Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The old man nodded lightly, “No problem!”

He waved his sleeve and the courtyard door was blown to pieces, stepping inside in large strides, watching everything like a hawk .

“Who dares to make trouble in Wang clan? Come out and face death!”

Madam followed close behind, indicating with her finger and in a shrill voice saying, “And that girl, just like her mother, a bunch of foxes, daring to collude with outsiders . She must be thrown out!”

Inside the funeral hall, Qin Yu patted the face of the terrified Gu Ling’er, “It’s alright . ” He got up and started walking outside, “Senior sister, I might not slaughter mortals but I can kill the cultivators that disgraced my family . ”

Ning Ling’s charming face was cold, “Naturally . ”

The bearded old man’s pupil shrank slightly, “So it’s a fellow cultivator . ” Qin Yu and Ning Ling’s auras couldn’t be hidden from him . After pondering for a bit, he coldly said, “Announce yourselves . If we are related somehow, then this old man will be merciful and won’t kill you!”

“Brother!” Madam was alarmed .

The old man said in low voice, “I still have a sense of decency . ” Qin Yu’s aura was feeble, and doesn’t pay him any attention . Only Ning Ling gives of some pressure, most likely she is in Foundation Establishment realm .

Qin Yu’s eyes turned red, “The dead don’t need to know so much . ”

Old man was so angry he smiled, “What a good junior, acting so arrogantly . Let this old man see how you kill him!”


His aura exploded, amazing everyone with his 6th layer of Foundation Establishment .

Qin Yu suddenly took a step, rushing forward like a galloping horse, so fast it almost left afterimages, his energy of 3rd layer of Foundation Establishment surging upward .

The old man was a bit startled, and gathered energy in his lifted palm, letting a blade edge form, on the verge of releasing it . Yet the next instant, his body went rigid, face dyed in pain scattering the gathered energy .

After the successful Mind Stab, Qin Yu pressed forward, his fist exploding .


The old man was thrown backwards, his chest caved in, and hit the ground puking blood again and again, with even pieces of flesh mixed in it . Then took one final breath and died!

A 6th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator was actually killed from an open attack .

From inside Qin Yu, a faint cracking sound could be heard, his robe started fluttering and energy soaring . His raged filled mind was fluctuating, releasing his anger on the old man, triggered his advancement in cultivation, and entering the 4th layer of Foundation Establishment!

A ripple echoed in Ning Ling’s eyes, looking at his back, filled with amazement and admiration .

All of the courtyard has sunk in deathly silence .

Ning Ling stared at the Madam, “So who did you want to throw out?”

“Ahh!” Madam shrieked in fear, rolled her eyes backwards and lost consciousness, collapsing like a dead fish, even relieving herself .

Ning Ling took a step forward, “Qin Yu?”

He nodded, “Be at ease senior sister Ning . ” And turn as he expressed his disgust, “Get her out of here . She is sullying my home!”

Wang Gui and the other servants froze on the spot, not daring to move a muscle .

Wang Changge suddenly sighed, waving his hand, “Take her and go . ” Only then two strong servants, trembling, dragged her body like a dead dog .

Looking at Qin Yu, “Are you the child of that time? How unexpected, mother Gu had a better foresight than me . ”

“What’s the point of saying this since she’s already dead?” Qin Yu said coldly .

Wang Changge lowered his head, then after a few breaths, smiled forcefully, “You’re right, she’s already gone, it’s too late to say these . ” After he finished, he seemed to have aged countless year, “It is I who let her down . Kill me, perhaps it is not too late to catch up to her . ”

Qin Yu gnashed his teeth, “You think I don’t want to kill you!”

Gu Ling’er spoke crying, “Mother still believe until the end, that you will come see her . She told me that no matter where will she be buried, she will still be a member of the Wang clan . ”

Wang Changge’s tears were falling, “Mother Gu, I wronged you! I had no choice, the Madam’s clan had a cultivator . Wang clan needed help, and I could only ignore you . If it weren’t for this she doesn’t even compare with you mother and daughter! Moher Gu, it is I who is unworthy of you!”

He kneeled on the ground, and crying in front of the coffin .

