Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 51

Chapter 51

In the mountain range, lay a valley covered entirely by clouds . But these clouds appear like a mirage, as the sunlight landing on the medicine garden bellow, a faint aura is reflected . The medicine fragrance strikes the nose like an exceptional gourmet meal . Just standing before it and opening your mouth, you can have a taste . Yet this is actually a life and death test for the hen!

Pheasant King stands at the side of a medicine garden with his throat moving constantly as he swallows, face twisting . Can I eat? Should I eat? His eyes wide, wings flapping, acting like a starved tiger . When suddenly, the mists shifts .


With a loud cry, Pheasant King flew over creating gusts of wind that also has some of his grandeur showing . This miserable and poor manner meaning to say, ‘Once this king leaves, will never return! Someone as devoted as me, facing untold perils, have defended master’s medicine garden, with no one allowed to touch it!’

Qin Yu walks through the mist and stumbled upon this scene . He smiled at Pheasant King’s appearance full of devotion, then waved his sleeve, swatting him aside .


Unable to ask why, Pheasant King cried as he was tossed in the air, then rolling on the ground and then flopped down, unmoving . What a miserable cry, what an authentic tumble . But why were his wings protecting his face while thrown? No progress what so ever!

Qin Yu waved and the bamboo dragonfly lands in his hand . He then noticed that nothing unusual happened in the time he was gone .

He renewed its energy reserves, then walks towards the wooden house .

Pheasant King was embarrassed . He struggled for three seconds, straighten in a jump, and rushed Qin Yu, his tail wagging .

“Weren’t you unconscious?”

Pheasant King: I can take it!

“Don’t wag . You’re no dog!”

Pheasant King: I can still take it!

“If you act, then be thorough . You’re fault of covering your face never changes . Moreover, do you have to protect it?”

Pheasant King: I constantly… no . Mock me all you want, but don’t mock my face . Little Qin, you’re too excessive!

He valiantly raised his head, on the verge of ‘speaking’ to express his rage, when several pills lad directly on his face .

Ah… Such a familiar fragrance . The flavor I love the best . So intoxicating!

What face, can you eat it? Pheasant King holding the pills shows his contempt . He gave a ‘You’re too naïve and pure kid’ coy attitude, then turned and fawned . Showing his master 120% of his flattering skills .

Little Qin?!

Who said it? Not me . If you want to scold you need proof first . This king’s iron beak isn’t used to play around!

The jade box is four fingers wide and palm-sized, entirely blue, and slightly cold . Opening the lid with the talisman on it reveals a stalk as big as a finger . It possesses many roots, but some showing signs of withering while flashing with a trace of green lightning .

This is Heavenly Thunder Bamboo!

Qin Yu spent two days rushing . Going to the large city with the Alliance’s base inside, where the exchanges are made and buying the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo . All because of the trouble revealing himself would bring .

As for exposing his identity, it might bring benefit, but Qin Yu can’t risk it . Because sooner or later he will be found out as the outer disciple of the Sacred Mountain Sect . At that time, everyone will realize that there is something greatly suspicious upon his person .

He can’t go seeking his own death!

The priority is getting the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo and reaching Golden Core realm . Based on his current strength, after achieving it and going even further, except for Nascent Soul, there will be nothing that can threaten him in the entire territory of Southern Nation .

He rummaged for a flower pot and put the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo among the Thousand Gold Trees . He sneers at the sight of the somewhat dried roots .

Cut so that only this finger sized length remained, how could they have the nerve to say it’s also at eight hundred years old? What matters is that the bamboo shows signs of withering . If he doesn’t solve it, it will soon die .

He would be raging if it weren’t for the Little Blue Lamp .

Now, he can only wait for night to come .

Half a year later .

Qin Yu sits below the half a person tall Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, submerged in green thunder . Soreness and pain could be felt from within as if countless ants were biting and crawling . Despite having done this many times, his body still tensed and perspired profoundly! Traces of grey mixed in the sweat were released through his pores, giving off a fishy smell .

After an hour, the green lightning scattered, and Qin Yu opened his eyes . Inside, a faint image of thunder flashed . He gets up and entered the wooden cask filled with hot water, letting out a comfortable groan .

Leaning on the cask, and calming his breathing, Qin Yu was struck by a wave of exhaustion, falling asleep . But only for a short while . He opened his eyes, filled with vigor, smiling as he sensed the changes on his body .

The Heavenly Thunder Bamboo grows a segment every hundred years and was less than four fingers . Under Little Blue Lamp, it grew to fifteen segments in half a year . Each day representing around eight years of growth . Making the previous eight hundred old bamboo to reach its new age of two thousand and three hundred years .

This shows that Little Blue Lamp’s ability to increase spiritual plant growth is constant no matter the type of plant . At least, the plants who were further away from Little Blue Lamp still had the same growth speed .

In this cultivator era, a thousand-year spiritual plant is priceless . A plant over two thousand years is only possessed by large sects . And the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo from antiquity, is worthy of its name, with the lightning it releases having a miraculous cleansing effect . Qin Yu can clearly feel it, now that his body has fewer and fewer pill residues .

