Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Chapter 220 – Sky High Price Soul Bead

Outside Moon Praying Shrine, a troop of weary travelers arrived . There was a tiredness in their eyes that couldn’t be hidden, but their bodies exuded a valiant aura . Even when facing the wolf riders, they remained tall and straight, their eyes calm and cold as if they were as solid and immovable as mountains .

This was because they originated from the capital city’s war division . Just like the wolf riders, they belonged to one of the most formidable war divisions in the sea region . Their seniors had fought many years ago, and both sides had won and lost battles .

Xue Zhen patted the sea wolf he was riding, having it quiet down . He cupped his hands together, “I am Xue Zhen . I welcome Mister Turtle Origin . ”

The carriage opened to reveal the serene face of the old turtle . “There is no need to be so polite, Commander Xue . ”

Xue Zhen nodded . “Mister, please enter the city with me . ”

The soldiers of the capital city started to adjust their army as they walked into the territory of Moon Praying Shrine with the best possible posture . All along the street, many seafolk turned and watched the troop pass through . Their eyes were filled with awe, but even more hostility and cold intent .

The previous was a new arriving party and the latter were mostly the tribesmen of Moon Praying Shrine . To most influences, the capital city was an existence that no one could contend with . Moon Praying Shrine was the only exception .

It was like this in the past, it was so in the present, and would continue being so in the future!

The wolf riders led the way . From the carriage, Turtle Origin suddenly asked, “Commander Xue, I would like to see fellow daoist Qin . I’m wondering if that is possible?”

Xue Zhen turned around . “Mister, please wait a moment . ”

He brought up a spirit shell and made a call .

Soon, a connection was made . After a few calm words were exchanged, he hung up and said, “The Lord Priest has said that everything shall be decided by Priest Qin Yu . Moon Praying Shrine will not interfere . ”

Turtle Origin revealed a surprised look . He never thought that Qin Yu would have such high authority within Moon Praying Shrine . He thought for a moment and said, “Then I’ll have to ask Commander Xue to make a call for me . ”

“Alright . ”

Xue Zhen took out another spirit shell .

Besides specially refined spirit shells that were used solely for long-distance communications, most spirit shells had an extremely limited geographical range . Moon Praying Shrine and the capital city had a tense relationship, so of course there was no special line opened up between the two . Also, because of these restrictions, the spirit shells brought over from the capital city were useless here .

“Priest Qin Yu has agreed . We will head over now and arrive soon . ” Xue Zhen changed direction .

After a moment, Turtle Origin stepped down from the carriage . He gazed all around him at the Sea God Palace that emitted an overwhelming atmosphere, and his eyes revealed a complex look . He immediately composed himself . Then, he walked inside and arrived at a side hall where he sat across from Qin Yu .

“Senior Turtle, I haven’t seen you for several years but you remain as dashing as you were before . ” Qin Yu smiled and cupped his hands together .

Turtle Origin narrowed his eyes . “Qin Yu, you really are exceptional . In just a short four years, your cultivation has actually risen to such a situation . I fear even I won’t be able to do anything to you in another few years . ”

Qin Yu said, “I thank Senior Turtle for the praise . ”

“Have you been in Moon Praying Shrine for these last four years?”

“No, I just returned two months ago . ” Qin Yu thought for a moment . “In the past, I gained many benefits from the sea region . Now, if possible, I hope to repay the sea races a little . ”

Turtle Origin curled his lips; if he believed this then he would be a fool . “Let’s get down to business . His Majesty bid me to ask you a question . It was said that you can help others reach Nascent Soul; is that true or false?”

Qin Yu smiled . “With the spies that the capital city has laid down, haven’t you confirmed it yet?”

Turtle Origin said in a low voice, “I want to hear it from you personally . ”

Qin Yu nodded . “It’s true . ”

Turtle Origin immediately had a strange look in his eyes . He continued looking at Qin Yu as if he wanted to say something, but then immediately swallowed it back down . “Alright, then state your conditions . ”

Qin Yu continued to smile . “There is no need to be in such a hurry, Senior Turtle . I have already entrusted Moon Praying Shrine to make the preparations . The information will soon be announced publicly and you will know then . ”

Mister Turtle frowned, a foreboding premonition rising in his heart . And sure enough, this premonition was confirmed not too long after .

