Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Chapter 344 – The Greatest Person of All

12 hours wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t a short time either . After staring in a blank daze for so long, it was inevitable that one would feel bored . Cultivating was certainly the best way to pass his time, but to cultivate here wasn’t a good choice at all .

Qin Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but slowly fall onto the surface of the stone tablet and the dark golden textures that were weaving together . At first he only wanted to pass time . After all, these textures in themselves were very beautiful .

But after a long time, his whole mind seemed immersed in this, as if there was nothing else in the entire world but him and these dark golden lines .

In this trance-like state, even the Good Fortune Tablet itself was ignored . All that remained were those gorgeous lines that became increasingly clear, branding themselves upon his mind, no longer able to be erased .

The dark golden lines started to twist . In his eyes, they became countless strips, similar to meridians, with an unknown material flowing within . The only problem was that most of these dark golden lines had stopped and withered . There were many breakage points, making it no longer capable of smoothly flowing .

When Qin Yu’s attention was focused on one of the blocked dark golden lines, he seemed to hear pained and repressed gasps in his ears, as well as hope . This hope entered his mind, transforming into information that only Qin Yu could sense…a throbbing feeling gushed out from the depths of his soul . Qin Yu unexpectedly awakened, his eyes filled with shock .

This…this…this was a pill recipe…

At almost the same time, deep within the Southshine Nation’s royal palace, in a deep underground altar, nine oil lamps formed a circle . The flickering aquamarine light illuminated a cross-legged figure sitting on the floor, his body like a sack of bones . Suddenly this figure opened his eyes, and two bolts of lightning instantly tore through the darkness .

On the first day, someone had managed to perceive the pill recipe for the Revival Good Fortune Pill; this was a completely unprecedented matter . Could this junior Ning Qing really be the turning point he needed to change his destiny and retrieve a new life?

The bone-thin figure lifted a hand, and a finger as withered as a piece of dried wood pointed into the void . Just this slight motion seemed as if it would cause the finger to break, but an incomparably powerful strength spouted forth from the fingertip . This strength passed through nothingness, crossing a tremendous distance to fall on the edge of the capital city, and landed on a heavily guarded four-sided building .

Within a great hall, a dust-laden bell suddenly started to ring without warning . It was low and deep with a powerful penetrating sound, instantly spreading out in all directions . At this time, Chief Steward Qin who was eating and laughing to his heart’s content suddenly stood up, his eyes bursting with light as he shouted, “Lord Wei?”

Wei Ziqing had already stood up . The slightly inebriated expression on his face had already vanished from sight . He said, “Chief Steward Qin, please wait a moment, I will immediately go!”

Once he left, Qin Wushang couldn’t wait any longer . After a moment of hesitation he followed behind .

“Hahahaha! I found it! This is the pill recipe, this is the pill recipe!” Zhao Jiutian reared back his head and laughed, his excited voice ringing through the walls and awakening everyone from their meditative stupor .

The youths were stunned . Their first thought was that this was impossible . In just a single day, he had managed to adapt to the Good Fortune Tablet’s aura and perceive the pill recipe?

But after that, all of their assumptions were thoroughly smashed apart .

The black door quietly opened and Wei Ziqing strode in . Behind him followed a cheerful Chief Steward Qin .

“Who perceived the pill recipe?”

Zhao Jiutian stood up and bowed . “Lord Wei, Chief Steward Qin, it is this junior . ”

A bright smile bloomed on Wei Ziqing’s face . “So it was little friend Zhao Jiutian . You truly are a young proud son of heaven . ”

His face was full of praise .

Chief Steward silently furrowed his eyebrows . He looked around and glanced at the unprepared Qin Yu; it actually wasn’t him, and this was unexpected . But even if it weren’t Ning Qin, it was still a good deed that someone was able to smoothly perceive the pill recipe on the first day!

“Little friend Zhao Jiutian is indeed worthy of being a direct descendant of Cleansing Temple . You were actually able to perceive the pill recipe in a single day . Ever since the refining of the Revival Good Fortune Pill began, this is the first time this has happened . ” Chief Steward Qin turned and smiled . “Lord Wei, following this, I’ll have to bother you with looking after little friend Zhao here . You must satisfy all of his requests so that he can try and refine the pill as soon as possible . ”

Wei Ziqing laughed . “Of course! Little friend Zhao, from today forwards you will no longer need to rush back and forth . You can stay here and ask for whatever it is you desire . ”

Zhao Jiutian was overjoyed . “Thank you Lord Wei, Chief Steward Qin . ” He swept his eyes around, trying to maintain his calm demeanor . But, the arrogant pride in his eyes was still clear for all to see . He glanced around at the young cultivators who had lowered their heads . Although they didn’t want to acknowledge it, Zhao Jiutian’s performance had far surpassed their own .

Finally, his gaze stopped on Qin Yu . After discovering his stunned expression, his heart was even more carefree . Ning Qin, oh Ning Qin, today is the day I scrub myself clean of all shame and rise once more into the sun!

The high-spirited Zhao Jiutian was brought away by Wei Ziqing and Chief Steward Qin . It could be seen that he would obtain the best treatment from now on . After this interruption, the other young cultivators didn’t have the mindset to continue meditating on the Good Fortune Tablet . So, today ended ahead of time and everyone left .

The bus ride back was gloomy and grim, with no one speaking . Originally they had all arrived together, but by the time they left, one of them had already taken a step forward and had obtained the right to stay behind . All of these youths were prideful and driven individuals . Even though they had lowered their heads in acknowledgement, they still weren’t convinced in their hearts . They were beginning to fill with energy as flames of passion ignited in their hearts .

