Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 353

Chapter 353

Chapter 353 – Blood Dragon

The walls of the Southshine Nation’s capital city were a thousand feet high and dozens of feet thick . They protectively winded about the city like a giant dragon . Every so often, there was a look-out tower constructed on the wall . At this moment the towers began to emit light . There were 81 in total, looking like 81 stars erupting with endless brilliance .

This light didn’t soar into the heavens . Rather, it beamed towards the middle of the capital city where it gathered together, as if a giant sun were forming . The terrifying fluctuations of energy began to twist space . Large swathes of space cracked apart and just from glancing at this, it made one feel fear deep in their heart .

Countless cultivators in the capital city looked up with amazement . It was no secret that there was a giant super defensive array formation constructed around the capital city, but no one ever imagined that they would be able to witness it being activated . After all, with the current situation of the world and the strength of the Southshine Nation, unless it was that empire up north which was one of the strongest within the Land of Divinity and Demons, there was no one that could force the capital city to open the great array formation .

So just what was happening?

This thought appeared in the hearts of countless cultivators, but soon all of them no longer had the mood to care about this . Their attention turned towards the skies and the eye that had appeared . It was like their souls were being drawn in by it and they all froze in place .

This eye was not something that a living creature could possess . It was a few miles wide and even though it was far away, one could still clearly see it . That eye merely existed, without any fluctuation in mood . There was an infinite faintness within it, as if the eye could pierce through all of reality and see everything .

Then, the countless panic-stricken people watched as a trace of blood red color appeared in the depths of the eye . In the next moment, it spread through every inch of it .

It slightly moved, a movement so small that it was almost imperceptible . It seemed as if it had found its target . Then, like a dam that had broken apart, endless red light flowed out, condensing into a beam of light that descended from the nine heavens, smashing into the capital city’s great protective array .

No one could describe this impact . The entire world seemed to come to a standstill . For a moment, all of space and time seemed to lose its concept .

It was like the air in one’s body was completely sucked out . This empty feeling was so discomforting that one wished to roar out loud, but it was impossible for them to open their mouth or even make a sound . At the same time, a massive mountain seemed to press down on everyone’s chests, the pressure so horrifying that it felt as if their hearts would crack apart .

The emptiness in their hearts and the heavy pressure upon their bodies – these two entirely different feelings were like being drowned in a world of ice and fire, causing tremendous damage .

In the capital city, as long as a cultivator was exposed outside, everyone below the Nascent Soul realm began to drip blood from every orifice of their head before directly fainting . As for Nascent Souls, they slumped to the ground, their faces twisted with pain as their bodies twitched without end . Divine Soul cultivators all widened their eyes, shock filling their hearts .

Divine Soul cultivators could feel the rules of the world, thus they could sense the terrifying prestige and energy contained within that collision . This led to their deep sense of fear .

But there were people who could sense things ever clearer .

In an imperial courtyard, three Blue Sea masters of Yun Yilan, Ming Siyuan, and Yuan Tiangang were all stubbornly staring at the skies where the terrifying collision occurred .

Their pupils violently shrank!

These three could all be considered established Blue Sea realm super powerhouses with a combat strength over 300 dragons . As long as they didn’t seek death on their own initiative, they were strong enough to freely wander the Land of Divinity and Demons .

But at this time, all three of them seemed to feel the threat of death at the same time . The capital city’s gray array formation was terrifyingly potent, but that power was used defensively . What truly left their hearts racing was that giant eye and the blood red beam of light that descended . Even with their cultivations, just sensing it caused their scalps to tingle .

As Blue Sea realm super powerhouses, they could already control the rules to a certain degree . Thus, they felt an even greater fear towards this eye .

The world’s will…the was an incarnation of the world’s will!

Just what had the Old Ancestor done? That he could actually galvanize such a terrifying world killing tribulation that would try to kill him no matter the cost .

Yun Yilan gripped his fists . As Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang were shocked, the battle between the blood red beam of light and the capital city’s great array formation had already been decided . Countless cracks began to appear in the walls that winded around the capital city like a giant dragon and the runes of the great array hidden within started to collapse in succession .

Bang –

The 81 array formation nodes collapsed together and the entire capital city walls disintegrated!

The blood red beam of light paused for a moment before it continued racing towards its goal, a four-sided building . Blood red light suddenly illuminated an army of 100,000 armored soldiers standing guard outside that building . These soldiers were completely hidden beneath their armor, only their eyes exposed with a cold light surging through them .


Loud roars resounded in the air and 100,000 soldiers drew their swords together, the sounds gathering together into a loud rumble that echoed into the skies .

100,000 swords slashed out together . Space instantly cracked as the combined energy of their strike cut towards the blood red beam of light .

Roar –

With a vicious roar, the blood red light that was chopped at suddenly twisted and transformed into a world destroying blood dragon . It rapidly swiveled about, attempting to avoid the brunt of the attack . Invisible sword intent clashed with its scales, and with endless loud bursting sounds, a rain of sparks fell down .

“Attack again!” The roar of the soldiers was as cold as before, without the slightest shake in their voices . The 100,000 armored soldiers slashed out with their swords once more .

One sword falls, 10,000 swords ring!

This sword strike was no longer a pure slash, but contained a potent supernatural sword intent . One sword transforming to 10,000 swords couldn’t be considered too profound of a supernatural sword skill; it could even be called basic . But any supernatural power, after being superimposed on itself 100,000 times over, could rise to a level where it could destroy the world .

Hum –

Hum –

The void trembled for a moment before collapsing like a mirror that was smashed into the ground . The cracks in the air split into countless pieces that covered the blood dragon .

There was nowhere to evade!

