Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 394

Chapter 394

Chapter 394 – This Old Servant Knows What To Do

Like a traveler wandering through a hot desert on the verge of death, just as he was about to fall into despair, he found a clear oasis with a spring overflowing with sweet and clear water . Simply said, this happiness came too suddenly . Qin Yu wasn’t prepared at all . All of the random thoughts in his mind were thrown beyond the highest heavens . In particular, any and all disrespect he had towards the master of this island was completely hidden away .

He no longer had to maintain the thought of sitting in a straight posture before he died, so that all others that came in the future would see how tough his will and mindset had been . He relaxed and then laid face up on his back . His chest still heaved with difficulty and although his condition was still poor, he was relaxed and happy .

This was because Qin Yu knew he wouldn’t die here .

The black-haired old man’s expression was warm with a hint of a smile . Qin Yu knew this was only a puppet projection and even this old man’s current performance was completely based on settings designed by the projection’s creator . Still, he didn’t care, and his dazed eyes even shined with a bit of anticipation .

“Mm, your vitality is currently dried up right now . It is the result of forcefully stimulating a strength that far surpasses your limits . I will first help you restore yourself . ” As the black-haired old man spoke he lifted a hand . A jade box appeared . “There is an Eternal Primordial Fruit in here . It will help you restore your lifespan . Eat it . ”

Qin Yu opened the jade box . A rich aura of life instantly submerged him . All of the pores in his dried and withered body immediately opened and started to immediately absorb it; his vitality actually began to restore itself . If just taking several breaths of this fruit could restore his vitality, then the preciousness of this Eternal Primordial Fruit was likely beyond his imagination!

But in his current situation, Qin Yu had no thoughts of saving it for the future . He took several bites, eating up the fruit .

Bang –

It was like a massive barrel of oil had been poured atop a small and flickering flame . The vitality within Qin Yu’s body began to rise at a shocking speed . His withered and dotted skin rapidly turned smooth and soft . His grass-like hair became elastic and radiant . Even the gray hair he gained from refining the Revival Good Fortune Pill immediately turned pitch black . Blood energy rushed into his body and erupted within him, several times more formidable than before .

Hum –

Countless tiny runes appeared in Qin Yu’s blood . They flickered and disappeared, turning into a flow of information that entered his soul .

Demon Body combat technique – Choking Finger .

By stimulating the Demon Body, there was a 10% chance of ignoring defense . It had an absolute defense-shattering attribute and also a 1% chance of triggering a sure-kill attribute .

Qin Yu was dumbfounded . This fruit had not only completely restored his lifespan but it had directly pushed his King step Demon Body to the small success stage and even awakened the Demon Body’s combat technique .

A 10% chance of ignoring defense and a 1% chance of triggering a sure-kill attribute…this was a truly heaven-defying technique . It was worthy of being called the terrifying combat technique that exclusively belonged to the Demon Body!

To awaken this at the small success of the King step, although there was luck involved, Qin Yu absolutely believed this was related to the Eternal Primordial Fruit!

But this wasn’t the end . After the Eternal Primordial Fruit completely restored Qin Yu’s lifespan, there was still a portion of its strength left . This strength continued to enhance Qin Yu’s body, and he could feel it becoming increasingly formidable .

Hum –

Mystical runes appeared within his blood once more . Another stream of information flowed into his mind .

Demon Body combat technique – Choking Finger, second stage .

By stimulating the Demon Body, there was a 30% chance of disregarding defense with an absolute defense-shattering attribute . There was also a 5% chance of triggering a sure-kill attribute .

This…this…this was large success of the King step Demon Body!

Moreover, what was even more heaven-defying was that he had awakened the Demon Body’s combat technique once more, and it was exactly the next stage of the Choking Finger .

Qin Yu was stunned . A look of wild joy lit up his face . This must be what everyone referred to when they said great fortune would come after surviving a brush with death!

Moreover, he was sure that continuously awakening the Demon Body’s combat technique must be a function of the Eternal Primordial Fruit .

In just several breaths of time, this fruit had restored over 3000 years of his lifespan and directly lifted his Demon Body to the large success boundary . Moreover, it had awakened the Choking Finger to the second stage…this effect was truly heaven-defying!

There was still a bit of the Eternal Primordial Fruit’s strength left . It continued to enhance his body and transform him . Unfortunately, it was just a bit away from allowing his King step Demon Body to reach perfection .

Qin Yu opened his eyes and looked at the fruit core in his hand . He could feel the rich vitality emanating from it . He carefully placed it back in the jade box and into his storage ring .

This thing would surely be useful in the future!

The black-haired old man smiled . “Very good . Your lifespan has been restored . I will now continue rewarding you . ” His eyes flashed for a moment . “Not bad . You’ve condensed Five Element Nascent Souls and stepped onto the path of the Five Elements . Your future prospects are very bright . I will lend you a helping hand . ”

He lifted a hand and grasped out . A sphere of light appeared . “This technique should be the most appropriate for you . If you can fully cultivate it and achieve mastery of it, then touching upon the source of the world shouldn’t be difficult . ”

He flicked his finger and the sphere of light flew in between Qin Yu’s eyebrows . Within Qin Yu’s mind, there was a loud roar like a million thunderbolts ringing out at once . The shadow of a mountain appeared . Faintly, one could see into the middle of the mountain . Five Nascent Souls were sitting there cross-legged . At this time, they all opened their eyes and cupped their hands together and bowed, “I greet fellow daoist Qin Yu . ”

After a long time, Qin Yu opened his eyes, his face full of shock .

