Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – Seventh Miss

The youngest recorded third-grade alchemist in the Gold Noble Family had appeared .

This news not only blew up everyone in the Alchemy Chamber into a raucous uproar, but it also violently shook everyone in a wide range .

When Ning Yiran heard this, he was shocked . He sighed inwardly . If he had to mention regret, there was some in his heart .

Qin Ning had now revealed his talent in alchemy . Even in the main family he was considered outstanding . In the future he would surely have great achievements .

If he could be on good terms with him, then perhaps the Ning Mansion would receive another external boost .

But now, thinking about these things was a bit too late .

And regret was just a little bit of regret . There was no need to feel any dread or fear .

Ning Yiran maintained his own self-confidence . So what if Qin Yu became a fourth-grade alchemist in the future? He believed that at that time, he would absolutely possess the strength to force Qin Ning to not act recklessly .

Somewhere near the peak of the mountain city, a beautiful woman emerged from her teacher’s dwelling . As she heard this news, she fell silent for a moment before smiling . “I knew that you were difficult to deal with . If you fell so easily, wouldn’t that make me appear incompetent?”

“Qin Ning…perhaps we will see each other soon . But at that time, will you recognize me? I’m looking forward to it . ”

She laughed with a charming allure, with a faint feeling that everything else was beneath her . She turned and walked back into the room, continuing to focus on her cultivation . He was rising so brilliantly and so quickly . If she didn’t want to be inferior to him, she certainly had to work extra hard .

“Qin Ning! How could he become a third-grade alchemist!?” Ning Le shouted . He was the 15 year old talented youth from the Ning Mansion, and right now his pretty face was fiercely twisted, making him look like a savage beast .

He was one of those who had helped spread rumors . There was no other reason to it besides him looking down on Qin Ning . He couldn’t accept being suppressed by others .

“There must be something happening behind the scenes! There must be!”

He was accustomed to being pampered since childhood . Now, this youth with a twisted personality roared out, alarming several people within the Alchemy Chamber . Those people had also been discussing this situation .

“He failed refining the Cloudrain Pill and Blood Energy Pill, and on the contrary, succeeded in refining the Purple Dawn Pill . Could there have been a problem behind this?” An alchemist asked .

Cloudrain Pills and Blood Energy Pills had the broadest applications and were the most commonly refined at this level . Each one had a variety of detailed refining methods and records . Relatively speaking, they were amongst the least difficult of the third-grade pills to refine .

Purple Dawn Pills had a more narrow application usage and the refinement difficulty was on a much higher level . Put together, this made things appear quite strange .

“We carefully inspected it yesterday . They were indeed newly refined pills and there was no problem with the materials . The pills themselves had no defects . When the three pills are compared together, it's clear that they were refined by the same person . There is no question there . ”

“Perhaps Qin Ning managed to successfully refine the pill through luck . ”

After asking the patroller, it was known that Qin Yu had failed two times before he succeeded . Finally, it was recognized by most people that he had been ‘lucky’ .

“Whether it was luck or not, since Qin Yu has passed the inspection he can obtain the status of a third-grade alchemist . ” Another alchemist slowly said “Of course, there is also the basic inspection next month . IF he can’t pass that, then demote him and that’s it . ”

“Mm, next month we will naturally see what the result is . ”

Through unknown channels, this discussion amongst grandmasters within the Alchemy Chamber soon spread out rapidly . Many people felt enlightened; so it had been a stroke of luck .

I know, right! How could he be so frightening!

For an alchemist, when all sorts of lucky chances coincided, it was possible to refine a higher level pill . But, the chances of this happening were quite low . After an adequate explanation was found for this, most of the attention on Qin Yu vanished, replaced by a bit of disdain and anticipation .

To become a third-grade alchemy was to fly into the heavens with a single move . But, the higher one flew, the harder they fell . Once next month’s inspection test came and he failed, his face would drop to the ground .

“Junior-apprentice brother Qin Ning, congratulations!” Ning Yuan happily said . She had also heard the grandmasters discussing the matter afterwards and she also knew what many people were thinking . But in her heart, she only laughed at them .

