Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Chapter 219 – Collaborating to Make a Fortune

Iron Shield was the first person to break through . Next, there was a second, third, and even more . Every five days, Qin Yu helped a seafolk cross tribulation . The little blue lamp swallowed heavenly tribulations if it were eating food or drinking water . Still, he maintained the same rhythm as before and also had a long list of strange requirements . For instance, the person had to bathe and change clothes and the person also had to be unconscious while they were crossing tribulation . He did this all in order to create a mysterious atmosphere around everything and guarantee the secret of the little blue lamp . At the same time, it was also to convince Moon Praying Shrine that crossing tribulation was not an easy matter .

Two months later, the 10 seafolk that Moon Praying Shrine selected had all reached the Nascent Soul realm . This left the Lord Priest beaming with happiness, but at the same time he was also extremely worried! The shrewd Qin Yu had collected the rewards first before helping them cross tribulation . No matter how sly or wily the Lord Priest was, there was no way he could deny him .

Without rewards, the cooperation between the two was over and Qin Yu could leave whenever he wanted . The sea region was vast and there was more than Moon Praying Shrine that could pay such an astronomical price .

The 10 Moon Praying Shrine Nascent Souls had provided 10 heavenly tribulations to the little blue lamp . In addition, there were three flowers of the Saint Flower and around 130 million spirit stones . The extra 30 million was because Moon Praying Shrine was unable to provide more flowers, so after another round of discussions, the Lord Priest clenched his teeth and came to this agreement .

To Moon Praying Shrine which possessed an endlessly long inheritance and deep background, spirit stones weren’t much at all . Let alone a trivial 100 million, they could even take out 10 billion . But, when it came to the Saint Flower’s flowers, each one required a countless amount of strength to be used up before it could grow one; they in themselves were the most precious treasures . Within Moon Praying Shrine, counting everyone, there were fewer than 10 people who possessed one of the Saint Flower’s flowers . This was already Moon Praying Shrine’s bottom line!

The Lord Priest bitterly smiled . “Priest Qin Yu, can’t you look at our friendship to stretch the rules a little? Our Moon Praying Shrine may put forwards a higher amount of spirit stones or other treasures as compensation, as long as Priest Qin Yu agrees to help our powerhouses resist heavenly tribulation . ”

Speaking of heavenly tribulation, a strange light shined in the Lord Priest’s eyes . Ten heavenly tribulations had occurred, and he had seen this with his own eyes, but each time they had suddenly vanished . Even with the Lord Priest’s cultivation, every time heavenly tribulation appeared he couldn’t help but feel a cold chill in his heart .

Qin Yu shook his head . “Lord Priest should be well aware of how terrifying a Nascent Soul’s heavenly tribulation is . If it weren’t for the Saint Flower’s flowers, I wouldn’t have helped . ” The power of the Saint Flower’s flower had played a significant role in him resisting and recovering from failing 10 Nascent Soul breakthroughs . It had allowed Qin Yu to understand how incredible they were .

Now, three of the Saint Flower’s flowers were fused into his body . In the future as long as he wasn’t immediately killed, then no matter how serious his injuries were, with the Demon Body’s powerful regenerative abilities he was confident he could live on .

This was the reason he insisted on the Saint Flower’s flowers as a reward .

The Lord Priest’s face fell with disappointment . Qin Yu’s attitude was firm and it was clear he wasn’t willing to budge . But for the next period of time it was impossible to pluck any more of the flowers .

At this time, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “Although I cannot continue helping Moon Praying Shrine cultivate powerhouses, I have a proposition that may help Lord Priest gain tremendous benefits . ”

The Lord Priest frowned . “Priest Qin Yu’s meaning is…?”

“For example, if Moon Praying Shrine can come forward and act as a guarantor for me, then any sea race that comes forwards to break into Nascent Soul would have to pay Moon Praying Shrine a portion of the rewards . And, if Moon Praying Shrine can provide total protection for me so that no outside influences can touch me, then I wouldn’t mind helping Moon Praying Shrine gain several more Nascent Souls . ”

The Lord Priest’s eyes brightened, but his expression was one of awkwardness . “Priest Qin Yu, you should be well aware of your own status . Once this becomes public, it will be hard for me to do anything . ”

Qin Yu nodded in understanding . “If Lord Priest feels this is too difficult, then please pretend I haven’t said anything . After all, the sea region is wide and vast, so I will simply find another road to take . ”

The Lord Priest nearly spat out a mouthful of blood .

Did anyone ever negotiate like this brat? He took the upper hand and didn’t even give a chance to bargain back and forth, and wanted to walk away as soon as he heard anything he didn’t like . Did he really think this old man was mud to be played around with!?

Bang –

The Lord Priest slapped the table and stormed onto his feet . “Priest Qin Yu, you are being far too excessive! Who do you take me as? What do you take my Moon Praying Shrine as? Disregarding the fact that you once saved the Saint Flower in the past, but as a guest priest of my Moon Praying Shrine, of course we would guarantee your safety! When it comes to outside matters, you don’t need to care about them at all, I will handle everything in a satisfactory manner!”

Qin Yu was stunned for a moment . He was thinking, just how had this Lord Priest climbed up to such a high position? Were the people of Moon Praying Shrine all blind? But no matter what else they discussed, this was already the best result for Qin Yu .

The Lord Priest smiled . “Now, shouldn’t we begin discussions about how to distribute the income? Priest Qin Yu should take the majority, but you should still leave some soup for our Moon Praying Shrine to drink . ”

Discussions continued for half a day, one young and one old fox chattering away . Finally, they reached an agreement and smiled at each other, laughing .

