Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 250

Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – Seeing Ning Ling Again

The rich golden light contained an incomparably formidable aura . It clearly demonstrated the power it possessed . Every cultivator that saw the golden light immediately had a clear thought flash in their mind – this was an extremely powerful treasure!

They had no idea what it was or what use it had . But even so, all of them were tempted . They all felt a bottomless sense of greed in their hearts, an almost desperate sense of urgency .

If one could obtain it, control it, then one could have everything!

The hate in Deepblue’s eyes had already transformed to greed . He stubbornly stared at the golden light, his throat gulping repeatedly .

Heavenstar Demon was slightly better as Nascent Soul cultivators normally possessed a steady will . Even so, the skin of his cheeks shivered and it was clear he was restless .

“It is rumored that the Gold Noble Family possesses a supreme treasure, and it is by depending on this treasure that they control the Blue Cloud World . The master of this treasure is the master of the Blue Cloud World . In this world fragment, it possesses an inconceivable strength . If I’m not guessing wrong, this golden light is related to that treasure . ”

Deepblue licked his lips . “Seventh Slaughter Sect Master’s meaning is?”

Heavenstar Demon said in a soft voice . ”The Gold Noble Family has encountered great enemies today . You and I are both guests and we also wish to be tied together with them through marriage, so how can we stand idly by and allow thieves to wreak havoc?”

Deepblue nodded . “Seventh Slaughter Sect Master is indeed reasonable!”

Whoosh –

The two of them shot into the skies .

Hai Deepwhite shivered . He could feel a powerful summons originating from his golden light, as if it were something that belonged to him all along . A strong intuition rose in his mind . If he could obtain the main form of this gold light, he could reverse the difficult position he was in and try struggling one more time .

This was a treasure that could change his destiny .

It’s mine . That thing is mine!

Xue Zheng frowned . He turned and said, “Prince Deepwhite, the reason you and I came today is to request the hand of the Ning Family lady in marriage . I hope you do not cause unnecessary complications . ”

Hai Deepwhite coldly sneered . “You’re right that we are here to request marriage, but I ask that Commander Xue Zheng widen your eyes for a moment . The demonic path has already made their move . Do we just sit by and do nothing?”

Shua –

He flew out from the courtyard . Black water vapors gushed out from all around his body, condensing into the phantom of a flood dragon . With a roar, he soared straight to the top of the mountain .

Eclipse Lenqing’s eyes were tightly locked onto the golden light atop the mountain summit . He coldly said, “No matter what that is, we cannot allow it to fall into the hands of the demonic path! Follow me, we’re going to go and take a look!”

With a step forward, he howled into the skies .

At the same time, when the golden light cracked apart the palace hall, the incomparably large Blue Cloud World seemed as if its very foundation had been shaken . Thus, the cracks in the vault of heaven began to rapidly expand and collapse . As the giant cracks spread outwards, countless small new cracks appeared . In just a moment, the Blue Cloud World seemed as if it would disintegrate!

“Heavenseek Old Demon, you have gone too far!”

There was an enraged roar . Then, with a loud rumble two figures flew out from the darkness . One person was shrouded in darkness and the other person burned with blazing golden flames . Terrifying auras surged out from them, causing the surrounding space to distort . It was impossible to clearly see their appearance, and because the spatial distortions caused their figures to seem dozens of times larger, it was like immortal fairies were fighting in the skies .

“The river goes 30 years east and then 30 years west . When you tried to kill me in the past, you should have already expected that this situation would occur today . ”

“My Ning Family has already paid a sufficient price for what happened in the past . You promised to consider it over with, so why go back on your word?”

“Demonic path cultivators are shameless and wretched . What makes you think we can’t do something like betraying our word? If you can’t accept this, then you can come looking for me in the future . ”


The voices echoed out far . Qin Yu paused .

Heavenseek Old Demon…Heavenseek Pavilion…

Really, this new situation was related to them .

Qin Yu looked up . His eyes swept over that mass of black demonic energy and he stiffened .

He had no reason for it, but he knew that there was a pair of eyes within that demonic energy looking at him .

Had it rushed here for him?

But what did he have that was enough for Heavenseek Old Demon to betray a promise and recklessly attack the Gold Noble Family?