Luck? Why don’t you all try being lucky for once? Besides cheating, she had never heard of anyone who had passed the pill inspection test and then failed the next time . Alright . Taking a step back, even if this was coincidence, if Qin Ning could make such a coincidence appear, that meant that he possessed strength infinitely close to a third-grade alchemist .

To achieve this level at his age was more than extraordinary!

They were just a group of ignorant and jealous dirt bags that only wanted to watch Qin Ning disgrace himself, yet they themselves never thought that his achievements already surpassed the overwhelming majority of them .

Qin Yu cupped his hands together . “Thank you, senior-apprentice sister Ning Yuan . ”

Before he could say anything else, Ning Yuan smiled . “Such a young third-grade alchemist definitely has the qualifications to attend the marriage event . Amongst my family’s elders, there is someone that is helping manage this . Once I mention it, there shouldn’t be any problem . ”

“Then, I’ll thank senior-apprentice sister in advance . ”

“There’s no need to be so polite with me . Just remember how good a person your senior-apprentice sister is . ” Ning Yuan gently said . After all, she was a beautiful lady, far more courageous than those young girls . As she spoke she looked directly at Qin Yu, her eyes winking as if they could speak .

Qin Yu shook his head inwardly . He had to think of some way to separate him from Ning Yuan . This was to prevent her from disaster once he made his move . If there was a method that could help him reach Nascent Soul, one could easily imagine that it was some incredibly valuable treasure . How could the Gold Noble Family not be angry if it were taken away?

Seeing Qin Yu not respond as if he were deep in thought, Ning Yuan blushed red . She quietly said, “Don’t worry too much about this . As long as… . as long as I am in your heart, I can handle everything else . Moreover, there is no forbidding rule in my family that says our women cannot marry below our station . I only need you to be a bit more outstanding . ”

She turned and walked away, her chuckles echoing back to him . “I will go back to my family to discuss things with the elder . Junior-apprentice brother Qin Ning, you can do it! You must work harder than ever before!”

Qin Yu was left helpless on how to respond . He bitterly smiled to himself . This young woman, the more she thought about things the more twisted everything became .

He shook his head and left .

But things clearly didn’t go smoothly like Ning Yuan said . When they met again two days later, the young woman was clearly much sadder .

Qin Yu frowned . “Senior-apprentice sister, did things not go well?”

Ning Yuan sighed . “If only it weren’t for that conversation between the grandmasters leaking out . It made my family not trust your strength, and they are worried that you will shame the entire clan during the marriage event . ” She waved her hand . “This is just their thoughts . I have absolute confidence in you . ”

Qin Yu’s complexion darkened . He never thought that his hard work would come to nothing .

Ning Yuan saw his hapless appearance . She clenched her teeth, “Junior-apprentice brother Qin Ning, if you really want to participate then this senior-apprentice sister can help you . But, you must pass next month’s inspection test . Otherwise, even if your name comes up on the list, it will still be erased . Moreover…you and I, we can’t meet up together like this anymore . ”

Qin Yu was silent for several moments . He cupped his hands together, “Then I’ll have to ask senior-apprentice sister to help . ”

Ning Yuan faintly smiled . What she said were the facts, but in her heart she had certain confidence in Qin Yu . But, as long as she said this then Qin Yu would owe her a favor . This sort of gratitude and guilt was advantageous to her .

She was a young woman . In this phase of her life, even if she played some little innocuous tricks to obtain the man she liked, it wouldn’t affect her much even if she was seen through afterwards .

Two days later, from his status token, Qin Yu received news from the 10086 interface congratulating him for being one of the disciples selected to participate in the marriage event . It asked him to prepare himself and wait for arrangements made for him by the clan .

Hu –

Letting out a light breath, Qin Yu smiled .

In the Gold Noble Family, news gradually spread out saying that there was a young lady in the clan that was being married to the outside world . Although there were some young juniors that were unhappy about this, shouting at that a daughter of their Ning Family shouldn’t have to suffer such grievances, as soon as they made a sound they would vanish after two days . After that, no matter how loud and brash a youth was, they all kept quiet .