The Lord Priest bid his farewells and left, saying that he had to make arrangements to guarantee absolute safety for the future .

But as he left the side hall, the smile vanished from his face and his eyebrows furrowed together as if he were considering something . He seemed to be hesitating, but in the end he gently sighed and quickly walked away .

Qin Yu sat in the side hall and waited calmly for a long time . When everything was tranquil, he finally relaxed . He muttered to himself, “The old wily priest, he must have smelled that something wasn’t right, but he didn’t do anything in the end . If so, there shouldn’t be any more problems . ”

Moon Praying Shrine was puzzled by the Lord Priest’s decision to collaborate with Qin Yu . They quickly called for a conference .

“No way, I oppose! Lord Priest, Qin Yu has helped my Moon Praying Shrine gain 10 Nascent Souls, allowing us to take the upper hand in the previous power balance . If other influences were to learn of this, they will quickly catch up to us and our advantage will disappear!”

“That is true . Lord Priest, please reconsider . Just how deep is the background of our Moon Praying Shrine? Why would we care about mere spirit stones?”

“Even if there are other benefits, you should not have agreed to join together with Qin Yu!”

The Lord Priest had a calm expression . He looked around, observing everyone, and then said, “Do you all believe that it would be useful for me to refuse?”

Everyone was stumped .

“Qin Yu isn’t controlled by our Moon Praying Shrine . If I didn’t decide to work with him, then he would have left . He can easily find a new place and make a fresh start . And that time, instead of allowing other influences to make a profit, it would be better for our Moon Praying Shrine to swallow them down instead . ” A light flashed in the Lord Priest’s eyes . “Moreover, for these past two months there has been heavenly tribulation frequently arriving above our Moon Praying Shrine – do you think this hasn’t aroused the interest of anyone?”

The voices of opposition were quickly suppressed . The Lord Priest’s will was carried out . Soon, Moon Praying Shrine intentionally released news that spread through the sea region in the shortest time possible .

The mysterious Sea Spirit Caretaker could help seafolk stranded at the Golden Core realm reach Nascent Soul!

The entire sea region began to boil over with excitement!

There were countless seafolk who were stranded at Golden Core and too afraid to break into Nascent Soul . Now, their eyes began to blaze like the sun and fill with excitement and ecstatic joy .

But as for the great figures of the truly highest echelons of power, they actually knew more, because they had spies in Moon Praying Shrine .

Capital city .

The Sea Sovereign knit his eyebrows . “Qin Yu, it is actually him? He hasn’t left, but hid himself away in Moon Praying Shrine? Mister, what do you think of this?”

Mister Turtle shook his head . “If it were anyone else that said they could help Golden Cores reach Nascent Soul, I would not have believed them at all . But the one saying he can do this just happens to be Qin Yu…this brat, he is so nefarious!”

The Sea Sovereign nodded . “Mister has the same thoughts as this Solitude . No matter what the truth is, this Solitude hopes that mister may take a trip over in place of this Solitude . ”

Mister Turtle stood up and bowed deeply . “Your Majesty, rest assured that I will not disappoint your trust . ”

The Whale Sovereign clenched his fist and the jade slip in his palm was instantly crushed into dust, sprinkling down from between his fingers . “Qin Yu, I never thought that you would dare return . This time, I will make sure you die without a grave!”

“My liege, Qin Yu is now an honored guest of Moon Praying Shrine and it is rumored that he has helped their Golden Cores break into Nascent Soul . If we were to move against him I fear that this would ignite public anger . ”

“What absurd ridiculousness . There are actually some people who believe this, just laughable!” The Whale Sovereign had an indifferent expression . “The prestige of heavenly tribulation represents the will of the world; it is the most formidable strength in existence . Even I do not dare to criticize it, so how could Qin Yu? This must be a play he is putting on together with Moon Praying Shrine . ”


“There is no further need to speak . I have already made my decision!”

. .

Sega City .

Sang Yueyue ran over, her face flushed red . “Mother, mother, I heard news about Big Brother Qin Yu! He is in Moon Praying Shrine!” In these last four years, she seemed to have only grown up a little, not changing too much from the past .

There was an elegant woman sitting in the hall, her demeanor regal . At this time she was slightly frowning, and there was admonition in her eyes . “Just how old are you that you still run about so flustered? Watch your manners!”

Sang Yueyue stuck out her tongue before bowing . “It was your daughter’s mistake . I ask mother to forgive me . ”

The woman’s eyes flashed . She thought that this brat Yueyue really treated Qin Yu differently, otherwise why would she lower her head in apology so quickly?

She probably wanted to go there and meet him .

She thought for a moment, then said, “Yueyue, you may go to Moon Praying Shrine, but you must promise me that you will obey all of Seventh Aunty’s instructions . You absolutely cannot act recklessly . ”

Sang Yueyue jumped with joy . She hugged the woman and cheered, “Thank you mother, I will be absolutely obedient and I won’t embarrass Seventh Aunty!”

The woman forced out a smile . “Go and prepare . ”

After the girl left, the woman lightly said, “Red Mask, go and inquire into what is actually happening . If the rumors are true, then use any means necessary to win over Qin Yu and bring him to my Sega City . ”

The woman bowed . “Yes, madam . ”

Various groups began to set out, traveling towards Moon Praying Shrine at the fastest speed possible!

But in truth, although there was the endorsement of Moon Praying Shrine, there were actually only a small number of people who believed that this so called Sea Spirit Caretaker could help people break into Nascent Soul .

But even if this were only a faint ray of hope, there were many people who weren’t willing to miss out on it .

Soon, Moon Praying Shrine started to become lively, attracting the attention of the entire sea region .

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