‘Five Element Mountain is a technique that master inadvertently obtained after cutting down a great being and refining his soul . This technique uses the Five Element Nascent Souls as the foundation and combines them with the Five Element Rule Arts . Its might can shake the heavens and earth . ’

Although his mind was still confused from the sudden influx of information, just looking at the opening introduction of the Five Element Mountain left Qin Yu startled by how vast and broad it was .

If he could fully cultivate the Five Element Mountain then that was enough to fully overwhelm all other Divine Souls . If he could perceive his own rule arts after that, then fighting above his step wouldn’t be too difficult either .

Of course, this was in a situation where Qin Yu didn’t use other secret arts and other abilities that superimposed his strength . As expected, great risks led to great harvests . Ignoring everything else, just this Five Element Mountain technique made everything he experienced worth it .

“I thank senior for the generous gift . ” Although this was nothing but a puppet projection, Qin Yu still cupped his hands together and bowed .

Unfortunately, this puppet projection was inevitably a lifeless object . Even after hearing his words, there was no change to his smiling face . The old man simply nodded and continued to say, “You have cut down the Underworld Great Commander and the merit from doing so just barely managed to obtain these rewards for you . Then, I will now calculate your test completion for the Underworld guard test . ”

The black-haired old man paused for a moment and then smiled . “501, including one Underworld Great Commander . According to the rules, you have passed the test and it is possible for you to obtain the qualifications to become an inner court disciple . Please wait a moment . ” He bowed deeply, “This subordinate is the presider of the Underworld guard test . I have decided to grant Qin Yu the status of inner court disciple . I ask the lord to please make a decision . ”

Seeing this sight, Qin Yu’s complexion turned strange . Before, when Undying first made a move, this sort of request had already been made . Without accident, there shouldn’t be any reply .

According to the so-called default rule, his qualification as an inner court disciple was already decided .

His eyes brightened . After experiencing the Eternal Primordial Fruit and Five Element Mountain, Qin Yu suddenly anticipated what sort of harvests being an inner court disciple would give him .

But the script wasn’t what he thought it would be like . . .

After obtaining no response, the black-haired old man waited for a long period of time . There was a bit of awkwardness on his face as he asked, “My lord, are you unhappy with this decision? But 501 Underworld guards only meets the recruitment conditions for an inner court disciple . ”

There was silence as before .

The black-haired old man heaved a sigh, his voice filled with helplessness . “It’s fine . It seems that the junior participating in this test must be the successor of some great figure . If that is the case, I will make him an exception and grant him the status of a true lineage disciple . I ask the lord to make a decision . ”

This was an absolutely unexpected result . Qin Yu’s eyes widened and he watched as the black-haired old man continued his one-man show . His expression became incredibly strange and disturbed . But, his heart was actually filled with joy . The status of a true lineage disciple was undoubtedly far more honored than that of an inner court disciple . And the advantages obtained were surely much greater too .

Qin Yu couldn’t help but feel an even greater sense of anticipation .

It had to be known that the master of this island and all of his subordinates had perished in the endless river of time . No matter who the black-haired old man asked, he was destined to never receive a response . According to the strange logic that the black-haired old man was using, the harvests he would obtain at the end would likely far surpass his imagination!

As expected, the black-haired old man took a step back . After deciding to grant Qin Yu the status of a true lineage disciple, he still didn’t obtain any response . His body shivered and his eyes turned solemn and respectful . He said in a quiet voice, “My lord, in the Holy Land, the status of a true lineage disciple is above 10,000 others and incomparably honored . They even have the qualifications to obtain guidance from the master . Are you not satisfied?”

Silence .

What nonsense, everyone had already died . If there really was a response now it would be scary .

The black-haired old man took a deep breath and coldly said, “I don’t know who this young man is that he would cause my lord to disregard the rules to such an extent, but at most I can only grant the status of a true lineage disciple . Since my lord is still dissatisfied, this subordinate can only report this matter upwards and wait for a decision from the Holy Land . ”

He cupped his hands together, “May I ask the Inner Temple Elder to make a decision on this matter?”

No response .

He cupped his hands together again, “May I ask the three Temple Masters to make a decision on this matter?”

No response .

The black-haired old man had a face full of shock . He clenched his teeth and cupped his hands together a third time . He bowed deeply and asked, “I ask the Vice Exalted to make a judgment!”

If there was an image to accompany this scene, it would be that of several crows squawking before waddling away .

The black-haired old man was full of disbelief at such an unreasonable event . None of the high level figures of the Holy Land interfered in this matter .

Even the Vice Exalted, such a supreme existence, had chosen to remain silent .

He looked at Qin Yu, a complex look on his eyes . Could this junior’s status be this terrifying?

After a long moment of silence, the black-haired old man fell to his knees and bowed to the floor . He respectfully said, “Master, this old servant needs your order . ”

This entirely different movement caused Qin Yu’s heart to skip a beat . The ‘master’ that the old man spoke of was definitely the master of this entire place . Although it was highly likely that the master had already died, when it came to these existences that possessed transcendent strength and methods, who knew what sort of contingencies they would leave behind?

Qin Yu was extremely worried . His heart beat like a racing drum . But luckily, nothing changed . The ruins were still as quiet as they were before .

He was fine!

Hahaha…Qin Yu laughed inwardly . He looked at the black-haired old man . He thought that right now, he had truly walked into a great stroke of good luck .

The black-haired old man knelt for a long time . After obtaining no response, his face filled with terror as he bowed to the floor again and again . “It was this old servant that was muddled . Without your permission, how could the great figures of the Holy Land be silent? Master, rest assured, this old servant knows what to do . ”

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