Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 393

Chapter 393

Chapter 393 – One Finger, 3000 years

When the Underworld Great Commander looked at Qin Yu, the purple flames of his eyes were now flickering with shock and dread . He suddenly thought that if this lowly and weak human could have Undying’s protection as well as another formidable soul within him, could he actually be the reincarnation of some mighty being?

But the aura of his soul was extremely young; it didn’t match that of a reincarnation .

Though he couldn’t figure it out, the Underworld Great Commander still favored his previous idea, that Qin Yu was the reincarnation of some formidable existence .

Only this could explain why this person could rely on his weak and small strength to erupt with such terrifying power!

The dark purple flames in the Underworld Great Commander’s eyes erupted with endless greed . The reincarnations of these great beings usually had complete spirit marks from their past lives . If he could devour him, countless possibilities would open up for him in the future .

Who cared if the black crystal was destroyed? Next to the soul of a reincarnated supreme being, there wasn’t any comparison at all!

“Die!” With a loud roar, the Underworld Great Commander clenched his teeth and used his secret art . In the far off Underworld, inside his true body, a drop of god blood lit up in his heart . It forcefully crossed time and space to pour a great strength into his projection .

In an instant, all of the projection’s wounds were healed to how they were in the beginning and his aura became even more formidable .

Hum –

The world phantom arrived once more . It was even more solidly condensed into reality than the first one . With a loud rumbling sound, it began to revolve and emit a formidable suppressive strength .

Qin Yu’s body stiffened . Each movement became incomparably difficult . As he moved his arm, his flesh and blood, his bones, everything began to emit pained groans .

But his eyes remained icy cold, without the tiniest emotion . He thrust out the third finger – Blue Sea Finger!

When this finger appeared, the Spirit Lock technique instantly collapsed and his cultivation boundary began to drastically fall . Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls screamed with pain as they bordered on collapse . His appearance rapidly aged, as if hundreds of years had passed in a single breath of time . His body started to wither away like a dead piece of wood, as if all his blood energy had evaporated into nothingness .

This wasn’t the sacrifice from using the power of the burning heavens, but the price Qin Yu had to pay for using the third finger . There was no way to describe the scene that occurred after the third finger was used . This was because it was simply far too large, so large that it covered the horizon, so large that it completely occupied everyone’s field of vision .

It was like the entire world became incomparably tiny in front of this finger . As if this finger could easily smash everything!

As the Underworld Great Commander looked at the Blue Sea Finger that had just appeared, he immediately summoned his world projection .

“Ahh!” With a pained scream, the purple flames in his eyes shined with fear and disbelief . This was because his world projection was collapsing, and not just that, but he could feel a terrifying aura piercing through his projection, backtracking through space and time to reach the distant Underworld .

This was a truly terrifying reverse-tracing counterattack!

And this attack was even more terrifying than the Blue Spirit Finger, so much so that the Underworld Great Commander was worried that his main body would be directly erased . His eyes widened as he glared at Qin Yu, wildly crying out in his heart . Even if he were the reincarnation of a great being, how could he stimulate such a dreadful strength with his pathetic cultivation!?

Bang –

The phantom of the Underworld Great Commander collapsed . He had forcefully ended the projection from his side in order to prevent the obliterating counterattack from reaching him . The icy coldness in Qin Yu’s eyes vanished like a retreating tide and he fell to his knees . Pain transmitted through his entire body . The smell of decay filled his senses . He violently coughed, his eyes full of bitterness .

With that final strike, even the Spirit Lock technique had been broken and almost all of his vitality had been wrested away! It had to be known that since he had reached Divine Soul, and with the potency of a King step Demon Body, his lifespan far surpassed that of the normal cultivators of his realm . It would have been no problem for him to live for 3000 years . In other words, that Blue Sea finger attack cost him 3000 years of his life!

In comparison to that, even his dried up blood energy and the near-collapse of his Nascent Souls could be considered unworthy of mentioning .

In the chess game of heaven and earth, there were many killing traps . The titan warriors thought of finding chances to leave these Immortal and Demonic cultivators behind, or even send them into danger zones .