“Divorce that poisonous woman . I want Aunty Gu to be Wang clan’s lady of the house and given a grand burial in Wang clan’s ancestral tombs, with her memorial tablet in the ancestors’ shrine . ” Qin Yu coldly said, “Gather all Wang clan member to pay their respects to Aunty Gu and guide her on her last journey!”

Wang Changge nodded, “As it is right, it is the least I owe her . ” He tore a bit of clothing and after biting his finger, wrote, “Mother Gu, today I divorce the vicious woman, and will take you as my wife!”

Wang clan then began a grand burial .

Gu Ling’er was holding the memorial tablet, with the thirty-two people carrying a big redwood coffin behind her . Ritual money was flying everywhere, falling slowly to the ground .

All of the town’s people were crowded on the sides of the street, filled with reverence, witnessing this unprecedent majestic funeral .

Qin Yu was lifting the coffin, not using any of his cultivation, regardless of the weight bearing down on his shoulder, advancing step by step . A sudden wind came, lifting the ritual money, passing by his face, like the light brush of Aunty Gu’s hand .

“Please rest in peace, Aunty Gu . ”

The night came like water, with three figures standing in front of the newly build grand tomb . Qin Yu was holding on to Gu Ling’er, wiping her swollen eyes, “Ling’er, Aunty Gu doesn’t want to see you like this, don’t cry . ”

She shook her head, “Brother Yu, I’m not sad, but glad . Happy for mother Gu! She bitterly waited all her life, and finally her wish was granted . I believe she is at peace where she is . Thank you Brother Yu, thank you!”

Qin Yu embraced her, “Silly girl, I am your brother, there is no need to thank me . Let’s return and rest, we will finish the rest tomorrow . ”

Gu Ling’er in a daze, “I won’t return, to Wang clan . I will stay here keeping mother company…”

Qin Yu nodded, “Alright, then let us stay with Aunty Gu . ”

After a few breaths time she fell asleep .

Qin Yu hold her while sitting on the grave, seeing the burning incense sticks, suddenly said, “Senior sister Ning, why do you cultivate?”

Ning Ling was startled, and after thinking spoke, “I want to seize my own fate . ”

Qin Yu nodded, “To me, fate is meaningless and empty . Before, I didn’t know why I was cultivating, but now I have a purpose . I wish to protect my loved ones, from the harm of the world, to never feel sadness again . ”

Gazing at his back, Ning Ling’s eyes were flashing not saying a word .

The night passes, and on the next day when the sun was three poles high, Gu Ling’er woke up, bashful, “Brother Yu . ”

Qin Yu smiled faintly, “You’re awake . ” He takes out a Fasting Pill, “Eat this . ”

Gu Ling’er obediently opened her mouth, eating the pill, making her pale cheeks rosy .

“Ling’er, what will you do next? If you want, I will take care of you if you come with me . ” Qin Yu spoke earnestly .

Gu Ling’er thought a bit, and in a small voice, “Mother’s wish has been fulfilled, and I have no wish to stay at Wang clan . Actually, mother made some preparations . Brother Yu, do you still remember elder sister Zhang Zhang? Mother made it so that she will take me in, as elder sister Zhang Zhang’s maid . ”

Qin Yu knit his brows, “Ling’er, I can take good care of you!”

“Brother Yu, it is not the same as before . I know you are worried about me, but I will become a burden if I follow you!” Gu Ling’er was a bit sad, but soon smiled, “Brother Yu be at ease, elder sister Zhang Zhang is good to me . I will be safe and happy at her side . ”

Ning Ling stated, “Junior brother Qin Yu, Ling’er is correct . You’ve just entered the path of cultivation, taking her with you might not be what is best for her . ”

Qin Yu fell silent for a time, then nodded, “Alright, I will take you to Zhang clan . ”

Saying goodbye to Aunty Gu and leaving this sorrowful place, their mood slowly improved . Gu Ling’er even started to smile .

“Senior sister Ning, did you know, that when Brother Yu was with elder sister Zhang Zhang, they promised to marry each other?”

Ning Ling’s heart almost stopped, yet no reaction was seen on her face, “Then, junior brother Qin Yu is going to see his fiancée?”

