Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Chapter 345 – Rules

White Fengfeng indignantly said, “What’s so great about it? Weren’t you just lucky and managed to get a step ahead? It’s still unknown who will refine the Revival Good Fortune Pill first!”

These words lifted up the hearts of the other young cultivators . While they didn’t dare to say this in such a straightforward manner, they were actually thinking of it . They didn’t bother wasting time taunting Ning Qin anymore and walked into the cave .

Qin Yu smiled at White Fengfeng and walked into the cave . Contrary to everyone’s imaginations, after luckily managing to make it out safely yesterday, he had made a decision; he absolutely wouldn’t meditate on the Good Fortune Tablet’s dark golden textures for the next few days at least .

However, he wasn’t prepared to waste the next 12 hours like this . He closed his eyes as if he was focused on perceiving, but his divine sense had actually quietly entered his sealed dimension ring . There was a familiar feeling of his divine sense being wrapped in a strange transmission, and then his divine sense appeared in that distant spatial fragment .

His divine sense fused into the blood in front of him, transforming into his divine sense form . Qin Yu took a deep breath, a feeling of unprecedented relaxation coming from deep in his heart .

This was because this was a world that belonged to him!

On the distant horizon where the ends of the spatial fragment were, the space cracks still existed . But, the frequency with which they appeared had reduced by a great deal . The earth still had a barren and ruptured appearance, but Qin Yu could keenly sense that it was in the process of recovering . Those terrifying abyss-like fissures which snaked across the land were slowly shrinking; it was just that the difference was so little . If it weren’t for the fact that Qin Yu could sense everything in this spatial fragment, he would never have realized it .

Faint traces of weak spiritual strength drilled out from the earth, fusing into the air . Although it was incomparably thin, this was still an extremely noticeable improvement . Perhaps, as time passed, this space would be restored to its initial appearance, maybe even becoming stronger and steadier than before .

This was because this spatial fragment was no longer how it originally was . With the little blue lamp supporting it, any miracle was possible .

With a thought, Qin Yu grasped out his hand, searching through the void . Then, a green grass appeared in front of him; this was the only remaining life in this space now . After the spatial fragment received a new life, it began to display powerful survival instincts . The faint traces of spiritual strength in the air were constantly swallowed into its thin body .

And maybe because its previous life had been too arduous, just this thin and weak spiritual strength was enough to let it live well . Its branches and leaves were almost twice the size as before .

Although this was only a single green grass, if it could be the only surviving life in this spatial fragment that had undergone a cataclysmic disaster, that alone proved it was extraordinary . If he could bring it out of this spatial fragment and allow it to come into contact with the terrifyingly rich spiritual strength of the Land of Divinity and Demons, it would likely grow in a short period of time and appear in its fully terrifying form .

When this thought first popped into Qin Yu’s mind, he felt the green grass gently shiver, as if it were immensely afraid . His eyes flashed and he slowly asked, “You don’t want to leave here?”

The green grass’ delicate leaves gently swayed about . It was apparently nodding .

Qin Yu fell silent for a moment and then smiled . “Alright . If you don’t want to go out, then stay here . ” Letting go, the green grass vanished, returning to where it originally was .

He stepped forward . An invisible set of stairs seemed to form in the void, holding onto Qin Yu and allowing him to walk into the skies . Strong winds howled up in the air, but they weren’t able to touch even the hem of his robes . The winds scattered a hundred feet behind and then reformed a hundred feet ahead . He looked down from above at this spatial fragment that was a full hundred miles in size . His eyes shined and he raised his hand, gently caressing it .

In the distant earth, there was suddenly a loud rumble . Countless bits of soil and shattered stones were drawn somewhere far away by a powerful impulsion force, flowing towards there . Wherever this invisible wave passed, it erased all scars, turning the earth smooth again . At the base of a shattered mountain, the stones that buried the dried riverbed began to fly away one at a time . They flew onto the banks of the riverbed, making it seem deeper . The broken and slightly bent mountain peak began to shake and roar . As if grasped by the hands of gods and demons, it slowly straightened a little at a time, until it stood high and straight above the land .

