Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Ning Ling stopped pressing for answers, calming somewhat Qin Yu’s heart . Yet he feels at a loss while certain that she has no ill intentions towards him, so he might as well stop thinking and hasten his pace .

After a few days, Ning Ling turned a lot quieter, looking as they traveled at the scenery . Sometimes a rock, or a tree, eyes roaming everywhere . Occasionally showing a blank look on her beautiful face .

Qin Yu doesn’t ask, and quietly matches her pace, letting her enjoy the mesmerizing sceneries .

Ning Ling is after all a smart girl, quickly noticing this, “Junior brother Qin Yu, aren’t you in a rush to reach your relatives?”

Qin Yu laughed, simply saying, “I don’t have relatives . ”

Ning Ling was startled .

“I am was adopted . This trip is to repay their kindness . ”

“I’m sorry . ”

Qin Yu waved his hand, “I’m used to it . ”

Ning Ling nodded, not knowing why, although not talking much, she seems to be faintly drawn towards Qin Yu’s manner .

After two days, the purposely slow journey comes to an end . Coming into the two’s view is a small town of not even ten thousand people .

Wang clan .

Seeing the familiar place, Qin Yu stood calmly for a while, then in a light voice, “I arrived . ”

Ning Ling looked a few times, “Seems more lavish than it should, not matching at all . ”

Qin Yu was indifferent, “Perhaps, but it isn’t related to Wang clan . ”

In those years, if Aunty Gu didn’t do everything she could to protect him, he would have been abandoned .

“I don’t want to see the Wang people . Let’s enter quietly . ” She was slightly startled but nodded .

Two people went around and with a step flew inside . With Foundation Establishment methods, even in broad daylight and they still won’t be discovered .

Avoiding the people along the way, eager to see them, Qin Yu couldn’t help be emotional about it and opened his mouth, “Aunty Gu is a very good person . We might not be blood related, but to me, she is my mother . After eight years, I wonder how is she doing . ”

Seeing Ning Ling watching him, he was slightly embarrassed, “Senior sister Ning must find it funny, me being this nervous . ”

Knowing the situation, and seeing a whole new Qin Yu, no longer pretending, made Ning Ling feel warm inside, “Not at all, the way you are now is the true junior brother Qin Yu . ”

Qin Yu laughed, somewhat calmer, “I am grateful . The path of a cultivator is filled with danger and cruelty . I don’t know if there will be a next time that I can return here . I will arrange for them to have a nice life, to put my mind at ease and then focus on my cultivation . ” He then pointed, “We arrived!”

Taking the next corner, the familiar courtyard appears in front of him . Compared to before, it seems somewhat run down .

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s smile froze, not moving a single step .

White lanterns hanged in front of the door, swaying in the wind, faint crying sounds could be heard from inside . His heart, seems to be in a vice, with each beat incredibly strained . Qin Yu feels as if a tide is pressing down on him, he opened his pain fill eyes with difficulty to reassure himself this isn’t a dream .

Ning Ling faintly said, “Maybe it isn’t what you’re thinking . ”

Qin Yu sucked in a cold breath, “You’re right, Aunty Gu has the kindest heart, always helping others . This might also be the case . This kind of ominous event, is avoided by many, and only Aunty Gu could agree . With suck a good heart how could anything happen to her . ” He turned his head, “Right?”

Ning Ling’s eyes were slightly dim, forcing herself to nod .

Qin Yu squeezed out a smile, pushed the door and entered .

In the middle of a simple and crude mourning hall lays a delicate figure, leaning on the ground and crying her heart out, repeatedly gazing at the coffin in front of her . Inside, lays a white hair madam with her eyes closed, making Qin Yu’s tears fall like rain .

Aunty Gu…

That woman who on a frightful rainy day, she brought him inside when he was sheltering from the rain under the eaves .

That woman who begged to have the bruised and battered body of his to remain in her care .

That woman who on a cold winter sleepless night, lay in bed and hold him close until dawn .

That woman who on the new year festivities said she was full so she could watch him smiling as he enjoyed the food .

Died .

She died .

Qin Yu felt his entire self, crushed . The person he felt the most grateful for in his entire life is Aunty Gu!

But now, she is gone, with no chance to say goodbye, unable to repay her . Qin Yu felt remorseful, why did he have to waste time coming over . If he were a bit faster, Aunty Gu might still be alive .

Qin Yu’s face grew paler, without a trace of blood left, as if terminally ill and on the verge of collapsing .

Ning Ling hurriedly supported him, sensing his strong unreconciled sorrow, eyes red from pain .

Only now did the crying figure realized that under the dim light there is someone else crying with the grief-stricken Ning Ling at his side . She was astounded, and after a while said between sobs, “Who… who are you?”

Qin Yu turned his dull eyes, then landed slowly on her, “Are you little Ling’er?” Within a brief period, his voice seemed to have aged, so hoarse as if stone was scraping on iron .

Gu Ling’er timidly nodded, “I am . ” She looked a few times and suddenly rubbed her eyes, “You… you’re Brother Yu!”

Qin Yu nodded .

Gu Ling’er stood up, her head buried in his chest, crying “Mother died”, then losing consciousness .

Qin Yu held her close, embracing her frail body, making his heart fill with even more anguish, spouting a mouth full of blood .

“Qin Yu!” the alarmed Ning Ling yelled .

Qin Yu shook his head, “I’m alright, senior sister Ning, please look after her . ”

Leaving Gu Ling’er carefully in Ning Ling care, he then walked in front of the coffin . *Bam* His knees hit the floor, “Aunty Gu, I was late, forgive me, forgive me…”

True men don’t cry easily, and only in such grieving moments, would they return to being children .

