Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 249

Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – Stepping Into the Skies

Qin Yu looked away . He glanced at Ning Yiran once and then started walking forwards .

“Where are you going!”

“You’re staying behind!”

With loud roars, the guards attacked . Bolts of white supernatural power surged out with incomparably dazzling light, condensing into encircling chains .

Bang –

With a loud explosion, all of the chains disintegrated . The attacking guards shouted pitifully as they were sent soaring backwards .

Blood wildly spurted out from their heads .

The entire scene fell deathly silent!

Everyone stared with wide eyes, watching that tall and straight figure walking away, not even stopping for a single moment . That exchange just now had instantly revealed just how formidable he was .

Nascent Soul!

Ning Yiran suddenly discovered that he had mistaken the situation from the very beginning . Qin Ning had never been his rival, because the two of them were not on the same level to begin with .

The eyes of the woman beside him shook like waves in a storm . The person who originally disappointed everyone was now emitting hundreds of millions of rays of light . Her mind shook and she lost the ability to think .

Suddenly, she thought back to the terrifying powerhouse that blatantly broke into the Blue Cloud World . Then, she thought of Qin Yu suddenly breaking out of prison . There was definitely some sort of connection between them .

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The sound of howling air filled the skies!

A guard with a fierce bloodstained face viciously said, “In the Blue Cloud World, no one dares to disobey my Ning Family . You are going to die here!”

Shua –

Beams of light scattered to reveal two figures, one man and one woman, both of them middle-aged . They emanated boundless power and prestige, their auras as deep as a pool . And, what was more astonishing was that their auras were faintly linked together, with the effect of their total power being greater than the sum of the two added together . This made the aura of the two early Nascent Soul cultivators even more dreadful than that of a middle Nascent Soul cultivator .

“Disciplinary Elders, Qin Ning has broken out from the prison . He must be a spy from the outside, please capture him for interrogation!” A wounded guard shouted out .

Ning Yiran turned around and fled . The cultivators beside him were stunned for a brief moment before they hurried to follow him . They thought that if there was a reason they deserved to die, it was because their reaction time was slower than others’ . In a battle between Nascent Souls, if these minor characters were to approach, what was the difference between that and seeking death?

Ning Yiran’s gaze fell on Qin Yu and a dignified look crossed his face . It was unknown just what he was thinking . But, as for that woman with beautiful eyes who was even more outstanding, she simply frowned and sighed inwardly . Nascent Souls were strong, but this was the Blue Cloud World, the land where the main family lived . Powerhouses existed here like trees in a forest, so what could a single Nascent Soul do?

As for the other outer Ning Mansion cultivators, after they were shocked, looks of joy crossed their faces . Qin Ning, no matter how fierce you are, aren’t you just going to die here?

The middle-aged man and woman were husband and wife . Right now, their eyes were icy cold as they looked at Qin Yu . “No matter who you are, concealing your identity and trespassing in the Blue Cloud World is a crime worthy of death!”

The two people lifted their hands and thrust them forwards .

In that instant, winds and close rose up . Heaven and earth spiritual strength started to surge within the void . A massive hand appeared, its surface covered with the markings of time, as if it were some divine hand that had been summoned across the river of time and space to arrive in this world . Before it descended, the space all around tightened up and the air became so thick that it seemed it would become solid .

Qin Yu looked up and praise flashed in his eyes . They were truly worthy of being part of the Gold Noble Family . With this supernatural skill, they could even suppress a middle Nascent Soul master . But even so, his expression was calm . He stood steady where he was and lifted a hand, pointing a finger into the skies .

Wind and clouds whipped up once more . A finger pierced into the heavens, and after a brief silence, there was a heaven-shaking rumble as shockwaves spread outwards, curling up heads of black hair .

Ning Yiran decisively raised his hands and pushed them outwards . The beautiful woman beside him followed suit, her hands dancing in the air . The complexions of the two suddenly paled as they were forced backwards . After the blinding light faded, they could see a figure standing tall in the distance . The depths of their eyes began to shiver .