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced . Then, he heard Heavenseek Old Demon lightly say, “You and I should change location to fight . Otherwise, if we collide a few more times, I fear that your Blue Cloud World will really be destroyed . ”

“Good!” The golden light shouted out with a voice overflowing with anger .

The black and gold spheres of light sank into the shattered skies, disappearing from sight .

“Hurry and activate the great array! Stabilize the space!”

“We cannot allow the Blue Cloud World to suffer any accidents!”

“Use all of your strength!”

Bang –

Bang –

From all around the Blue Cloud World, beams of light rose up, shooting into the heavens . They were like giant stone columns, supporting the collapsing skies . These maintenance array formations diverted the attention of most powerhouses of the Gold Noble Family, keeping them too busy to care about anything else . Thus, when Qin Yu arrived at the palace hall, there was no one there that stopped him .

Shua –

Demonic light dispersed . The next ones who arrived right behind were Heavenstar Demon and Deepblue . The two of them glared at Qin Yu, naked hostility in their eyes .

“Fellow daoist Qin Yu, we meet again!” Heavenstar Demon slowly said .

Whoosh –

Xue Zheng and Hai Deepwhite arrived .

The latter’s eyes twitched . He roared out loud, “Qin Yu!”

Hate was thick in his voice .

Xue Zheng cupped his hands together . “Greetings, Priest Qin Yu . ”

As if he didn’t see Hai Deepwhite’s hate-filled glare at all .

Eclipse Lenqing and Zeng Zhongxiu arrived last .

“Brother Qin!”

Heavenstar Demon’s eyes flashed . “Who would have thought that everyone here would be acquaintances . Then, that makes things easier for us all . ” He swept his eyes around . “Currently, the Gold Noble Family has no time to attend to us, giving us this opportunity . How about we all enter the palace hall first and then compete for the treasure with our own respective skills?”

Xue Zheng frowned . “This is the Gold Noble Family!”

Heavenstar Demon sneered . “And so what? The Ning Family Old Ancestor has been led away by a mysterious powerhouse of my demonic path and the other masters are busy stabilizing this world fragment . This is a heaven-sent chance . Anyone that misses out on this opportunity will regret it for the rest of their lives . You should all know that riches and danger go hand in hand . ” He paused for a moment and then said with cold contempt, “And, don’t the two of you hope to cause some losses to the Gold Noble Family? This world is too small; it cannot accommodate too many people . ”

Hai Deepwhite shouted out, “Good, we agree!”

“Then let’s hurry up and start so we don’t cause further complications . ” Heavenstar Demon flicked his sleeves and demonic energy tumbled around him . A giant diamond demon puppet appeared, its body over 100 feet tall . It was like a giant human as it wielded its fists and smashed at the palace hall .

Bang –

The demon puppet was sent flying backwards . A deep gash marred its thick armor, ripping a terrifying opening . But, its defensive powers were clearly amazing . It didn’t sustain any heavy damage and crawled up to its feet .

From where its fist smashed, the cracks in the palace hall were clearly much larger . More golden light gushed out, but after that previous strike, the protective strength of the palace hall was clearly diminished .

Heavenstar Demon shouted, “Attack together! We must save time!”

Qin Yu lifted his hands and thrust out his palm .

Eclipse Lenqing slightly frowned . He raised his hands and also punched out .

Xue Zheng didn’t move, but the sounds of great crashing waves echoed around him . A giant sea beast phantom appeared and rushed at the palace hall .

The diamond demon puppet roared and howled back in .

Rumble rumble –

A corner of the palace hall collapsed . Then, the entire palace was directly broken by the violent flows of energy within . After losing its fetters, that golden light wildly erupted like a volcano .

At the same time, the temptation it emitted rose at an exponential rate . Everyone rushed over, burning, naked greed in their eyes .

Qin Yu frowned . He looked at the golden light . It was indeed a peerless treasure that possessed strength beyond imagination . But, it wasn’t what he wanted .

Whoosh –

He raced towards the palace hall .

Heavenstar Demon sneered . “Qin Yu, aren’t you too impatient?”

He lifted his hand and a pitch black demon hand appeared, grabbing for Qin Yu’s chest .

Qin Yu didn’t turn . He flicked his sleeves and shook the demon hand away . He coldly said, “I have no desire for that thing . If you want it, then take it yourself!”