But whether it was Wenren Dongyue or Wuma Sizhan, they remained calm and rational . Their sharp eyes seemed as if they could pierce through all lies and veils .

After hesitating several times, Tuba finally decided to give up on trying any tricks . He glanced at his fellow tribesman and honestly guided the way . As the believers of the Totem, they had the qualifications to pass through the chessboard of heaven and earth . The Immortal and Demonic cultivators were able to rely on their strength to pass through safely .

“We’ve arrived!” Tuba said . “We will awaken the messenger of the Holy Land to open the entrance for us . Do not try to resist . ” He, Tutou, and two other titan warriors took out chess pieces from their chest . Two were black and two were white .

That’s right, they were round and smooth and looked like little mounds of dirt when placed on the ground .

The four of them each bit their fingertips and placed a drop of blood on their chess piece . When the drops of blood were directly absorbed, they emitted sparkling lights of black and white .

Hum –

A figure appeared . If Qin Yu were here, he would discover that it was the projection of the black-haired old man who had welcomed him . However, this projection was stiff and his eyes were listless, without any light to them . “Passing through the chess game of heaven and earth, you have the qualifications to enter the core region . ” At this point, the projection should directly open the entrance for them . This was information that the great priest told Tuba and the others .

But, they discovered that the projection of the black-haired old man had stiffened . His body shivered and his empty eyes turned even duller . Something didn’t seem right .

“You’d better not be playing tricks!” Wuma Sizhan sneered, killing intent rising all around him .

Tuba was breathless with rage . “Just who is playing tricks? We have no idea what is happening either!”

Seeing the titans so worried, Wenren Dongyue lightly frowned . If there really was some kind of problem, would they have made this trip in vain? Almost all disciples from the Immortal Sect had come here . If they couldn’t obtain a great harvest, then they would have suffered considerable losses during this opening of the Infinite Realm .

Bang –

A white chess piece suddenly exploded, turning into white light that flowed into the body of the black-haired old man . His aura grew, but it clearly wasn’t enough . Soon after, three dull sounds rang out one after another . The titan warriors watched in abject horror and shock as the remaining three chess pieces all exploded, turning into rays of light that were absorbed by the black-clothed old man . Finally, he began to move as he lifted his hand into the air and started to draw in the void . But every movement he made seemed difficult .

The more of the rune he drew, the slower his movements became . Even his body started to become transparent; it was clear he had lost a great deal of strength .

The titans almost cried . The four chess pieces were the holy objects of their tribe that the great priest had given them . They were the key to opening the gift granted to them by the Totem . They had been passed down for countless generations and had always been used this way without any problems .

But now, these four chess pieces had completely blown apart . After they returned, how would they explain this to the great priest?

Luckily, the black-clothed old man phantom finally managed to finish drawing the rune . The rune submerged into space and the doors opened to reveal a long channel behind .

Wuma Sizhan’s eyes brightened . “You can choose a person to enter first . ”

Tuba didn’t say a word . He stepped through the door first; everything remained tranquil .

“Let’s go!” Wenren Dongyue flicked his sleeves and led Ning Ling and the others through the door .

Wuma Sizhan waved his hand . The demonic cultivator quadruplets followed behind .

However, as the last demonic cultivator walked in, an invisible strength shook him and sent him flying backwards .

“Senior-apprentice brother Wuma, I cannot enter!” The Demonic Path cultivator shouted, his face full of startled anger .

Wuma Sizhan roared, “Titans, you dare to deceive me!?”

Bang –

A wild aura immediately erupted!

Tuba was bewildered . “It is impossible, the Holy Land has a limit of 17 people that can enter; this was determined from the start!” He hurriedly explained, “Since we brought you here, we wouldn’t do something that could be so easily seen through!”

