storage bag .

When he explored it, he found that Little Blue Lamp, Thousand Gold Tree, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo and a great number of spirit stones were all intact .

Qin Yu smiled, rejoicing inside . Luckily, he impulsively took the important items and hid them in this small lake . If not, the secret of the Little Blue Lamp would have already been exposed!



This is my credit .

Qin Yu took a jade bottle, “There are fifty pills inside . Don’t return to the house for four months . Understood?”

Pheasant King bowed and nodded . Holding the bottle in his beak he then flew away . The attitude in the way he flew conveyed ‘How come you’re so impatient . That’s fine, from partying every night I was made to cultivate like a monk for half a year . Who could ever endure this . ’

Qin Yu puts away the storage bag and looked to see if he left any traces before soaring in the sky .

The entire month, You Ji’s face was cold, and pissed . Perhaps she thought of herself as a beaten wild goose for an entire year that was actually annoyed and embarrassed by a lousy chicken .

Qin Yu cheerfully and quietly entered cultivation . His Demon Body has almost doubled in strength, but to endure even more energy, despite the unforgettable taste of explosion, he decided to continue his cultivation . Perhaps this is called going to the mountains despite having tigers(1) .

Of course, in front of You Ji he’ll keep the same act, faking ignorance!

(1) Meaning he is taking a risk despite knowing the danger

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