Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 340

Chapter 340

Chapter 340 – The Great Sun and Ninth Province

Of course, it was possible to simply think of a sealed dimension ring as an enlarged version of a storage ring . But to use it like this, especially for an alchemist, was an extremely great waste .

After Qin Yu obtained the sealed dimension ring, he directly completed the process of being recognized as its master under countless envious eyes . Once a drop of blood was absorbed by it, he could feel an infinitesimally small point in a nothingness that was endlessly far away .

This was the spatial fragment that the sealed dimension ring communicated with .

Qin Yu sat through the entire award ceremony, not caring about it at all . After the royal family special envoy announced that the refining of the Revival Good Fortune Pill would begin once more, countless people cried out in alarm . In particular, the cultivators around him who also won rewards had incomparably excited looks . Before the royal family special envoy left, he stated that the chosen people would head towards the capital city starting tomorrow morning . After that, Qin Yu left without hesitation . He returned to his dwelling and shut the courtyard doors tightly behind him .

He took out the sealed dimension ring and then, without hesitation, he probed it with his divine sense . There was an echoing hum in his mind and then his thoughts seemed to become a bit numb .

Perhaps using numb to describe this was inappropriate . It was like being wrapped in sheets of invisible strength, making it so that all his senses became blurry and slow .

Luckily, this feeling only continued for an extremely short period of time . Then he discovered that his consciousness had appeared in a dim space .

His ‘eyes’ swept through his surroundings . What he saw was a very barren and desolate world . The ground was cracked all over with massive fissures snaking through like a horrific spider web . It was like this entire land had suffered some apocalyptic disaster . A distant mountain peak was torn apart and the giant rocks that crashed down had plummeted deep into the dry riverbed below, nearly buried within .

This spatial fragment was larger than he expected . But, it had clearly suffered some sort of destruction that could not be repaired . The heaven and earth spiritual energy was so thin that he could barely feel it .

If it was just this, then such a massive spatial fragment would still possess an incalculable value as just a spatial storage type magic tool . But the reality was that in the far off distance, at the edges of spatial fragment, the sky would often twist and cracks would appear and vanish . This process continued endlessly .

Without a doubt, the space cracks that appeared and vanished meant that the stability of this spatial fragment had been ruined . As time passed, this collapse would grow increasingly stronger until it swept through this entire space, completely destroying it until it vanished into nothingness .

No wonder the Southshine Nation had been so magnanimous in giving this sealed dimension ring to the champion of the competition . A trace of regret and helplessness rose in Qin Yu’s heart . Then, at the edge of his ‘sight’, he saw a dark red bead of blood .

Although he didn’t know why the drop of blood he used to become master of the ring appeared here, after seeing it, he understood its true function .

His divine sense fused into the blood . Then, a blood light rapidly expanded, outlining Qin Yu’s form .

Pa –

He landed on solid ground . A pale blood red Qin Yu looked down to arms and legs . His awe towards the unsurpassed Calamity Immortal realm existence that refined this sealed dimension ring only increased .

By modifying the rules a drop of blood could form something similar to an avatar, a body outside the body . This method already far surpassed the imagination of common cultivators .

Unfortunately, this spatial fragment would surely be destroyed in three to five years . Otherwise, if he were able to control this vast space, it would be highly beneficial to Qin Yu’s cultivation in the future .

Just as this thought arose, shock appeared in the eyes of the body Qin Yu had just condensed .

In the next moment the space in front of him quietly trembled like ripples in water . Then, the thumb-sized lantern slowly and steadily squeezed its way out .

That’s right, it was squeezing out, as if it were withstanding some unimaginable imprisonment!

But all of this came to an abrupt end after he fully entered this barren spatial fragment .

It was as if everything was cut off by the nothingness outside . It was thoroughly isolated, no longer able to be sensed .

Qin Yu had seen the little blue lamp countless times, but he had never felt this from it before . If he had to describe it, it would be that the little blue lamp was relaxed . As if some giant mountain that had been crushing it all along no longer suppressed it .

So, in the next moment, the little blue lamp truly released its own strength without any scruples .

Hum –

The dazzling blue light erupted like rivers and seas bursting through a dam . The light was so bright and shining that Qin Yu’s eyes were brought to tears .

However, his instincts told him that he shouldn’t close his eyes, otherwise he would miss out on something extremely important .

So, even as tears flowed down his cheeks, he kept his eyes wide open and witnessed something that could only be called a miracle .

The little blue lamp that was erupting with endless deep blue light flew into the skies above his head . As the lamp flew higher and higher, the pure blue gradually faded, and the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet all began to slowly appear . Or, perhaps it was more accurate to say that all these colors joined together to form that deep blue light . It was a sight gorgeous beyond belief and dazzling to the eyes . The little blue lamp flew higher and higher as if it wanted to reach the ends of space . The colors began to fade, turning warm and transparent . Then, the little blue lamp that flew into the skies turned into a massive sun that hovered in the heavens, sprinkling endless light upon the earth below .