Moon Praying Shrine announced they would be exclusively selling jade slips that contained information about the price needed to achieve Nascent Soul . There was a limited quantity of 100 and each one was selling for 10,000 spirit stones .

What? You thought it was too expensive? Then do as you like . When our Moon Praying Shrine does business, we are always fair and just . We will never force anyone to buy or sell anything .

But if you don’t want to buy a jade slip and instead listen to random rumors, then if anything is incorrect, our Moon Praying Shrine will not be held responsible .

As soon as the jade slips were announced, they immediately caused innumerable complaints .

But, the real situation was that people were cursing even as they desperately struggled to buy one . The 100 jade slips were soon sold out, for a tidy profit of one million spirit stones . In the words of the Lord Priest, although a million spirit stones wasn’t much, mosquito meat was still meat . Moon Praying Shrine had many businesses, so being able to supplement their income a bit more was always a good thing .

With 100 jade slips going to all sorts of people, it was inevitable that the information would be leaked out sooner or later . Not much later, the majority of the seafolk learned the conditions recorded within .

For the first 50 Nascent Soul spots .

From the Netherworld Sea Region’s Netherworld Realm, the soul beads produced there would be used as payment currency . Three soul beads would be exchanged for a single Nascent Soul spot . Of course, this was all on the premise that the cultivator making the exchange agreed to all the arrangements of Moon Praying Shrine and also had the strength to summon heavenly tribulation .

For the last 50 Nascent Soul spots .

It would be decided in an auction format . Soul beads would still be used as the preferred currency, but other treasures could also be offered . The conversion ratio was that one soul bead was equal to 40 million spirit stones . Beyond that, treasures which strengthened the soul and body could also be evaluated and subbed in depending on their degree of preciousness .

Countless cultivators who didn’t purchase a jade slip initially hurried up to investigate . To their shock, they discovered that the price of a soul bead had risen by several times what it was in the past . Moreover, within the current market, the available soul beads circulating around had almost vanished altogether . It was like someone had learned of this beforehand and started purchasing them ahead of time .

Soon, Moon Praying Shrine announced that they would be publicly selling a small number of soul beads they kept in stock .

Of course, they weren’t sold for a clear price but were auctioned to the highest bidder instead .

This caused countless people to gnash their teeth . Even an idiot knew that the reason for soul beads disappearing from the market was likely related to Moon Praying Shrine .

It could even be said that this so-called Sea Spirit Caretaker was collaborating with Moon Praying Shrine to rake in wealth using nefarious means .

And the reality was that they weren’t wrong .

But even knowing this, they could only grit their teeth and bear it .

Many people hesitated . The price of soul beads was so high that it scared off countless people . They worried that this might be a trick of Moon Praying Shrine . If they purchased them but still couldn’t break into Nascent Soul, then they wouldn’t have any place to cry even if they wanted to!

But at this moment, a lucky seafolk cultivator appeared at Moon Praying Shrine with three soul beads in hand .

Instantly, he became the focus of attention for countless cultivators .

Before, Moon Praying Shrine’s 10 continuous Nascent Soul breakthrough has already been an incredibly shocking event . But in the end they were nothing but rumors; no one had seen it with their own eyes . Now, everyone would see for themselves what the effects were!

The result was that a day later, the people paying attention to this were shocked by news of what happened . Black clouds appeared from nothingness, turning into a massive screen that covered up the skies above Moon Praying Shrine . A horrifying aura came sprinkling down .

“Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation!”

“Heavens, he is really crossing tribulation!”

“I saw that person yesterday . His cultivation wasn’t as good as mine and he was a rogue cultivator with no foundation at all . How could he possibly cross tribulation successfully!”

“We’ll know the result soon enough!”

Bang –

The first bolt of heavenly tribulation .

The terrifying thunder roared down, vanishing deep into the depths of Sea God Palace .

With almost no pause, there was another loud bang as a second bolt of thunder plunged down .