Qin Yu’s strength had surpassed their expectations!

The complexions of the middle-aged man and woman sank . Although their strike just now had seemed simple, it was actually their full strength . They never thought that they wouldn’t even be able to shake this young man with their all-out strike .

But in the next moment, they calmed down . They both raised their hands up into the void and forced several signs with their fingers .

As their fingers fell, what was the world and not the world seemed to change . It became heavy and cruel, filled with a savage and intangible killing aura that struck straight at one’s heart .

Qin Yu looked up to see countless array formation runes shimmer above his head . Black clouds immediately gushed out into the empty skies and dazzling bolts of lightning arched through them . Its aura was even more terrifying than Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation .

Bang –

Thunder roared and fell .

Qin Yu glanced up and then looked at the middle-aged man and woman . He lightly said, “I don’t want to kill you . Move aside . ”

With the thunder of the killing array up ahead and two great Nascent Souls around him, to speak such words at this moment was wildly arrogant to the extreme .

But soon after, there was no longer any sound in this world . Everyone’s eyes widened as they stared on in a dumbfounded daze .

Even the middle-aged man and woman couldn’t help but be shaken, panic and horror etched on their faces!

They saw the horrifying thunder directly strike Qin Yu . But, his body was like a black hole . The thunder suddenly twisted and was completely swallowed up into his stomach .

Then, continuous bolts of thunder rained down, each one containing endlessly cruel killing intent . Yet, none of them could change the result .

Beneath the black clouds, the thunder was like a cage, the dazzling lightning so blinding that one couldn’t look straight at it . In the midst of it all, Qin Yu calmly walked out .

This sight was like a miracle!

He left the black clouds and avoided the bolts of thunder . He looked up, towards the summit of the mountain city that was entirely covered by fog .

An intuition, an impulse, gradually rose in his heart . The method to reach Nascent Soul might be there!

Pa –

The ground shattered . Qin Yu was like a bolt of lightning as he exploded forwards .

Ning Yiran and the woman beside him both revealed complicated expressions . Was this his true strength?

The middle-aged man and woman paled, hate and shame thick in their eyes . But at this moment, they really didn’t dare to try stopping Qin Yu again .

That miracle-like scene had created a psychological impact that had completely crushed their pride and self-confidence .

However, if this person wanted to rely on this alone to wreak havoc in the Blue Cloud World, it was far from enough . Even if they didn’t dare to do something, there was inevitably someone else who would!

Bang –

Above the mountain summit, sharp sword intents blazed through the horizon, their terrifying auras reaching a state of unparalleled sharpness . It seemed as if even the world would be torn asunder .

In the blink of an eye, a sword phantom appeared . Its blade cut through the void, causing its surroundings to distort as it chopped down on Qin Yu’s head .

Qin Yu looked up . His black hair was whipped into the wind and his face slightly stung . Because he couldn’t help it, he narrowed his eyes a little .

He lifted one hand and pointed outwards .

Clang –

Like a divine sword leaving its sheath, there was a resonant sword cry . A white sword appeared, bearing a tyrannical momentum .

It soared towards the sword phantom . Then, with a loud ring, the two swords collided .

Hu –

The shattered sword intent fell down like a rain of blades . In the surrounding one hundred miles of the mountain peak, all of the ancient trees were ripped apart by the sword intent, torn into powder that sprinkled to the ground .

Suddenly, the top of the mountain was exposed . Sitting there was an old man in sword robes, his face pale white without the smallest hint of red . The area ten feet around him was crisscrossed with deep slashes, not a single half-inch area untouched .

Puff –

He spat out a mouthful of blood . Countless cracks appeared on the surface of his body and tiny beads of blood seeped out, immediately drowning his body in blood .

Sword cultivators possessed terrifying offensive capabilities, but their weakness was that they were one with their sword . To break the sword was to break their body . Even if the old man sword cultivator didn’t die today, his cultivation would drastically fall .

Qin Yu didn’t stop . He continued stepping towards the mountain peak where the fog swirled about .

