Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Chapter 245 – Marrying Away A Daughter

Within the great hall, the rulers of the Gold Noble Family all had ugly complexions . With the honored status of their Ning Clan, they were actually forced back by influences in such a wilderness; this was a tremendous loss of face . But beneath another person’s house, one could only lower their head . With all three factions joining together, even if they were angry they could only try to peacefully resolve the situation .

“I have looked through the letters . It’s clear that the three factions have found a form of real evidence through some channel . It won’t be easy to satisfy them . ”

“Since they already know, they should also know that we failed our attempt . Why do they keep trying to make things difficult for us?”

“It’s simple . The three factions don’t wish for us to continue holding onto the method and keep trying . Even if we failed this time, that doesn’t mean we will fail in the future . ”

“That wicked girl’s strength wasn’t enough . We’ve already tried our best, how could we try again?”

“The key point is that while we know this, they don’t . ”

Everyone had a dignified appearance, their auras dreadful . They argued back and forth, trying to push the matter towards a result they wanted to say .

The key to resolving the accountability request from the three factions rested on the wicked girl .

With things having come this far, the truth was obvious . Everyone here was intelligent, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to coordinate and come to a tacit understanding .

But no one wanted to be the first to speak .

The old man in the central seat cursed inwardly . He frowned and said, “You’re all saying you wish to hand over that wicked girl?”

Only he had the status and station to say such words . It was equal to bringing up everyone’s respective opinions .

The atmosphere in the hall instantly relaxed .

“It wouldn’t be good to hand over that wicked girl . In the end she is someone from the upper family . If someone investigates this in the future, we will be in trouble . ”

“The upper family once said that we can use our own discretion to make arrangements for that wicked girl . Although we cannot hand her over, we can marry her away . ”

“Men marry in and women marry out; these are the relationships of the human world . Even if they notice this later, they cannot censure any of us . ”

“I ask the Patriarch to make a decision . ”

The old man contemplated for a moment . “Very well, we shall do as you say . Send out a message to the three factions saying that my Ning Family is willing to marry off a daughter . Have them bring forth their most outstanding and virtuous juniors to come and propose . ”

The meeting came to an end .

A great deal of the tense atmosphere within the Gold Noble Family vanished, replaced by an excited bustling, as if they were going to receive important visitors soon .

This was confirmed from Ning Yuan’s mouth . It seemed that the clan had found some way to solve their problem .

That was marrying off a daughter .

Upon mentioning this girl that would soon be married off to a family below her station, Ning Yuan’s complexion became rather sad . She sighed, “Little Seven has such a bitter life!”

Qin Yu didn’t care about this part . He was thinking that if people were gathering from all over because the Gold Noble Family was marrying off a daughter, then perhaps this was the best chance to find a way to reach Nascent Soul .

If so, then he needed to participate . This was so he could promptly respond when the chance revealed itself .

Qin Yu asked, “Since the clan is marrying off a daughter, there will surely be many matters to handle . Is there any way I can help?”

Ning Yuan was surprised, but immediately felt gratified . If Qin Ning said this, he clearly wanted to climb upwards . But it wasn’t easy to do so .

Although she didn’t know which visitors would be arriving in the coming days, looking at how the clan was responding, it was clear they would be ordinary people . They would most likely be the most splendid and outstanding individuals amongst all the juniors . The clan would not allow themselves to lose face in front of outsiders . Although Qin Ning was skilled, he likely didn’t have the qualifications to participate .

However, since it was rare to hear such words coming from him, Ning Yuan didn’t want to ruin his enthusiasm . She hesitated, “I could try…”

Qin Yu could clearly feel the awkwardness in her words . He hesitated and said, “I was being too rash . Senior-apprentice sister Ning Yuan, if I became a third-grade alchemist, would I have the qualifications to help?”

Ning Yuan’s eyes brightened . “Of course . A third-grade alchemist’s status is even a bit higher than that of a Golden Core . With your age, that would be enough for anyone to highly regard you . Junior-apprentice brother Qin Ning, could it be that you…”

Qin Yu smiled . “Then I’ll have to ask senior-apprentice sister to speak up for me in several more days . ” He cupped his hands and bid farewell .

Looking at his back, Ning Yuan’s eyes shined .

Five days later, this month’s promotion test began . Qin Yu used his status token to register to participate in the third-grade alchemy inspection . After being approved, he dialed the 10086 customer service interface and found the inspection time and location, punishment for cheating, and various other test details .

After confirming his selection, the majority of the registration was finished . Of course, before the inspection began, he needed to pay a test fee as well as three sets of materials for a third-grade pill .

The pill inspection naturally couldn’t be separated from the Alchemy Chamber . Qin Yu simply needed to go to the Alchemy Chamber, pay his fee and register, and then he was allowed to go . There were many alchemists in the fee payment office . Many of them knew Qin Yu and were surprised to see him there .

Although they didn’t say anything, the meaning was clear: why are you here?

It had to be known that the basic inspection didn’t require additional fees .

Qin Yu had a calm look . He waited in line to pay .

“Cough cough . Fellow daoist Qin Ning, how are you today?” Finally, several alchemists couldn’t help but speak up .

The others all raised their ears .

Qin Yu responded, “I’ve applied for this month’s third-grade alchemy inspection . ”

“Oh…” The alchemist froze in place . The others beside him also had incomparably strange gazes . They couldn’t even bother to pretend they weren’t listening and directly turned their heads towards him .

They hadn’t heard wrong . This brat actually wanted to apply for the third-grade alchemy inspection!