Qin Yu was bathed within this warm sunlight . His eyes were wide with shock and awe . He found that he had never truly understood the little blue lamp . It was actually able to produce such an incredible change .

A sun…

Through the connection that Qin Yu had with the little blue lamp, he could see through all of this and find it at the core of the great sun . But the aura it released, the light and the heat, all of it was no different than a true sun .

Suddenly, Qin Yu discovered that he seemed to be fused together with the earth beneath his feet . He closed his eyes and could feel the shattered mountain in the distance . He could sense every crack, and within a deep one he could even feel a patch of worn out, withered grass .

Then, at this moment, Qin Yu could ‘see’ that grass spring up . Its leaves rose and in a short several breaths of time, it was restored to a rich verdant green, a rich vitality emanating from it .

It was as if with the arrival of the little blue lamp and the rise of the great sun in this world, this earth had been revitalized . Qin Yu could clearly feel the joy and excitement in the air . And more importantly, he felt as if he could control everything within this spatial fragment with just a thought .

He thought for a moment and then opened his eyes . He raised a hand and grasped outwards . Then, space fluctuated and a complete stalk of green grass appeared in front of him . Even the inconceivable network of roots buried beneath the ground had appeared, without the slightest bit of damage to any of it .

This was because when Qin Yu’s will spread out, the soil that surrounded the roots was pushed back by an invisible strength, allowing the green grass to obtain freedom .

He could no longer suppress the shock on his face . Qin Yu gently reached out and touched the grass, feeling the rough sense of friction that proved this wasn’t an illusion . The green branches and leaves twined around his hands, transmitting its joy and gratitude to him .

After a long silence, Qin Yu loosened his hand . The green grass vanished from sight . It returned to the soil it had been buried in without any difference at all .

And this was just because his will was that the grass returned to how it was before .

Qin Yu had no idea why this unbelievable scene would occur, but he knew this was inevitably linked to the little blue lamp . This was because he could clearly feel that he wasn’t the true master of this world . Rather, the little blue lamp had entrusted this to him, allowing him to wield its strength .

This was because the relationship between Qin Yu and the little blue lamp had taken another step forward .

Yes, when the little blue lamp fused into this space, it had entrusted Qin Yu with all the rights and powers . Like this, they had merged into one whole being, no longer able to be separated .

In other words, it was only at this moment that Qin Yu truly gained possession of the little blue lamp!

He looked around at the shattered earth . Although it was still barren and desolate, Qin Yu knew that it was different from before . From the verge of death, it had obtained a new lease on life .

Within his residence, Qin Yu’s eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes . He was still himself and there was no change to his aura . But, there was a deeper profoundness in his eyes…as well as a light invisible dignity . This was because he had become the one who controlled that space and possessed supreme authority over it .

This brought an invisible sense of change to him .

When he joined the Southshine Nation’s Youth Alchemy Competition, Qin Yu’s initial goal had been the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit . But now, it seemed his greatest harvest was this sealed dimension ring .

Qin Yu looked down . The sealed dimension ring hid itself away . It didn’t vanish, but had become something that only he could see . This wasn’t a function of the sealed dimension ring itself, but was a right Qin Yu naturally obtained after becoming the master of that space .

He took out the Fleeting Flame Furnace and gave it the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit . The rusted palm-sized fragment of a furnace suddenly erupted with endless light . Bright markings appeared on it, as if it were burning all over .

Within these flames, all of the dirt and other impurities that gathered on it were burnt to nothing, revealing its true form beneath . It was a dazzling pill furnace fragment . Even if it was only a minor part, one could still feel the formidable power and prestige within .

Whoosh –

The burning pill furnace fragment flew into the Fleeting Flame Furnace . Scorching waves of heat instantly rushed outwards, causing the surface of the Fleeting Flame Furnace to turn crimson .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . He discovered that he had an inexplicable intuition that the Fleeting Flame Furnace would be able to smoothly absorb the pill furnace fragment . He didn’t know why he felt this way, but he fully believed this .

Qin Yu suppressed his thoughts and then turned his head, his eyes falling on Ninth Province . Although it was silent, Qin Yu could unexpectedly feel sadness and sorrow emanating from it .

Oddly, Qin Yu seemed to be infected by it . His mind darkened and in the next moment, he seemed to see the form of another pill furnace behind Ninth Province .

This was a large, large, very large pill furnace . It was larger than the mountains and rivers, so large that even the endless ocean seemed small in comparison . It stood within an ocean of stars, as if it was an indispensable part of it . However, upon this inconceivably massive pill furnace were countless cracks . It seemed to have endured a strength it could not withstand, and was broken into countless pieces with a deathly aura lingering in the air…

This pill furnace was already dead!

As soon as this thought appeared in Qin Yu’s mind, the image in front of him trembled and then vanished .

Ninth Province was still there, but the sadness it emanated had already been restrained .

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