The Blue Cloud World had suddenly been attacked by a powerful enemy . At this time, the space of the entrance was still collapsing, and terrifying auras were continuing to collide, causing the cracks in space to widen . This shocking scene immediately drew in countless eyes . Not only was everyone from the Gold Noble Family watching this now, but even the honored guests from the three factions were observing .

Deepblue clenched his fists, hatred thick in his eyes . But, there was a trace of horror that he didn’t want to acknowledge .

Qin Yu…it was Qin Yu…

He would never mistake that face . Several years since their meeting at the sea region, Qin Yu had actually become this powerful .

In the past, although he wasn’t a match, Qin Yu had won using the power of a treasure . If they had truly fallen into a melee battle, he wouldn’t necessarily have lost .

But now…his eyes locked onto the figure that stepped into the skies . Deepblue’s nails dug into his palms, but he didn’t feel it at all .

He didn’t want to acknowledge this, yet he had no choice but to do so . If they were to fight today, he feared it would only take a brief instant for him to perish where he stood!

Heavenstar Demon had a dignified expression . His thoughts rapidly raced . In the past, he had discovered Qin Yu’s great secret . Unfortunately, before he could grab hold of him, Qin Yu had used the Blood Escape Art to flee .

Today, Qin Yu revealed an even greater strength, and this made Heavenstar Demon’s greed towards his Demon Body even stronger . If he helped the Gold Noble Family, then he might have a chance to take him away and then find an opportunity to seize his Demon Body!

However, who was the one fighting the Ning Family Old Ancestor? That terrifying demon energy was no worse than the Demon Monarch’s!

“Brother Qin!” Zeng Zhongxiu was surprised . His eyes flashed as he quickly looked over .

Eclipse Lenqing sucked in a deep breath and said, “I don’t like him, but Qin Yu is in the end a person of my Immortal Eclipse Valley . I won’t do anything to him . ”

Of course, there was one point he wouldn’t admit to, and that was the tinge of fear that was slowly spreading in his heart .

Zeng Zhongxiu calmed down even as his thoughts raced . It was definitely not a coincidence that Qin Yu appeared at this time . Looking towards the distance where the skies were being destroyed, a thoughtful look came over his face .

Perhaps there was something he needed in the Gold Noble Family .

Xue Zheng stood straight, his eyes dark and gloomy . He was like a heavy sword slowly emerging from its chest .

Hai Deepwhite had a complex look, but in the next moment, his face turned icy cold .

If it weren’t for Qin Yu then the Whale Sovereign wouldn’t have died, and he wouldn’t have been placed under house arrest by his father .

Now, all of his schemes and plots had become nothing . That supreme throne no longer had any relation to him .

If one had to vote for the most hated person in the world, Hai Deepwhite would surely vote for Qin Yu .

However, he didn’t have much to say . He glanced over at Xue Zheng and covered the chill that flashed in his eyes .

Bang –

Terrifying explosions rang out once more . Qin Yu had heard them once when he was in prison, but now that he was stepping into the skies, he could hear them much more clearly .

Shockwaves rippled out at a speed visible to the naked eye . It was like a strong wind that flattened the earth . The ancient trees on the mountain bent where they were, and some were unable to withstand it and were directly broken apart . Then, they were all sucked into the skies and shredded into dust .

Qin Yu’s feet moved . He turned and saw a beam of light shoot forth from the thick fog . Countless array formations and spells lit up in front of it, but they weren’t able to stop it at all . It easily pierced through every one and then landed atop the summit in a common-looking palace hall .

Weng –

The entire mountain trembled . The palace hall possessed inconceivably tough defensive capabilities . When that terrifying beam of light crashed into it from above, it caused cracks to appear, but it didn’t collapse at all .

This was already more than amazing .

Rays of golden light emerged from the cracks in the palace hall, lighting up the skies like blazing flames . Qin Yu could feel the powerful aura contained within that golden light . He had a sudden intuition that whatever it was that could help him break through to Nascent Soul was in that palace hall .

It was so clear, so strong, that it was like a fire really lit up in his chest, making his eyes burn hot!

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