The natural recovery rate of this space was just too slow . Since Qin Yu possessed the strength to control the space, he could naturally speed up the process . Unfortunately, he could only handle superficial repairs . The stability of the spatial fragment, the deficient spiritual strength, the waning vitality – all of this needed a long time to fully recover .

At this time, Qin Yu seemed to truly become the incarnation of the legendary divine god who created the heavens and earth . Wherever he looked, everything would change according to his will . The earth healed and smoothed over, the river was rebuilt, the mountains lifted high and straightened…it was like a miracle that left Qin Yu shaking with excitement . But as time passed, this excitement would eventually fade . Then, he began to grow curious . He wanted to know – why did he have this strength to control all?

Of course, he knew that this was the right that the little blue lamp had entrusted him with . But why? Or rather, what did the little blue lamp give him that allowed him to accomplish his?

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred and he transmitted his question through the spatial fragment . Then, countless vague phantoms appeared around him . These phantoms were mostly broken and dilapidated, and many of them had been cut in half . They were in an incomparably broken state . Even so, Qin Yu could feel an immense prestige and energy coming from these broken phantoms . It was as if they contained all things, capable of enveloping all…completely irresistible!

Suddenly, these phantoms between the heavens and earth faintly trembled and disappeared . Qin Yu became aware of something . It was that with this spatial fragment’s current condition, it couldn’t support allowing them to truly appear .

He looked up towards the brilliant sun that was releasing endless warm light . When Qin Yu thought he wouldn’t receive a response, the little blue lamp emitted a clear fluctuation, “Rules…”

As this word spread into his mind, it created enormous crashing waves . Qin Yu’s pupils shrank and he finally realized what those blurry phantoms had been .

Rules! They were actually rules!

This was completely beyond Qin Yu’s expectations . In his initial understanding, something like rules were things that existed in idea only; they were mysterious and untouchable . After all, only when a cultivator entered the Divine Soul realm and opened their soul space, and then enhanced their soul until it was powerful enough would they then have the qualifications to sense the existence of the rules .

However, he never thought he would be able to see the rules with his own bare eyes . He even had a faint intuition that he could directly reach out and touch these rules with his hands!

The little blue lamp didn’t lie . So, it was obvious that what Qin Yu saw just now was the true shape of the rules . But, a cultivator’s cultivation needed to reach a certain powerful realm before he had the qualifications to touch them . Qin Yu was still far from being qualified, however, with the existence of the little blue lamp, within this spatial fragment he had gained the ability to grasp them ahead of time .

In his eyes, those countless blurry phantoms flooded the world once more . A deep throbbing feeling gushed out from the depths of Qin Yu’s heart . This throbbing didn’t mean fear or dread, but was an intense feeling of excitement . He could feel as if he was missing something, and this thing played an incomparably vital role .

What was it?

Qin Yu frowned, wracking his mind until his thoughts were all a mess . As he was lost, a bolt of lightning seemed to race through the fog in his mind and directly strike his soul . Then, a feeling of enlightenment appeared and he finally thought of something .

As a person started to cultivate and began refining energy all the way until they reached Nascent Soul, their lifespan would be lengthened and they would become stronger . This could all be regarded as a cultivator tempering themselves . However, starting from the Divine Soul realm when a person opened up their soul space, this was the same as a cultivator obtaining the qualifications to spy upon the world . By using their soul to sense the rules and blending themselves together with the world, they could produce a link that allowed them to step into a new world of cultivation .

Upon reaching this step, the most important thing for a cultivator was to perceive the rules, sense them, and become able to control them, to gain a more powerful strength .