His figure didn’t stop . In the blink of an eye he rushed towards a corner of the palace hall . There was a tunnel here which led to some unknown place .

Heavenstar Demon frowned . Could there be other important treasures in this palace hall? But after a short period of hesitation, he suppressed these thoughts and a cold smile lit up his face . As long as he could take away the main form of this golden light, he would be the ruler of the Blue Cloud World . At that time, he would be an invincible existence in this world fragment .

Even if the Ning Family Old Ancestor came back, he still wouldn’t be his match . So, who cared if Qin Yu was strong? No matter what treasure he obtained, he would still be easily crushed to pieces .

Demonic energy surged . Heavenstar Demon howled towards the golden light .

Eclipse Lenqing roared, “The battle between you and I, let us settle it here today!”

Bang –

Two great Nascent Soul masters entangled themselves in a brutal battle .

Deepblue turned around, dread in his eyes as he stared at the quiet Xue Zheng and Deepwhite . He took several steps back .

He wasn’t a Nascent Soul . But, if he really risked his life and went all out, he might have the strength to fight a Nascent Soul .

Winds brushed past Qin Yu’s face . He rushed forwards through the tunnel .

The golden light was indeed a powerful treasure, but it would be incredibly difficult to subdue it . In fact, when Qin Yu approached it, he could feel a faint trembling in the instincts of his soul .

But it was the little blue lamp that shined with light, as if it were eager to try . Qin Yu didn’t want to create more issues . Right now, all he wanted was the method to break into Nascent Soul .

As long as he could reach Nascent Soul, then in this great world he would have the qualifications to walk wherever he wished . Although having a treasure would be nice, compared to that prospect of freedom, it wasn’t anything at all .

The beating of his heart quickened and he knew he was getting closer and closer . But, his eyes were calm, like water beneath an ice lake, without any waves at all .

Nearing his final goal, he knew he should be more careful . So how come inexplicably hot emotions were pouring out from the depths of his heart, as if his heart was burning?

He reached the end of the tunnel . Qin Yu flew out . This was a not-too-large underground palace . It was empty and quiet and barren . There were only endless runes that marked the floor .

These runes looked as if they had been scattered around without any design at all, but it was clear that it was a great array formation . But with Qin Yu’s current vision, he still couldn’t distinguish what it was for . From this alone he could understand how mystical it was .

He saw all of this in a sweep of his eyes . Then, his gaze was attracted towards a gray cage in the middle of the underground palace . There was a woman inside . Her body was thin and slender, and with just a single glance, one would immediately feel pity for her . At this time, she was sitting with her back to him, as if she were thinking about something . One couldn’t see her appearance, but from that fair earlobe of hers that peeked out from the side, one wished they could turn her around to see what sort of beautiful appearance she had .

The dim light wasn’t enough to illuminate the underground palace . But, Qin Yu’s five senses had always far surpassed common sense . The darkness here was no different from daytime to him . He looked at the cage with shock, his eyes wide, as if he was seeing some unbelievable image .

As if hearing something behind her, the woman lifted her hand and brushed aside her hair . She said in a soft voice . “Old Cloud, tell them that they need not waste their time . I will not agree . ”

Qin Yu froze where he was, a raging stream of emotions coursing through his heart and soul, breaking apart any sense of calm or stability he had . All of his moderation and self-control shattered and his eyes began to tear up .

This voice…this voice…

It was her!

She was alive! She was still alive!

Qin Yu couldn’t describe his own feelings with words right now . At this time, the dim hall suddenly became beautiful, and the dark and dreary torches now seemed warm and kind .

He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he found himself unable to speak .

The woman waited for a moment . When she didn’t obtain a response, she turned around . Even though her face was pale, it was still so beautiful that it left one feeling shame .

Then, their gazes met . Her wondrous eyes widened into moons and she immediately stood up . Her body shivered and she stared at Qin Yu .

A moment of silence and peace . The only sound was the breathing of the two .

The woman suddenly smiled, as if the most gorgeous flowers in the world were all blooming together . “Since you’re breathing, that means you aren’t an illusion . Junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu, I knew you wouldn’t die . ”

Qin Yu regained his senses . His stiff face warmed and softened . He took a deep breath, “I…I also never thought that I would see senior-apprentice sister Ning again . ”

His voice cracked .

The two people stared at each other for several breaths of time, smiling all the while .

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