But it’s still not enough .

His body resembles a bucket filled with water . If he adds a bit more, there is a high of exploding, so he doesn’t risk it . Qin Yu must first break through to the Golden Core realm .

He was lucky that, as it grew, the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo’s green lightning increased in strength . Eliminating all of the pill residues won’t take much longer .

In a flash, another half a year passed .

Following a muffled painful roar, Qin Yu’s body released the last trace of pill residue with the help of the green lightning . Once it scattered, it exposed his wretched figure, clothes soaked in sweat and with a fishy smell attacking his nose .

The Heavenly Thunder Bamboo at the side is now taller than a man, with exuberant branches and leaves . The surge released with each passing of the current throughout the bamboo shakes one’s heart . After a bit of counting, its current age nears five thousand years! If it were to be exchanged, it wouldn’t be for less than a million spirit stones, enough to stir a great sect into taking it by force .

But at this moment, Qin Yu doesn’t pay attention to the bamboo . With the removal of all of the pill residues, Qin Yu can begin breaking through to the Golden Core realm .

In a hidden cave a hundred li away from the valley, Qin Yu deployed a formation disc and activated it .

The formation’s energy is released, sealing the place, preventing any outside detection .

Today, in this place, he wants to shed the Foundation Establishment realm and enter the Golden Core realm!

Around himself, thirty thousand spirit stones appear with a brush of his sleeve, forming six small spirit stone hills . The upright sitting Qin Yu takes some Spirit Increasing Pill . The strong medicinal power inside quickly spreads, bringing him to his peak . To break through to the Golden Core realm, he needs to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy in a short time, and that’s where these spirit stones come in .

While breaking through, Qin Yu’s Dantian, because of being suppressed, it has always been peaceful . The Foundation was shining brightly with countless lights converged, as if a sun was about to emerge illuminating the world .

Qin Yu’s body trembles, his veins visible on his skin . His pure energy from failing to break through seventeen times began to move, large enough to condense the Golden Core . In fact, this is what happens . The Foundation trembles, with the dazzling brilliance soaring from within soaring into the sky . That’s the light of the Golden Core!

Qin Yu’s whole aura turns dignified as a suction force exploded, making the thirty thousand spirit stones shake from the restless spiritual energy inside . Like a river that broke its dam, all the spiritual energy rushed inside Qin Yu .

As his energy exploded, Qin Yu opened his eyes . His skin starts to crack, covering him in countless cuts, from which blood gushes out . The ground shatters from the trembling, as the spirit stone flew, destroying the formation disc with their terrifying aura!

A muffled sound like a thunderclap was heard, spreading far away from the forest’s depth . Qin Yu faced upwards letting out steam, then collapsed!

With his strong Demon Body, when it came to condensing the Golden Core, for some reason it dispersed . Unable to bear the severe backlash, it then crumbled .

Why did it fail?

Above his rage, this thought resounded the loudest .

The second thought was that he can’t stay here for long .

Qin Yu struggles to get up . This simple movement turns his vision black, but with sheer willpower, he resists the urge to faint . He takes some pills and leaves staggering, forgoing the thirty thousand spirit stones

As his breathing was getting rougher, his crushed body gradually turned cold . Not knowing how far he walked, Qin Yu is clear that his time has come . Leaning on a rock, his body slides on the ground . With great difficulty, he managed to get into a comfortable position then became silent .

Everything was done right and he was careful enough . So why did he still lose? For what reason did he go on living?

Qin Yu frowns, unable to make peace with it, ‘I am unwilling to go down like this . ’ Steps were approaching, probably from a woman . Qin Yu didn’t look, still searching for an answer inside .

The newcomer opened her mouth, voice pleasant as an oriole, “Are you thinking why you failed?”

Qin Yu lifts his head, and a wound opened on his neck, showing the scarlet flesh . Yet he seems to not notice, “Do you know?”

With vocal cords damaged, the sounds are hoarse and unpleasant, but surprisingly serene .

The woman’s brow rose, smiling, “Your thinking is much calmer than mine . ”

“Because I know I’m about to die . What’s the point of being worried . I won’t lie, I will really die . So if you want to tell me, it would be best to take it into consideration, or there won’t be much time . ”

The woman walks next to him, her finger tracing his face . Then she stuck the blood covered finger in her mouth . Her countenance relaxes, showing an intoxicated look, “It really is the taste of the Demon Body…”

Qin Yu frowns, “I don’t care what happens to me after I’m dead, but could you wait for me to close my eyes first?”

“You scared?”

“Only nauseous . ”

The woman was fascinated, “Have you eaten human flesh?”

Qin Yu was silent for a while, then, “Only seen it . ”

With loveable laughter, the woman gently caressed his face, murmuring, “Relax, how can I let you die…”

Her fingernail pierced her delicate palm and violet blood enters his wound . A scorching feeling assaulted him as if countless branding irons were imprinted inside and outside his body!

Qin Yu fainted without uttering a word .

The woman blanked a moment, the smiled, “Truly a fascinating guy . ”

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