Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 341

Chapter 341

Chapter 341 – Vomit, Just Vomit

When a nation began to move, it could always erupt with a strength far surpassing one’s imagination . Overnight, an extremely costly transmission array was built that connected the competition field with the capital city . After a rigorous test was conducted to ensure that there was nothing wrong, the official responsible respectfully reported to the royal family special envoy and received an enormous reward .

“Young friends, the transmission array has been prepared and we will immediately be headed to the capital city . Because this is a newly opened transmission route and we have yet to complete a full adjustment, there will inevitably be some turbulence during transmission . So, I ask that you all be patient . After we reach the capital city, you will feel comfortable . ” The special envoy smiled, his fat moon-like face warm and gentle . It was easy to develop a favorable impression of him .

Shua –

Space twisted and the three Blue Sea super powerhouses of Yun Yilan, Ming Siyuan, and Yuan Tiangang appeared . The Lord Envoy ran over and groveled in greeting, his courtesy so respectful that it left one feeling a little greasy .

Yun Yilan’s eyes flashed with a bit of disgust but he didn’t say much . He only lightly responded, “Open the transmission array . ” He turned and gestured, “Revered Ming, Revered Yuan, please . ”

“Exalted Yun, please . ”

The three of them stepped into the transmission array .

The special envoy didn’t seem angered by the cold reception at all; his face was still full of smiles . Then, he arranged for the 13 young cultivators standing in front of him to enter the array formation in turn .

There should originally only have been 10 people who had the qualifications to go to the capital city . But with a buffer of a night’s time, there was room for many things to change . Thus, the original quota of 10 people had been temporarily increased to 13 .

“Hold on!” Several cultivators cried in anxious voices and ran over . The middle-aged man in the lead had a pale complexion . He clenched his teeth and said, “We agree to Lord Envoy’s request; please allow our child to go . ”

To his side, a young cultivator in loose blue robes had a face flushed red with blood due to his excitement .

The special envoy laughed, “Patriarch Nandong, it’s really embarrassing to say, but the number of people has already been settled and cannot be further changed . If possible, please apply next time . ”

These words almost caused the Nandong Family to spout out a mouthful of blood . What the hell do you mean next time? If they missed out on the refining of the Revival Good Fortune Pill this time, who knew how many years it would be until it next occurred!

Patriarch Nandong took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile . “I ask Lord Envoy to stretch the rules a little . We are willing to pay extra…”

The special envoy interrupted him with a wave of the hand . “The transmission array has already been opened . I have important matters to attend to, so I won’t delay any further . Goodbye . ”

He turned and moved towards the array formation .

How could the young man from the Nandong Family endure this? To watch helplessly as his good fortune flew away? He clenched his jaws and cursed, “Just who do you think you are? You are just a eunu-…”

He was unable to complete his sentence, because the special envoy had turned his head and lightly looked at him .

Ka –

Ka –

This was the sound of his teeth chattering .

Patriarch Nandong’s complexion changed . “Special envoy, please show mercy!”

Yun Yilan coldly said, “Wushang, you have done something so repulsive that you have ruined my appetite . I cannot forgive you . ”

The special envoy hurriedly retracted his eyes . He smiled humbly and said, “Of course, everything is at the order of the Exalted One . ”

He quickly stepped onto the transmission array as if nothing had occurred just now . But the moment he entered the transmission array, the young man from the Nandong Family suddenly slumped to the floor . His body began to twitch as thick and dirty black blood started to spew out from his every orifice . It was like his inner organs had already rotted away .

Patriarch Nandong trembled but didn’t dare to say anything . He cried out loud and brought his only remaining son away .

The 13 young cultivators within the transmission array all had shocked expressions . They never thought that this smiling, genial, and breeze-like Lord Envoy would actually be such a ruthless and merciless person .

Today, they had learnt another lesson in what it meant to not judge a person by their appearance . They reminded themselves to be more cautious and respectful in front of this Lord Envoy in the future .

Hum –

A brilliant light shot into the skies and space began to twist . In the blink of an eye, everyone’s figures vanished from the transmission array .

Although the Lord Envoy had already reminded them that there would be turbulence during the transmission process, it was still hard to withstand . Soon, the kaleidoscope of colors around them vanished . Qin Yu took a deep breath to suppress the tumbling in his chest, not paying much attention right now to the scenery of the capital city around him .

Urgh –

Out of the 13 young cultivators, a young girl tried hard to endure it but finally ended up gagging and barfing onto the ground . As she vomited, she served as the catalyst that broke everyone’s resistance . For a time, the sound of billowing regurgitation and the sour stench of vomit filled the air .

Qin Yu originally wanted to endure it, however it was unknown just what the fellow named Wuyuan next to him had eaten that morning, but the scent of the yellow liquid was simply unbearable . Thus, he turned his head and vomited along with everyone, vomiting to his heart’s content .

The complexions of the three Blue Sea super powerhouses didn’t change . They stepped out of the transmission array, allowing the juniors behind them to heave their guts out . The special envoy had a guilty expression . He ran about, patting this person’s back, patting that person’s back, seemingly full of care for everyone .

Unfortunately, when they saw this special envoy’s face, they couldn’t help but think of the young cultivator from the Nandong Family and his head that spewed out rotten blood…thus, the more the Lord Envoy tried to help, the more everyone vomited .