Wenren Dongyue lightly said, “Wuma Sizhan, the titans shouldn’t be lying . ”

Wuma Sizhan sneered, “Good . Then one of the titans must exit to allow my Demonic Path disciple to enter . ”

Tuba shook his head . “That is not possible . Once someone enters the core region, even if they leave now they have already used a spot and it is impossible for them to give it to anyone else . ” Then, his complexion changed . He thought of a possibility and immediately revealed an angry look . “There are 17 spots but only 16 were able to enter . Does that mean someone entered the core region first?”

Wenren Dongyue frowned . “Let’s go!”

Shua –

The five Immortal Sect cultivators soared to the end of the channel .

Tuba clenched his teeth and roared, “Go!”

The seven titan warriors were left in a depressed mood . First, that human Qin Yu had passed the test, and then the Immortal and Demonic cultivators had intruded into this area . Now someone had actually stepped into the core region earlier than they had .

The chessboard of heaven and earth possessed an unimaginably great might . Even the great priest had told them that there was no one capable of forcing their way through it . If so, how had someone managed to arrive earlier than them?

Wuma Sizhan’s expression was gloomy and unsure . He could tell that the titans weren’t lying . In other words, someone had already arrived a step ahead of him, and perhaps that person managed to do so because he was being far too cautious .

“To think that someone entered before me . Interesting, how interesting . ” His voice was calm and a smile crossed his lips . But the three Demonic Path cultivators beside him all revealed looks of fear .

Every time senior-apprentice brother Wuma had this sort of expression, it meant that someone was in for a round of bad luck…extremely bad luck!

Shua –

Wuma Sizhan stepped forwards . His body turned into an afterimage as he almost instantly caught up to the titans and Immortal Sect cultivators . When the four quadruplet cultivators were together, they could join forces to utilize an incredibly powerful technique . But since there were only three of them now, they were utterly useless to him .

Wuma Sizhan hurried along by himself so his speed was naturally fastest . He sneered as he caught up to the Immortal Sect disciples and then left them far behind .

The female cultivator surnamed Ding anxiously said, “Senior-apprentice brother Wenren, don’t worry about us, hurry up after him!”

Wenren Dongyue nodded . “Alright . Senior-apprentice brothers and sisters, I will be going ahead first . ”

Shua –

He instantly separated from the group . His speed rose up by several levels until he was equally matched with Wuma Sizhan . The two of them turned into shadows that vanished from sight .

Old and decrepit, with a vitality that was as weak as threads of silk, Qin Yu sat helplessly in the ruined arena waiting for the end of his life to arrive .

In the deep quiet, he could clearly hear the incomparably difficult beating of his heart . Every heartbeat consumed the tattered remnants of his weak vitality .

The shadow of death shrouded Qin Yu’s mind with a never before seen level of richness . Although he wasn’t willing to see this result, he actually wasn’t able to do anything about it .

This was how life was . You never knew if there would be blessings or disaster after making a decision . The disc had been a wonderfully mysterious object, yet what it finally led him to was death . And the most laughable part was that in order to achieve this result, he had rushed past the titan tribe’s sacred lake and had even done his best to kill all the Underworld guards .

When Undying had helped, he had even been incomparably delighted . He thought that this was wonderful beyond belief and he would be able to pass the test with ease . He had even started to anticipate what sorts of rewards he would receive .

But now, even the test presider had been killed by the Underworld Great Commander and all of this had lost its meaning . As for him, he could only sit here by himself, completely dried up, waiting for his death to arrive . This was a truly sorrowful and helpless ending . Qin Yu forced himself to smile .

But as he thought about how he had ended up this way, the bottom line was that the person who had established this test had overdone it . Qin Yu couldn’t help but spew out some…no, many, many, many foul curse words .

As for the awe he felt towards the incomparable master who built this place…pfft, this young master is going to die soon, so why don’t I feel awe towards your grandma’s leg instead!

It seemed that this grandma’s leg was a bit too powerful . Light wavered in front of him with some difficulty, finally condensing into the figure of a black-haired old man .

The black-haired old man looked at Qin Yu, his expression one of incomparable gratitude . “You have struck down the Underworld Great Commander and defended the dignity and honor of our Holy Land . Qin Yu, you have done well . Now, I will reward you . ”

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