Qin Yu forced a smile, “Senior sister Ning don’t listen to Ling’er’s nonsense . It was made by naïve children, and after these many years with no contact, how could it still stand . ”

For reasons unknown, when she heard his explanation, her heart relaxed slightly . Thinking of this her cheeks began to redden, so she turned her head and started talking with Gu Ling’er .

Qin Yu’s eyes were blank, running through his head are old memories, regarding a pigtailed girl chasing behind him .

‘Zhang Zhang… so many years passed . That pretty appearance; now you must have blossomed into an elegant and magnificent young lady . ’

Does she still remember him?

Qin Yu’s lips rose into a faint smile .

After walking a hundred li outside the small town, they arrived .

Seeing the impressive manor in front of them, many times bigger than the Wang clan’s, Qin Yu realized Zhang Zhang is doing far better then he had thought . If the Zhang clan is doing so well, why didn’t they helped Aunty Gu over the years?

He doesn’t say anything when he sees the delighted Gu Ling’er . As long as she is happy then Aunty Gu will be satisfied .

“Didn’t think elder sister Zhang Zhang’s home is so huge . Mother knew when she said that elder sister will able to take care of me . ” Seeing the huge house, after a moment of delight, she started hesitating .

Qin Yu smiled, “I’ll go ask them to open the gate . ”

Very quickly the gate opened and although the porter’s attitude was arrogant, once he heard the purpose of their visit, he told them to wait while he went to report .

Ning Ling’s pupils flashed, “I will wait here . ”

Gu Ling’er was reluctant, and Qin Yu feeling her apprehension, just nodded, “Alright . ”

Ning Ling shook Gu Ling’er’s small hand, saying a few phrases to her in low voice, then turned to stand at the side .

Not long after, the porter brought a servant girl to welcome them inside the mansion . Along the way she kept on stealing glances at Qin Yu and then left in a hurry, letting a black clothed servant boy take them to the reception room and serving them tea with pastries .

Regarding that servant girl, her hurried steps brought her behind the women’s area entering an exquisitely decorated courtyard .

“Young miss, I observed careful, and found that the youngster is how you described him, moreover heard Gu Ling’er call him Brother Yu . ”

When she heard the servant girl, Zhang Zhang turned happy, “It truly is Qin Yu!” Yet the next moment, hesitated .

She nibbled at her lip, “Qiu Qiu, should I go meet him? He is a good childhood friend, after all . ”

Qiu Qiu is also pretty, especially those matured curves that enchants many men, along with her fiery temper, “Young miss, don’t be soft, if from just one look he will be mesmerized, what will you do then when he will mention that damnable annoying and empty promise of the past? At that point, even if refused it will still be ugly and all who hears it will damage young miss’ reputation!”

Zhang Zhang was embarrassed, “But isn’t it heartless not to meet him?”

Qiu Qiu raised her head with pride, “Young miss, don’t forget what status you have now . The Master’s cultivation reached Golden Core realm the other day, and you also entered Rainbow Immortals Sect . Such a grand lady, agreeing to shelter Gu Ling’er is the same to changing her fate, enough to repay that time’s promise . ”

“Not seeing him is for his own good, if there were some feelings born instead, your benevolent heart can’t compare with his . Will even make Master’s disciples not letting him off and might cause you severe harm instead!”

Zhang Zhang sighed lightly, “Qiu Qiu, you’re right . ” She then drew out a fragrant bag from her chest, it’s embroidery in faded colors . Taking the round jade from inside, common and slightly murky, yet with a polished surface, clearly from being used many times .

With reluctance in the depths of her eyes, Zhang Zhang bit her lip, “Give this jade to Qin Yu, tell him that promise was made by naïve kids, and hope he doesn’t mind it . Talk with a kinder tone, so you won’t harm his pride, and also give him a gift . ”

Qiu Qiu received it, “Relax young miss, this servant will handle it . ”

Seeing her personal maid walking out the door, Zhang Zhang touched her chest, feeling a certain emptiness, a bitter loss . She felt the urge to call for Qiu Qiu, but sighed instead, ‘Perhaps what she said is right . This is the only way . ’

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