And the rules were omnipresent and intangible . They hid within the heavens and earth and a cultivator could only perceive them a bit at a time . The speed of this was slow and the requirements mind-bogglingly high . It required a person to enjoy the vicissitudes of the years and for their mind to gain insight into the world and those living within it . Their soul and will needed to be tenacious and potent…thus, the threshold that divided Nascent Soul from Divine Soul was able to block 90% of cultivators . As for Divine Soul stepping further into Blue Sea, that step blocked 99% of cultivators . And as for even higher realms, the number was so small that it couldn’t be calculated with probability alone . One could only say that one needed heaven-defying talent and dreadful lucky chances that shook the world . Only when all sorts of factors coincided through destiny could something above a Blue Sea appear .

However, Qin Yu seemed to have discovered a cultivation shortcut . Although he didn’t fully verify it, even a mere 10% chance of it being true was enough to leave him shaken with excitement .

The shortcut was the spatial fragment he was in .

This was because this place also possessed the rules, and within the spatial fragment, Qin Yu possessed the right to control all . No matter how complex it was to perceive the rules, once they clearly appeared in front of him, he could still control them .

If he could truly accomplish this, then once Qin Yu stepped into the Divine Soul realm, his cultivation speed would be completely different from other cultivators’ . Not only would he not be hindered, he would grow at an even more astonishing speed .

Of course, the premise of this was that this spatial fragment could truly condense the rules, and not these blurry broken phantoms .

Originally the world within this pure spatial fragment was incomplete, so that meant it was impossible for the complete rules to be here . This was also a major reason why most spatial fragments limited a person’s cultivation, because once a strength surpassing its bearing limits entered, it would cause the spatial fragment to disintegrate .

However, the existence of the little blue lamp was the greatest variable .

It was mysterious and formidable . The naked annihilating intent displayed by the world only further proved how abnormal it was . Since the little blue lamp had chosen to fuse together with this space, then this incomplete spatial fragment might have a chance of producing the complete rules here .

Alright, that was an extremely long-winded and complex explanation . To put it simply: Qin Yu was fully confident in the little blue lamp .

This was because it had never disappointed him!

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath, a smile appearing on his lips . He suddenly had an endless sense of confidence towards his future road of cultivation…someday he would be able to control his own destiny!

The second day of perceiving the Good Fortune Tablet came to an end, but a surprise similar to yesterday didn’t appear . The youths sighed . The pill recipe of the Revival Good Fortune Pill was indeed not easy to obtain . As they gazed upon Zhao Jiutian who strolled away with his arms behind his back, they subconsciously felt a deeper awe towards him .

To respect powerhouses was one of the greatest instincts within a cultivator’s heart . But fortunately, no one obtained any harvests today, so many people felt pleased by this .

But this situation didn’t continue forever . On the sixth day a youth named Wuyuan, who happened to be from the land of Wuyuan, suddenly opened his eyes and smiled . He had been patiently enduring for all this time, not wanting to make too big of a stir, but at this time his heart surged with joy and he laughed exuberantly .

The hearts of countless people shook . They glanced over at him with envy .

The black door soon opened . Wei Ziqing and Chief Steward Qin appeared, both of them sincerely congratulating Wuyuan .

The second person to perceive the pill recipe had appeared .

Zhao Jiutian’s success on the first day had surpassed everyone’s expectations, so they considered him an outlier . But Wuyuan’s success placed a tremendous pressure on everyone’s shoulders .

Beneath this pressure, they would either buckle to their knees or rise up .

On the 8th day, Black Beibei became the third person to perceive the pill recipe . His success caused more youths to clench their fists and nearly bit through their lips .

On the 10th day, two more cultivators found success in just a single hour: South Xiang’s Fang Zinan and Water Cove’s Yue Mingqing .

On the 13th day, another person succeeded .

On the 27th day, White Fengfeng’s face lit up with a pleasant expression . But, she suddenly revealed a worried look as she glanced at Qin Yu . This was because even until today, after almost an entire month, her best Big Brother Baoyu still didn’t have any harvests .

The black door opened and the facial paralysis guards outside coldly said, “Time’s up . ”

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