The blood dragon flung its tail and replied with its motion . It simply had no intention of dodging, and like this, brutally intruded into that shattered space .

In the next moment, countless thunderous explosions roared out and hundreds of thousands of swords lights shined and tumbled, the dreadful sword intent soaring into the highest heavens .

Every spatial crack erupted with sword light that chopped at the blood dragon’s scales . Even if it possessed unimaginable defensive strength, large sections of its scales still cracked apart and wounds raced across its body .

But what caused people to shudder was that the blood dragon’s movements didn’t slow down at all . It was like this sword light simply didn’t cause any true damage to it . It tore through the sword net with unprecedented momentum and arrived above the four-sided building . Its ice cold dragon eyes seemed to possess all the killing intent of the world .

“Attack again!”

The 100,000 armored soldiers flipped their swords around . Without hesitation, they stabbed their swords through their chests and out their backs .

There was not a single cough and their bodies didn’t even shake . It was like they weren’t even people but wooden puppets instead .

In the next moment crimson sword phantoms rose up from the heads of the 100,000 armored soldiers . In the blink of an eye it condensed into a blood red sword overflowing with killing intent that slashed at the blood dragon .

Puff –

The blood dragon’s back was torn apart . Massive amounts of scales fell down and for the first time, it revealed pain in its eyes . Its undefeatable aura began to tremble .

But in the next moment, the blood dragon opened its mouth and sucked in a deep breath!

The 100,000 armored soldiers stiffened in place . With loud ringing sounds, their armor clattered to the ground as the bodies of all 100,000 cultivators turned into powder .

With a single inhaling breath, the army of 100,000 soldiers had been extinguished!

Outside the alchemy room, the eyes of the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor suddenly opened, lighting sparkling within them . The four armored cultivators that stood around the alchemy room also vanished into ashes . There was not the slightest change in mood on his face . Even the death of 100,000 subordinates couldn’t shake his mind .

His eyes grew increasingly bright . The Old Ancestor seemed to be waiting for some opportunity . Then, he lifted a hand and pointed a finger into the void .

In the skies above the four-sided building, the blood dragon that had just exterminated an army of 100,000 suddenly emitted a roar of pain . Its giant body violently shook as it was slashed by 100,000 sword energies .

From outside and inside, the blood dragon’s massive body had turned into a sieve . If its body were truly flesh and blood, then no matter how terrifyingly strong it was, this attack would have destroyed its mortal body .

But the blood dragon was not a truly physical being . It was a substantiated incarnation formed from the world’s killing intent . The holes piercing through its body wriggled and rapidly faded away, but it was clearly weaker than before .

This was the first time it had been wounded!

The blood dragon roared and raced towards the earth . Though it had yet to arrive, its terrifying aura caused the entire four-sided construction to disintegrate into dust .

Dust soared into the skies . The entire ground was cleared out in a moment . All that was left was Qin Yu’s alchemy room and the distant Good Fortune Tablet .

The Old Ancestor looked up . He took a step out and the wrinkles on his face vanished . With the rise and fall of one step, he had regained the appearance of a 30 year old man .

He lifted a hand and punched out .

This strike was like the sun and moon, the river of stars flowing backwards . It instantly pierced through space, landing between the blood dragon’s eyes .

During the collision, a phantom appeared behind the Old Ancestor, one with rivers and mountains divided all around . This was a map of the territory that the Southshine Nation controlled .

As the Old Ancestor and the true leader of the entire nation, he possessed the ability to mobilize and transfer the destiny of the nation and use it to support himself . This fist strike not only contained the power of a peak Blue Sea master but also the strength of a nation’s destiny . This was why he could punch out with such a terrifying attack .

The blood dragon was sent shaken backwards . With the scales between its eyes as the center, there were loud cracking sounds as the destruction rapidly began to spread outwards . But at this time, the blood dragon’s eyes locked onto the Old Ancestor . Within its ice cold gaze, the phantom of a net seemed to form .

The Old Ancestor’s complexion changed . He seemed to feel a terrifying crisis at hand . He retreated again and again, disappearing with every step as he emerged in the far off distance .

But no matter how he stepped through the void, he couldn’t avoid this invisible net that covered the heavens and earth . This was because the power of its rules existed in every corner of the world .

He retreated not to evade, but to delay for more time . The Old Ancestor deeply sighed, a bit of helplessness in his eyes . Eventually, all of that turned to a sharp cold decisiveness .

He bit down on his fingertip and touched the point between his eyebrows . A black seed appeared in the blood . It beat like a heart, like a living creature . Then, as this black seed vigorously beat, an inexplicable aura emanated from within the Old Ancestor’s body .

Xu Shao was a commander of the royal palace bodyguards . In the past, after refining the Revival Good Fortune Pill, he had been recognized by the royal family and entrusted with heavy responsibilities . Just over two hours ago he had been ordered to go deep into the royal palace’s dungeon and guard the death-sentenced prisoners here . Although puzzled, he didn’t ask any questions .

At this time, Xu Shao sat cross-legged in the dungeon . There was a dignified expression on his face as he sensed the horrifying aura from outside faintly seeping in here . A sense of dread suddenly rose in his heart and his eyes popped open . At this time, a black seed appeared between his eyebrows and an incomparably terrifying plundering strength erupted .

Xu Shao was a peak Divine Soul and even had hopes of stepping into the Blue Sea realm . But even with his cultivation he couldn’t make the tiniest sound as he fell to the ground and trembled . After several breaths of time, all that was left over were his clothes; he had completely vanished .

At the same time, from deep within the Old Ancestor’s body, a phantom stepped out . Although its appearance was blurry, just from looking at its face, one could tell it was Xu Shao who had just died in the dungeon!

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