After a long time, the vomiting youths finally stopped . They stepped down from the transmission array with disturbed and embarrassed expressions . Fortunately, they seemed to have been overthinking things . Although there was an extremely high level reception team awaiting them, this wasn’t particularly related to them . The Southshine Nation’s capital city was where all the elites within the nation were gathered . Still, the arrival of three Blue Sea super powerhouses was enough to have them keep their heads lowered .

Revered Yun, Yuan, and Ming were respectfully greeted . Luxurious cars had already been prepared and waiting for them for a long time . It could be foreseen that an opulent banquet was being prepared to entertain these three Blue Seas .

As for the juniors, although there was private transportation waiting for them, it was parked in a distant corner, and was an ordinary-looking bus that could hold 20 people .

Mm…the name of a bus was indeed strange, but everyone in the Land of Divinity and Demons called it this, thus the Southshine Nation naturally followed suit .

Although the interior of this bus was also comfortable, when compared to the treatment that the three Blue Seas received, the disparity was far too great . Within the bus, the desolate expressions of the three officials also caused the atmosphere to be heavy and dreary .

The reason was simple . It was because these three officials were all Divine Soul masters .

Proud elites of heaven were called proud elites of heaven because they represented future hopes and achievements .

Within this, the word ‘future’ was the key point .

Out of ten proud elites of heaven, at most three or four would be able to break into Divine Soul . And out of those three or four people, those that could take another step further and reach Blue Sea…according to strict statistical probabilities, the chances of that occurring were so small that it was nearly negligible .

Thus, when these Divine Soul officials faced these 13 young elites from the Youth Alchemy Competition, they didn’t need to feel any awe or reverence at all, leading to the current dull atmosphere .

However, there were always exceptions . For instance Qin Yu received a level of treatment completely different from his 12 companions .

“Fellow daoist Ning Qin, please sit here . ” The official who spoke smiled kindly . “These four seats were specially customized . It will be a moment until we arrive, so sitting here will be more comfortable . ”

Qin Yu expressed his thanks . He took a seat beside the three Divine Soul officials .

“Fellow daoist Ning Qin, how are you feeling now? I heard that the transmission was a bit too turbulent . Come, drink this bottle of iced sour plum juice . You will feel much better . ” As the official spoke he took out a jade bottle and removed the wrapping . Opening it, a light sweet and sour scent wafted out . Just taking a sniff made one’s mind feel better .

Gudong –

It was unknown who gulped first, but in this heavy atmosphere it was especially loud .

Qin Yu glanced at White Fengfeng’s flushed face . She was trying hard to maintain a calm expression, and glanced back at him indifferently as if trying to say, ‘what are you looking at?’ He smiled and handed over the bottle of plum juice, saying, “You should drink this . I don’t feel too bad . ”

White Fengfeng had a thankful expression . She thought that her Big Brother Baoyu really did care for her . As she received the bottle she drank it with gusto . She glanced around, smugly smiling as people glanced enviously towards her .

“Hoho, I was being too neglectful and forgot to give Miss White a bottle . Fellow daoist Ning Qin, please take a drink . ” As the official spoke he took out another bottle .

Unfortunately, the others still didn’t have a share .

The disdain in this performance was too obvious . The young cultivators in the bus all came from relatively great backgrounds, and those people who had a grudge against White Fengfeng or Qin Yu found this sight particularly hard to endure . For instance, the originally extremely injured and near death Zhao Jiutian who managed to somehow go from half-dead to bursting with energy in just one night .

He coughed . Although it wasn’t loud, everyone on the bus could still hear him . The official who took out the two bottles of plum juice glanced at him, not saying anything . However, everyone soon realized that even if he didn’t say anything, that didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking anything .

The bus came to a stop . They had arrived in a residential area with beautiful dwellings located in the southeast area of the capital city . The three Divine Soul officials stepped down first . One of them said, “During your stay in the capital city, you will be temporarily living here . I will assign you your dwellings . ”

Qin Yu’s housing was naturally the best . It was located near a small lake lined with trees . A light refreshing breeze drifted on the wind, causing one’s spirits to blossom .

White Fengfeng was next . Although her place was in the back, it was also quite good .

Then came that fellow Wuyuan with the extremely soul-stirring scented vomit . From his expression, he was also satisfied with his dwelling .

Following that was a series of distributions based on their connections . Black Beibei also obtained an ordinary single courtyard .

Zhao Jiutian couldn’t restrain himself . This was because he still hadn’t been assigned a place, and all the good dwellings in sight had already been taken up .

To a cultivator, although it didn’t really matter where they lived, they still needed to take things like face and honor into consideration . In particular, this young schoolmate Zhao Jiutian came from a prominent background . While his results in the competition had been ruined, the upper fifth-grade Child and Mother Yinyang Pill was still something to be proud of .

He coughed out loud . “Excuse me, may I ask you three where I will be staying?”

The plum juice official had a faint expression . “Fellow daoist Zhao Jiutian, the dwellings here have all been occupied . I will have to trouble you with living across from this area . ”

As Zhou Jiutian followed the official’s eyes over, what he saw nearly caused him to faint from lack of breathing . His complexion paled like an elephant that had swallowed an overly large fly .

The other juniors sighed inwardly . These people were indeed worthy of being cultivators from the capital city . They didn’t even give face to Cleansing Temple and were overbearing in their attitudes .

Where the official had looked was a place across the small lake . Although it was also quiet and peaceful, the residences were on completely different levels, and it was a separation of more than one level . The low and narrow courtyards were clearly prepared for some insignificant people .

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