Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 352

Chapter 352

Chapter 352 – Arrival

Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead . Qin Yu’s lips shivered . Together with his pale face, this indicated just how nervous he was . If a normal cultivator were to see his current expression, they might think he was insane or perhaps some mental patient with advanced paranoia .

But the one in front of him was an old monster who had lived for 100,000 years and still wasn’t willing to die . He was a freak of nature that was not tolerated by the heavens and earth . And, there was also the old monster’s servant who knew a little bit of the truth . Thus, Qin Yu’s words and the associations they formed left them shaken .

The Old Ancestor maintained his composure and asked, “Those eyes that you mentioned, what feeling did they give you?”

Qin Yu blurted out, “That there is nowhere to run!”

The Old Ancestor closed his eyes and sighed inwardly . He already knew where Qin Yu’s fear stemmed from .

The world’s will…this was because he had already experienced the horrifying nature of those invisible eyes . That feeling of having nowhere to run, only someone who had personally experienced it could speak it without hesitation .

Although this might seem like an absurd and incredible assumption, one couldn’t forget that the Old Ancestor had already experienced a world killing tribulation aimed at Ning Qin . Initially the world’s will wanted to kill Ning Qin, but Ning Qin had been rescued by him .

Now, was the world’s will becoming impatient because it could feel his life being extended once more, so it wanted to strike out?

After a long time, the Old Ancestor opened his eyes . Two ghostly flames seemed to burn deep in his pupils . His voice became colder, like a chill shooting through your soul . “You want to destroy this old man’s hope? Then let’s fight . Let’s see whether you can kill me, or whether I can continue living . ”

He looked at Qin Yu . “I guarantee you that no matter what happens, you will not receive any injuries . So, I hope you can refine another Revival Good Fortune Pill for me . ”

As if sensing Qin Yu’s thoughts, the Old Ancestor raised a finger and added, “This is the last one . I will only ask you to refine one final pill . Besides the Deva Soul, I will also lend you one more treasure . ”

His finger traced his wrist and he took out a bracelet . This bracelet was pitch black with a thick coating on its surface that shined with a glimmer of light . It emanated the aura of passing years .

“This item is a precious treasure inherited within my royal family . If you wear it, you can block any attack from someone below the Calamity Immortal realm . Ning Qin, will you agree?”

Qin Yu’s face paled and his eyes fixed onto the bracelet . There seemed to be a deep emotional struggle in his eyes . Even he never expected that his acting could appear so genuine and true . After trembling for a long time, he nodded, “This…junior…agrees…”

The Old Ancestor laughed . “Good! Rest first and when you refine the pill, I will personally protect you . I want to see just who can harm you!”

An invisible momentum shot up into the skies, like a great hand stabbing into the heavens above the capital city . With a loud rumble, thunder roared and endless black clouds wove together .

This was a truly unparalleled level of momentum!

Qin Yu seemed to be frightened . He lowered his head and expressed awe and reverence, but deep in his eyes, his heart relaxed .

It worked…

When he looked at the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor who gazed down upon the world with disdain, the alarm and fear he subconsciously felt already faded a great deal .

After all, no matter incredibly high your cultivation is, in the end you suffered a loss in front of this young master!

After all of this, he had finally completed his preparations for dealing with the world killing tribulation before it arrived . Now…everything else would depend on his luck!

During his time here, while things had been risky, there wasn’t any true danger to him yet . He could even say that he had harvests and his luck was also good . Qin Yu hoped that he could continue to be lucky and that his joy wouldn’t lead to disaster .

After leaving behind the Deva Soul, the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor left . But for the next three days, although the capital city didn’t seem any different on the surface, there were actually countless waves roiling below .

All of the top level elite circles seemed to come to a unanimous agreement . All of them restrained their forces so that no one provoked any trouble .

Although they had no idea what was happening, through various clues and traces they discovered just how tense the current situation was .

For instance, the 81 city-protecting array formations that guarded the capital city all started to quietly revolve and fill with energy .

For instance, the alertness level of the royal palace began to rise again and again, with various personnel movements made all over .

For instance, the shadowy low-key operatives of the Dark Night Division now dared to blatantly wander the streets of the capital city, threatening everyone with vicious expressions .

There must be something happening…and it was something important!

After Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang entered the capital, they were respectfully requested to stay at another imperial courtyard . There was no need to mention the thoughtfulness used to care for them . Of course, even though the two of them were seemingly confined, they still had numerous channels through which they could receive news . They paid particular attention to the matter of the Revival Good Fortune Pill . Incidentally, the changes occurring within the capital city also caught their eyes .

Realizing that the situation was changing, the two Blue Seas both furrowed their eyebrows, each one of them thinking: could this be related to restarting the refining of the Revival Good Fortune Pill? Then they also thought of Qin Yu . A picture of his long silver-gray hair had been secretly transmitted to them along with an analysis of other information . With this, it wasn’t difficult to discover that Qin Yu was the key behind this event .

Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang were both left suspicious . Just as they prepared to take action, Yun Yilan pushed open the courtyard doors, bid the servants to prepare a banquet, and then pulled the two Blue Seas down into seats .

Singing and dancing filled the air . There were countless delicacies and wines, and the atmosphere was comfortable and casual .

Yuan Tiangang finished drinking a cup of wine, his eyes flashing as he said, “Revered Yun, I haven’t come to the capital city in many years and there are several old friends I know here . I was just planning on taking a walk out and greeting them . ”

This probing question wasn’t too clever, but he could always make out some clues from Yun Yilan’s response .

Ming Siyuan lifted his wine cup and looked on .