Gazing at his back, Ning Ling could no longer stop the tears from streaming down .

After a long time, she lay down Gu Ling’er and walked next to him, “Qin Yu, don’t blame yourself . I looked carefully, and found that Aunty Gu died of old age . There is nothing you could have done . This isn’t your fault . ”

Qin Yu without turning his head, “Old age? Aunty Gu is just forty years old this year, so how could she die of old age? Right, the Wang clan . Suffering for so many years of endless humiliation and torment that it must have sapped her life . ”

He got up and stood straight, eyes bloodshot, “Aunty Gu, I will make all the Wang clan accompany you . ”

“Qin Yu!” Ning Ling grabbed him, “Slaughtering mortals is a cultivator’s greatest taboo . You mustn’t do this, it will destroy you!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “Senior sister Ning, if it weren’t for Aunty Gu I would have already been dead . Even if I have to give my life, I will seek her justice . ”


The courtyard’s door was kicked open, Wang Gui stepped inside followed by some servants, “What are you staring at! Get the coffin and bury it!”

Eyes landed on Qin Yu and Ning Ling then frowned, “Who are you?”

Gu Ling’er was startled awake, “Don’t move my mother!” she put herself in front of the coffin, “My mother is still waiting, waiting for a reply, his reply!”

Wang Gui sneered, “A lowly servant girl, spawn by our Master when he was drunk . Still dare request to enter our ancestor’s shrine?”


His body flew outside, repeatedly hitting the ground, spitting mouth after mouth of blood, eyes full of terror .

“Qin Yu!” Ning Ling forcefully grabbed him to a halt, “Don’t be impulsive . If you destroy the Wang clan you will ruin yourself! If not for yourself, then do it for Gu Ling’er . If you die, what would happen to her?”

Qin Yu’s body went rigid .

Gu Ling’er only now reacted, throwing herself in his chest, “Brother Yu, don’t kill them . Mother wouldn’t want to see you like this . ” Pausing, tears flowing in rivers, “And, mother still loves him . Until the end she still hoped he would acknowledge her, and let her be buried in Wang clan’s cemetery, to enter the Wang clan ancestor’s shrine . ”

Qin Yu gazes at the woman inside the coffin, muttering, “Aunty Gu, is this your wish? Alright, I will help you fulfill it!” He turned around, eyes filled with piercing cold, making the legs of the servants turn weak, “Tell Wang Changge to personally welcome Aunty Gu in Wang clan’s Main Hall . I want her to have a grand burial!”

The few servants took Wang Gui and left in terror, running away like stray dogs . Not daring to delay for one moment, they went straight through the main courtyard, and rushed inside the master’s exquisite guest hall .

Wang Changge has a majestic appearance, putting the teacup down, “Impudent, can’t you see there is an important guest here! What is all this ruckus?”

Wang Guy fell to his knees, “Master, this slave has something urgent to report!” He then looked at the elderly bearded guest sitting upright, hesitating .

The old man calmly said, “Since it is like this, I will excuse myself first . ”

Wang Changge hastily urged him to stay, “Uncle, please don’t leave, they are just some petty servants, daring to prove your boundless patience . ” Then turned and rebuked angrily, “Uncle isn’t an outsider, if there is something then quickly say it!”

Wang Gui showed reverence, immediately responding, “Per Madam’s orders, this servant went to take care of the corpse of Gu Shi in the back courtyard . Never expected to find a man and a woman, that threw us out flying . Please, Master help us handle it!”

Wang Changge’s eyes dimed slightly, “Gu Shi is… dead?” but in the next moment he recovered, “A funeral is an important matter, you must have acted arrogant, and been taught a lesson . Go get someone to remove them . ”

Wang Gui was alarmed, “That guy with just a hand sent this servant flying . He must have demonic techniques . ” He looked over the old man .

Wang Changge deeply said, “You said it is a youngster, with just some strength . What demonic techniques, quickly throw them out, don’t talk so much!”

“Wait!” The curtain was lifted, and fairly attractive middle-aged woman with a harsh appearance revealed herself, “Wang Gui, did you see the youngster clearly?”

Wang Changge frowned, “Madam, why are you asking this? Might he be… a friend of those mother and daughter?”

“Friend?” Madam laughed coldly, “These years, how could I not know if they had friends . Master, don’t forget, at that time that lowly servant girl adopted a child, but gave him away . Who knows if he is still alive?”

Wang Gui gnashed his teeth in anger, “Now that Madam mentions it, this servant seems to find that youngster familiar . Right, it is that bastard Qin Yu!”

Madam turned and bowed, submissively saying, “Brother, cutting the grass and not removing the roots brought trouble, please help sister . ”

Wang Changge opened his mouth, but before he could speak, was interrupted by her cold laughter, “What, you still want to protect them? That time if it wasn’t for you, I would have thrown those damn lowly pair in the well, and that damn mutt wouldn’t have lived to see today . You left behind a disaster, and if I don’t solve this, will you ask some outsider?”

The bearded old man stood up, “Sister don’t be anxious, I will go handle it . We will see if they still dare to behave atrociously in this place . ”

The old man’s fierce aura was released, unexpectedly it belongs to a Foundation Establishment cultivator .

Madam’s eyes brighten, “Follow me brother!” leading them straight to their house .

Very soon, they found the two servants stationed in front of the small courtyard that bowed before them .

Madam sneered, “They didn’t run?”

“Reporting to Madam, not one left . ”

“Good! Let’s use this chance to get rid of this disaster once and for all . ” Madam turned and bowed, “I will be troubling brother . ”

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