White Fengfeng felt something was strange . She looked at Qin Yu and saw that he was deep in meditation right now . There was no difference in his current attitude compared to when he had first arrived . Could it be that he didn’t feel any loss in his heart? As soon as she thought of this, she believed it to be true . This was her Big Brother Baoyu’s attitude . Even though he had fallen behind momentarily, there was always time to catch back up .

Hum hum! Her Big Brother Baoyu was truly the best!

However, what this little girl didn’t know was that her best Big Brother Baoyu was not only not sad, but was so happy that he wanted to shout three times into the skies .

Oh schoolmate Zhao Jiutian, you are a good person, a good person, the best person of all! If it weren’t for Zhao Jiutian also perceiving the pill recipe at a similar time, then Qin Yu would likely have been placed in a difficult situation right now . He might even have been forced to begin the refining of the Revival Good Fortune Pill .

And most importantly, once he started to refine the pill, even if Qin Yu didn’t want to successfully refine it, he wouldn’t have dared to do anything to the refining process to ruin it!

This was because every time there was a failure in refining the Revival Good Fortune Pill, the alchemist would also lose their lifespan!

This point alone was far too terrifying .

So if possible, Qin Yu really wanted to give this schoolmate Zhao Jiutian a great award trophy .

The inscription would be: The Greatest Person of All .

The bus silently returned to the dwelling . After White Fengfeng stepped down, she turned and said, “Ning Qin, you can definitely do it . I’m cheering for you!”

The little girl decided to give her Big Brother Baoyu some mental support . But, she also ignored the pressure these words could bring .

The people that were parting ways suddenly stopped . They turned and looked at Qin Yu . As the first place champion of the competition and also someone valued by the Southshine Nation officials, he actually allowed Zhao Jiutian to make the first move and perceive the pill recipe for the Revival Good Fortune Pill . Out of everyone here, he should be feeling the most pressure . As soon as everyone thought of this, they felt the irritation in their chests disappear and even their breathing became smoother .

Humans were vulgar creatures and youths like this particularly liked to compare themselves . When they discovered that someone was in an even more difficult situation, they would subconsciously relax, thinking: oh, at least someone is still doing worse than me .

White Fengfeng sensed the atmosphere had changed . She saw how some people were looking at her Big Brother Baoyu and was extremely unhappy with them . But, she didn’t care if he was mad at her, she just wanted to explain to her Big Brother Baoyu that she hadn’t done this intentionally . However, the more she spoke the more she found herself at a loss for words . Her anxious face flushed red and she was on the verge of tears .

Qin Yu smiled and comforted her with a look that said she didn’t need to worry . “I’m also cheering for you!” His voice was calm and steady . Instead of anger and shame, he seemed rather indifferent . This actually caused the other young cultivators to feel awkward . They lowered their heads and hurried away, because Qin Yu’s actions caused them to feel that their mentality and psychological states were too poor .

Without saying anything more, Qin Yu nodded and left .

The next day, the bus arrived punctually on time . Chief Steward Qin’s round smiling face appeared in front of everyone once more . “Little friends, I was surprised by yesterday's harvests and I hope that today you can also put in your best efforts . ” His smiling eyes swept towards Qin Yu, nodded in greetings, and then he took a seat up front .

At the four-sided building, an imposing and regal youth stood behind Wei Ziqing; it was Zhao Jiutian . He looked over the arriving group, and as soon as he saw Qin Yu, his lips curved up in a tiny arc .

Chief Steward laughed and asked, “Little friend Zhao, did you have a good rest last night?”

Zhao Jiutian respectfully bowed . “The incense that chief steward sent is truly top quality . This junior had a dreamless sleep and my spirit has been fully restored . ”

After hearing this, the youths behind the chief steward couldn’t help but feel a bit of envy .

Wei Ziqing smiled and said, “Little friend Zhao has decided to continue perceiving for one day, and after carefully considering it, start refining . ”

Chief Steward Qin nodded . “As it should be . After all, the refinement of the Revival Good Fortune Pill is no minor matter . ” His eyes were full of praise and encouragement . “Little friend Zhao is so cautious . It’s a rare quality to be free from arrogance and recklessness . I believe that you will be able to successfully refine the Revival Good Fortune Pill in the shortest time possible . ”

Zhao Jiutian cupped his hands together . “This junior will try his best . I will definitely not leave Chief Steward Qin and Lord Wei disappointed . ”

Wei Ziqing smiled . “Alright, I will bring little friend Zhao in first . Chief steward, please wait here a moment and we will continue enjoying ourselves where we left off yesterday . I still have half a jug of old wine . ”

Yesterday, because Zhao Jiutian’s matter of perceiving the pill recipe was so significant, Qin Wushang had violated rules to rush into the room . These words served as a warning to him .

Chief Steward Qin smiled and nodded as if he didn’t sense anything . “Very good . Lord Wei, please go quickly and return quickly . If I end up drinking all the wine, don’t blame me for doing so . ”

Wei Ziqing laughed and left .

After walking through the passageway, the black door came into sight . Wei Ziqing whispered to Zhao Jiutian several times and patted his shoulder . Then he turned and left .

Zhao Jiutian straightened himself . He didn’t conceal the iciness in his eyes . “Ning Qin, you must hurry up and not fall behind me too much . Otherwise it will be too boring . ” His taunting and disdainful words were mixed with a sense of haughtiness, and couldn’t be described with ‘arrogance’ alone . Moreover, after this schoolmate Zhao said that, he flicked his sleeves and entered the cave, simply not caring for Qin Yu’s response . His actions seemed proud and carefree .

This time, several other young cultivators finally couldn’t repress their mindsets and a deep sense of gloating shined in their eyes . That’s right, while we don’t have the qualifications to mock you, fellow daoist Zhao Jiutian does! Unfortunately, Qin Yu’s faint expression caused them to not be able to enjoy the happiness in their hearts to their fullest .

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