Then a third!

When the tribulation cloud above their heads started to fade away, many seafolk were still left in a dazed stupor .


How could it be so quick?

Moreover, where had the strength of the three heavenly tribulations gone? After entering Sea Spirit Palace, it seemed to have vanished without a trace .

And most importantly, heavenly tribulation had fallen three times . Could it be…shit, did he succeed!?

Many people stared with wide eyes . Their faces seemed to hide thousands of cats, each one screeching and thirsting . Luckily, they didn’t have to wait too long . Being the first lucky customer, the rogue cultivator was personally escorted out of Sea God Palace by the Lord Priest . This person was smiling from ear to ear, and what was most terrifying was that all around his body was a light aura of pressure .

This was due to one’s realm having increased . Their strength would be unrestrained and thus it would naturally emit .

This was Nascent Soul! This really was Nascent Soul!

The crowds outside of Sea God Palace suddenly fell deathly silent .

The Lord Priest swept his eyes across, secretly scolding them for being blind beetles . But, he didn’t remember that at the start, his reaction wasn’t much better than these people’s . He coughed and said, “Everyone, since my Moon Praying Shrine is willing to make a pledge, then we naturally have an absolute assurance in our skills . This fellow daoist Fire Rain has already reached Nascent Soul . Just yesterday he was at Golden Core perfection . I believe that a good number of you saw fellow daoist Fire Rain yesterday . Now, the truth is already laid bare before you, so is there any need to continue waiting?”

“Shit! It’s real!”

“That’s right, I saw him enter Sea God Palace with my own eyes yesterday! He managed to reach Nascent Soul in just one day!”

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

Amongst the noise and confusion, that fellow daoist Fire Rain walked forwards and took out his soul brand mark . After verifying his status, the situation quickly spiraled out of control .

“Hurry and look for soul beads!”

“Holy shit! The price has risen again! It has risen again! I can’t afford it at all!”

“If you can’t buy them then steal them! If you can’t steal them then go look for them!”

“That’s right, soul beads can be found in the Netherworld Sea Region . I’m going right now!”

Everyone started to go insane .

In just one day, the first 50 spots of Nascent Souls were all taken up .

Although soul beads were rare and precious, when it came to true top influences, if they wanted to spend the effort to find them then they would be able to .

The only question was how much they were willing to pay .

Moon Praying Shrine raked in more than enough income . Even the wealthy high level figures of Moon Praying Shrine all licked their tongues and smiled with joy .

This business was what they wanted!

But thinking about it, they had to give a good portion of their profits to Qin Yu, and the Lord Priest’s lips twitched at the prospect . However, standing in that side hall, when Qin Yu accepted the spirit stones, he casually tossed back a storage shell . The Lord Priest accepted it with a puzzled expression, but when he probed it with his divine sense, he almost cursed out in shock .

But it was a shock he liked!

Inside the storage shell was 100 soul beads!

Qin Yu smirked . “Can I trouble Lord Priest to help me sell these? Please take 20% of the profit as repayment for Lord Priest’s help . ”

The Lord Priest’s smile was blinding . “Priest Qin Yu is too polite . I can assure you that I will sell them for as high a price as possible!”

Watching him leave, Qin Yu smiled . Because of his appearance, the value of soul beads had risen far too much .

To resell them now was the best time to make the maximum amount of profit . Moreover, even if he sold them, they would eventually return to his hand . After all, those that were willing to pay a sky high price to purchase soul beads did so because they wanted to break into Nascent Soul, and if they wanted to break into Nascent Soul they would need to look for the Undying Cockroach Qin .

Bah! It was Qin Yu! That damned Old Wang!

In Immortal Eclipse Valley, the mysterious Miss Spirit had said that the Soul Mushroom would need a massive amount of spiritual strength when it made a breakthrough . Since she knew about the condition of the Soul Mushroom, and with the guess he had made about her, then he needed to pay attention to her words . He didn’t know how much spiritual strength was needed, but he had a vivid memory of when he had achieved his Five Element Golden Cores . In his opinion, he could never go wrong making extra preparations .

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