Gradually, no one said anything anymore . Everyone tacitly agreed that this event was happening . Slowly, preparations began to gradually expand .

In the dim light, there was an obviously tense and constrained atmosphere in the hall . Within a gray cage, a woman sat cross-legged . Her complexion was pale and her expression was faint .

“Seventh Miss, you should be angry . Please recuperate from your wounds faster; why make things harder for yourself?” An old man sighed helplessly .

The woman looked up . “Old Cloud, are they really marrying me out?”

The old man hesitated then nodded .

The woman was silent for a moment . She didn’t say anything but her eye was full of mockery . “They won’t succeed . ”

Old Cloud’s heart skipped a beat . “Seventh Miss, what do you plan on doing?”

The woman lowered her head, no longer speaking .

Old Cloud said, “Seventh Miss, you should know about the old madam’s situation . Even if you don’t consider yourself, please think of her . ” Seeing the woman remain silent, he shook his head and left .

In the dark gray cage, the woman looked up . Across her magnificently beautiful face, a flash of cold pain passed .

Time passed at a steady pace, not slowing or quickening for anyone . The preparations of the Gold Noble Family slowly came to a finish after a month passed .

This month’s promotion tests had arrived .

From Qin Yu’s status token, he received a reminder . As a new third-grade alchemist he needed to participate in the basic inspection test . During the allotted time he could refine and third-grade pill . Of course, the only advantage to this was that during the basic inspection test, there was no need to pay any extra fees .

On this day, a good number of eyes gathered onto the Alchemy Chamber’s inspection hall . In particular, when Qin Yu arrived, all attention as turned to him .

Countless people waiting in anticipation .

But there was no surprise today .

Qin Yu entered the inspection hall .

Then he came out .

In the inspection manager’s hands were three qualified Blood Energy Pills .

Everyone was silent .

Countless eyes were filled with stun and shock . Then, those expressions slowly turned to awe .

Now that Qin Yu had passed this inspection, he had fully confirmed his status . He was an open and honest third-grade alchemist .

Within the Gold Noble Family, he was the youngest third-grade alchemist .

This was no stroke of luck at all!

Some people secretly rejoiced, some people were envious, some people flipped over tables, some people cursed out loud… . all sorts of reactions occurred .

But, none of this was related to Qin Yu .

Not long after the inspection test, he received news from his status token that he could come and receive the robes that he would wear on the marriage event day, and also additional directions .

Ning Yuan came to congratulate him and simultaneously invite Qin Yu to her family as a guest . She said some people wanted to use this chance to express their apologies . It was clear that during this past month, although his name appeared on the list, there was nothing else that happened because the elder of Ning Yuan’s family didn’t favor him .

Now that the situation was confirmed and Qin Yu had proven his strength and potential, he naturally had the capital now to have Ning Yuan’s family place him in high regard .

Qin Yu turned down the offer . Of course, he also gave a good reason . He had found some inspiration in his alchemy dao and he needed to go into seclusion for the time being to digest it . He was extremely apologetic about this and said he would personally pay a visit afterwards .

Ning Yuan was surprised . She looked at him deeply, smiled, and then left .

Arriving back at her home, Qin Yu’s reason left the elders of Ning Yuan’s family with dignified expressions .

To breakthrough to the third-grade from second-grade in just several months, and also obtain inspiration now . This Qin Yu…his potential was endless!

As for whether or not he was just pushing things to the side, it wasn’t that Ning Yuan’s family never thought of this, but they simply pushed it down as soon as it appeared .

If a cultivator from the outside world really wanted to enter the Gold Noble Family and truly obtain their approval and support, marrying a daughter of the Ning Family would be the best choice . Ning Yuan showed graciousness to Qin Yu and she was beautiful herself . Her family wasn’t weak either . If Qin Ning wanted to rise up, he had no reason to reject them .

There was only one explanation: what he said was true!

The family head said, “Yuanyuan, your judgment is quite good . From now on, the family won’t manage your affairs . You can handle it yourself . ”

This was tacitly consenting .

Ning Yuan’s face blushed red and her eyes brightened . A bit of pride glowed on her beautiful face .

The man she had chosen was indeed not bad!

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