To be a third-grade alchemist, one had to be able to refine Golden Core realm pills . And, the basic standard was that their pill refining success rate was higher than 30% .

Many alchemists struggled for numerous years . They were stuck at a bottleneck, unable to advance .

Among that group were many people here .

Because between a second-grade alchemist and third-grade alchemist, although there was only a difference of a single grade, it was as vast as the heavens and earth .

Like the difference between Foundation Establishment and Golden Core .

Within the Gold Noble Family, alchemists were valued even higher . A third-grade alchemist had the chance of receiving a certain level of attention from the clan .

Moreover, Qin Yu was so young that it made one’s blood boil . If he could pass the inspection and become a third-grade alchemist, then his comprehensive assessment value would be far higher .

Such a young third-grade alchemist would surely be raised by the clan, and there would even be a chance of them becoming a fourth-grade alchemist in the future . A fourth-grade alchemist was among the higher echelons of alchemists, and in terms of status within the clan, they were somewhat higher than Nascent Souls .

After paying his fee and receiving a receipt, his registration was now properly completed . All he needed to do now was wait for the inspection to begin . Qin Yu nodded at all the open-mouth alchemists staring at him and turned to leave .

The room was silent . Everyone slowly regained their composure, a complex look on their faces . Then, someone said, “Perhaps he just wants to experience how difficult a third-grade alchemy inspection is . You and I both tried this in the past . ”

“Mm, that’s right, I also think that . ”

“With Qin Yu’s age, having a stable second-grade alchemy boundary is already commendable . Moreover, he was punished and sent to the Waste Pill Disposal Department three months ago; how could he have improved?”

“Perhaps he wants to use this to show his age and potential so that the manager of the Alchemy Chamber notices him . He wants to try his best to erase the previous events and the fallout from that . ”

“What wise words!”

The next day, the inspection officially began .

A total of 49 people from the alchemy department had applied for this inspection .

“Within your status tokens, you will all receive randomly assigned information . In it you can find your own respective rooms . Every person has three sets of materials – three chances . You only need to succeed once to pass . ” The alchemy inspection manager had a serious look as he said, “I’m sure you’re all aware of this, but I will remind you once more . The chances of you passing through cheating are zero . Once it has been confirmed, you will be forbidden from testing for three years and you will also need to pay a high fine . I hope that you all think this through clearly . Now, begin!”

Qin Yu walked down the corridor . He looked over the information he received and glanced over the numbers over the rooms . After determining that he hadn’t entered the wrong one, he closed the door behind himself .

But, there was see-through glass at the top of the door . One could look at the situation within from the outside, and there were constant patrols moving around .

The room was crude and simple . There was a pill furnace and a long and narrow table .

On the table, there were three sets of materials . Qin Yu glanced over them to make sure there weren’t any problems, and then checked the pill furnace to make sure it was fine too .

He flicked his fingers and a flame appeared . He used the fire igniting art to light the pill furnace . Then, with a flick of his sleeves, the materials were swept inside . After a moment there was a hollow bang, and black smoke immediately flowed out from the pill furnace .

It was obvious the refinement had failed .

Qin Yu had a calm expression . He waved his hand, extinguishing the furnace fire and pushing the waste pill materials to the side . When the pill furnace cooled down a little, he ignited it once more and attempted his second refinement .

Bang –

Defeat .

Walking through the corridor, the alchemist patrolling looked away . A bit of derision crossed his lips . Indeed, this young man was trying to boost his own reputation .

With that level of strength, he wanted to pass the third-grade alchemy inspection? What a joke .

He shook his head and walked away .

From the moment that Qin Yu had paid the fee, news of him participating in the alchemy test inspection had spread out far and wide, attracting numerous gazes .

The patroller just now was one of those curious people . As a third-grade alchemist, he was well aware of how difficult this step was .

With Qin Yu’s young age, if he could achieve this all in a single step, would that mean all the years he struggled for were a waste?

Luckily, there was no hope for him at all .

It was just that this patroller didn’t know that as soon as he left, Qin Yu started the third refinement .

He ignited the pill furnace, swept in the materials, formed the law formulas, and then took out the pill .

The entire process wasn’t dazzling or astonishing . It was stable and plain, as if it all happened naturally .

He placed the three Purple Dawn Pills into a jade bottle . Then, he opened the door .

The patroller stopped . Although his expression was calm, there was a hidden smile . “You’ve already failed all attempts, so you can leave now . . . ”

Qin Yu lightly said . “I have refined the pills . I wish to deliver them for confirmation . ”

The patroller’s voice caught in his throat . His eyes widened and shock filled his face .

He looked down . Qin Yu was indeed carrying a jade bottle, and in it were three light purple pills .

The patroller took a deep breath and then said with a dry mouth . “Let me see . ”

After receiving the jade bottle, he uncapped it and looked at it . It was still wreathed in heat; the pills should have been recently refined . Smelling it, there was no problem with the medicinal fragrance either . The patroller sighed .

Third-grade Purple Dawn Pills .

He looked up towards the young man in front of him, and the patroller’s fell into a brief daze . Did he really pass? As he thought about how he acted just now, his face flushed red .

“I will pass these pills to the examination manager for reconfirmation . If there is no problem with them, then you will have truly passed the inspection . ” The patroller held the pills and brought Qin Yu to the place where everyone had gathered initially .

The alchemy inspection manager had a stern expression . After some questions, he took the jade bottle . Then, after a brief silence, he slowly said, “Qin Ning, congratulations . You have passed the inspection . ”

Soon after, this news spread out at the highest speed possible .

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