Yun Yilan clapped his hands, sending away the dancers and musicians . “Revered Yuan, Revered Ming, I don’t like beating around the bush, so I will go straight to the point . I came here today in hopes that you two will stay in this courtyard for the next several days . ”

Yuan Tiangang’s smile didn’t fade . “And what does Revered Yun mean by this?”

Yun Yilan smiled, “I meant exactly what I said . ”

Ming Siyuan slammed his wine cup onto the table . “Exalted Yun, do you plan on placing us under house arrest?” Although his tone was light, it was icy cold . In an instant the casual atmosphere was torn apart, leaving nothing behind but a freezing temperature .

Yun Yilan’s smile finally vanished . He was silent for several seconds before finally saying, “This is the Old Ancestor’s order, so why make things hard for me?”

Indeed, this was related to the Old Ancestor!

Yuan Tiangang had a solemn expression . “Very well, then I agree . ”

Yun Yilan cupped his hands together . “I thank Revered Yuan for being so allowing . ” He wasn’t surprised by this at all .

When the Old Ancestor spoke, even revered Blue Seas wouldn’t dare to argue back .

Otherwise, how could he be called the Old Ancestor!

Ming Siyuan frostily said, “The Southshine Nation must guarantee the safety of my family’s young master . If there is even the smallest accident, the Great Desolate Lake will never give up!”

Yun Yilan said, “Of course . ” He smiled and raised a cup . “For these next days I will stay here with you . We can continue our talk from earlier . ”

This was to monitor them .

Five days after Qin Yu refined the second Revival Good Fortune Pill, there were only two days left until the world killing tribulation would arrive . He could already clearly feel that all-annihilating perception hovering over his soul and mind .

He opened his eyes from cultivation . He had determined he could just barely control the drastically increased magic power in his body . A sharp light flashed in his eyes .

He decided he would begin refining the pill .

If he continued to wait, the most he could do was delay another day . If so, he might as well take the initiative to force the world killing tribulation to arrive . If so, he might be able to disrupt its rhythm .

He stood up and walked to the window . Pulling back the curtains, he saw the sun setting over the mountains .

He took a deep breath and adjusted his condition . When the last trace of light vanished and the dark night arrived, he turned and left .

He chose nighttime because only in the dark of night would the little blue lamp have the mysterious power of defying the heavens . Even if this was only a guess, Qin Yu wanted to grasp every possible chance to increase his chances of surviving .

Qin Wushang had long since prepared the materials to refine the third Revival Good Fortune Pill . A moment later, Qin Yu reached the alchemy room and saw the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor standing outside . He was no longer alone as he normally was . Rather, four armored cultivators stood behind him, their faces completely covered up .

A cold aura emanated from these four people, and what was strange was that this aura didn’t spread outwards but instead directly fused with space, making it seem as if these four people were directly merged into the space around them .

“Greetings, Old Ancestor!” Qin Yu revealed a trace of relief, but his pale white face still exuded a sense of nervous terror .

The Old Ancestor nodded . “Refine the pill in peace . I am here in case anything happens . ”

“Yes . ” Qin Yu walked into the alchemy room .

The Old Ancestor raised his hand and the four armored cultivators quietly spread out to the four corners of the alchemy room .

Qin Wushang started to speak but hesitated .

The Old Ancestor lightly said, “I have no other choice . I must obtain the third Revival Good Fortune Pill no matter what . ”

If he could obtain it he could live for an extra hundred years and his future plans would be much calmer . Otherwise if he was too much in a hurry, the chances of success would be too low .

If not for this, why would he be willing to forcefully endure the world killing tribulation?

He looked up, his eyes passing through all impediments to fall onto the vast skies above . He seemed as if he could feel the faint constrained feeling percolating there, and his complexion became even fainter .

In the alchemy room, Qin Yu sat down . With a flick of his sleeve Ninth Province appeared . He traced the bracelet on his wrist, and then after a moment of thinking, took out the branch that the inn’s Aunty Hong gave to him .

Without further delay, he lit the furnace’s fire . As the flames ignited and heat started rushing out, Qin Yu released a third fluctuation of consciousness from his soul . Then, he began to refine the pill .

His speed was fast . An hour later, as he tossed in the last material, Qin Yu allowed this fluctuation of consciousness to control his actions and complete the convergence of medicinal efficacy .

Bang –

Ninth Province popped open and the embryonic form of the Revival Good Fortune Pill appeared . It screamed, opening its ‘mouth’, and then biting down on Qin Yu’s fingertip .


Mighty waves rose in his dark and shrouded eyes . Qin Yu lifted his other hand and grasped up into the air with five fingers . The phantom of a great sun appeared .

Rumble rumble –

The Southshine Nation’s capital city was a place that had experienced peace and tranquility for over 10,000 years . The night had just begun and this was the liveliest time for people to be out . Suddenly, there was a loud explosion in the highest heavens as an earthshaking peal of thunder rang out . Countless cultivators froze in place, fear and dread gushing out from their hearts without end . They reared back their heads and looked up to discover with amazement that at this time, a bolt of thunder had pierced through the skies of the capital city . This bolt of thunder was dazzling red…to be more accurate, it seemed as if it had been turned this color after being soaked in blood .

In the dark of night it was incomparably eye-catching .

Then, the curtain of night was torn open without warning . Rays of light appeared and in a breath of time, the darkness was shred to pieces .

Yin and yang reversed; the dark night had become the bright morning!

There was no sun in the sky, yet brilliant sunlight actually illuminated the entire capital city .

But outside the capital city, the darkness became even deeper, as thick and viscous as a sea of ink .

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